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  1. Bengals @ Texans Game Thread

    The main thing for me is the road game and within 7 points monkey are off taylors and the teams back. We shall see what the draft and FA brings but we were going to lose sewell when the jets won last week so i am more happy about this record that has now gone.
  2. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    2 score game were back in this thing
  3. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    one score game were fucked
  4. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    there was a flag thrown and a penalty on boyd
  5. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    you are from the future hoosier i'm convinced LMAO
  6. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    well done taylor your knee jerk reaction cost us a first down by calling that TO they got the snap off
  7. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    bynes fluffs the tackle again
  8. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    One word- Fitzmagic
  9. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    normally us
  10. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    well that was a bullshit call on PI
  11. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    i wish pumpkin and the old bastard would just sack the lot of them
  12. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    what in the holy fuck of hell was that play
  13. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    Anarumo cover your fucking nose with your mask BITCH useless bastard
  14. The Knee

    If you can stomach this as its quite a graphic close up of the actual ACL tear it's a really good view about the injury and how not as bad as people are making out it is https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FcAVWR5aYpf4%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1Z_ozoakR1ZcfQEZ_BniSHm0lz0CLhoZEEswtxUJ-r5qw_T2whVsNmwX4&h=AT1N3CPvLYgHq4Ka3egL6mGR2CLqISSFAp29eq9ZqsOqDSy3TmXTpqA5ZotHy9jGsZe9VgevWDzI6yLIOUEdS0mf_bKxZUMWk8XdFTHhdpvfxvb3aOxn9AyIdJc6W4zjUHWJ7olLPU2aETZMCgw
  15. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    well one name I would like to see us go for Kap but i doubt Tobin or brown have the balls