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  1. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    looks bad for Williams dislocation of the elbow for sure
  2. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    no ones fault on that sack they just read the play action
  3. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    I think Dennard is on the bubble if he keeps wiffing on tackles like that
  4. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    Mixon impressive and OMG a westerman sighting
  5. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    hello Mixon some nice moves there
  6. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    nice red zone D
  7. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    not much showing from the D but they are mixing it up with different players. Tez looking sharp and virgil in on a few tackles. Nice open field tackle by Jackson on the muscle hamster
  8. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    A healthy dose of hill and mixon please and lets see if we have an oline or just a bunch of whiffing fat guys
  9. Camp Thread

    Seriously I saw nothing wrong with that tackle
  10. Our O-line

    billings playing iron man anyone? lol
  11. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    I'm in too well you all need to get a win somewhere eh :p
  12. Total Homerism shit from NFL.com browns had the 3rd best draft in the North and we had the 4th best. The best draft was the ratbirds WTF!!
  13. Draft Pick Watch

    all 3 talking heads on nfl network including kurt warner have ruben foster going to us at 9 I am more that happy with that
  14. Pacman Arrested UPDATE Now with Video

    there is just one word that prevents all this "loyalty" its the only thing in MB head
  15. Draft Pick Watch

    I know I'm dreaming but any chance we get a shot at fournette lol