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  1. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    https://www.bengals.com/news/trent-taylor-elevated-for-the-afc-divisional-round Trent Taylor bumped up to the 53 for the game
  2. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Also a good point.
  3. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Yup. Tennessee’s two big advantages coming in are that they’re at home and coming off a week’s rest. So you hope your d can start strong (which having a week off it should) and with help from crowd noise can hold Burrow in check. Then you look to pull away in the second half by pounding the rock against a Bengals d that hopefully is wearing down. If they can’t contain Burrow tho, nothing else matters.
  4. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Attn skyline
  5. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Also good thoughts.
  6. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Good thoughts from Ace.
  7. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    C’mon KC beat Pitt!
  8. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    It is sweet. Welcome back!
  9. General AFC North thread

    Bengals 12th. Solid.
  10. 2022 NFL Draft

    Not in his first round, so nothing.
  11. 2022 NFL Draft

    Twitter suspects they’re taste testing some Sauce…
  12. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Not the sort of thing I would expect a confident organization to be doing... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2022/01/20/titans-vs-bengals-nfl-playoff-tickets/6590045001/
  13. Yeah it’s like $120 on Dick’s site. Even cheaper if you’re willing to buy knockoffs. Google Joe burrow bengals jersey and enjoy your shopping trip!
  14. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Just so you all know, that wasn’t a real win. That was a FAKE win guys. Faaaake….
  15. Broncos Eyeing Callahan; Raiders Trey Brown

  16. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2022/01/11/nfl-black-monday-cincinnati-bengals-denver-broncos-jacksonville-jaguars-bears-afc-nfc/9180074002/
  17. General AFC North thread

    Thought this was worth sharing. Contrary to popular opinion, the Bengals are not a bad team (at least over the last decade), just an average squad in the same mediocre pile with teams like the Charger, Bears and Panthers. You know who is epically bad? Cleveland. Only the Jags are even remotely close to their pathetic 42 wins. Even perennial punchline Detroit is light years closer to Cincy than the Clowns.