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  1. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    what's worrying me in burrow still has not signed his rookie deal, i hope he is not going to exempt himself from the 2020 season :(
  2. Zampese just got fired

    The manta of all managers around the world.
  3. UPDATE: Burfict Suspended 3 Games

    Watching the browns game Shazier should get a suspension after his blatent dirty play but he won't because his names not burfict and he doesn't play for Cincinnati plus goodell has his nose up dan rooney's cold dead ass.
  4. We need one more for the fantasy league

    hmmmm live draft isn't showing up yet and it's almost time
  5. We need one more for the fantasy league

    just checking the draft is tonight 11pm GMT? as says 6pm on yahoo
  6. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    Rookie schools all pro lineman for that sack impressive most impressive *Breath* *Breath*
  7. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    mixon is gonna regret that come tape review time
  8. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    nice defence
  9. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    liked what I saw there !!!!
  10. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    wanna see me some Ross!!!!
  11. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    looks bad for Williams dislocation of the elbow for sure
  12. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    no ones fault on that sack they just read the play action
  13. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    I think Dennard is on the bubble if he keeps wiffing on tackles like that
  14. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    Mixon impressive and OMG a westerman sighting
  15. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    hello Mixon some nice moves there