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  1. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    nah lets just have a deflected pic instead
  2. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    well with most of the defensive backfield out we are going to get passed on all day and if the offense stalls as it often has been doing then cincy may get his wish of a blowout win
  3. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    shawn williams was in when the colts made a long pass he could have jumped and had a go at a pick but he let the guy catch it instead
  4. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    jump williams ffs
  5. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    3rd down upcoming soft zone it is boys
  6. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    if they play soft zone again now lets just go home
  7. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    nice block by mike thomas to spring boyd
  8. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    what a absolute perfect throw !!!!!
  9. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    got away with one there based on the crew you have obviously these guys aint flag happy
  10. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    This thing with Carlos yeah it is somewhat out of order to just post it on the wall in a depth chart. For one other players see it and talk and in turn could offend Carlos but what I think is a dick move on Carlos behalf is bitch crying to the press, keep it in house speak to the coaches tell them how you felt and it embarrassed you deal with it don't go crying to the press its not fair etc.
  11. Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread

    I can see AJ being traded for picks or a quality OL man he just is not the same AJ
  12. Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread

    Just don't expect this performance next week. You just know we will concede 50+ against the ravens with that defence. The O-line will get run over again and Joe will be sacked 9 times Calling it
  13. Bengals @ Eagles Game Thread

    Ross healthy scratch means Tate might be able to cement a place if he plays well
  14. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    according to the game preview on NFL.com we added nothing spectacular on Defence (poor research) oh and apparently the Chargers added improvement at LB with 100 tackle man Nick Vigil who will be tasked with stopping Joe Mixon LMRLAO
  15. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    what's worrying me in burrow still has not signed his rookie deal, i hope he is not going to exempt himself from the 2020 season :(