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  1. Thurman DENIED!

    Hmm, Maybe he needed to be involved in a murder (hello, Mr R Lewis) or be a steroid pumping jock who's election to the Pro Bowl was a disgrace (that would be you, Mr Merriman). The new Commissioner looks more and more out of his depth everyday - a backroom desk jockey brought blinking into the light.
  2. David pollack

    I really like this pick - about time Cincy picked someone who plays like they care, rather than stiffs like Wilkinson and Copeland who looked great but couldn't be arsed to front up when the time came. The only worry is if Marvin tries to have him switching between DE and LB, and he gets caught inbetween..he has the look of a 3-4 guy. Still, I'm glad he's on his way to the Bengals
  3. Greetings from England

    Hi guys Dave T from Manchester, England. Been following the Bengals since I first saw them on TV in 1983, so it's been a long and lonely furrow (and I now have no hair). Still, I think we are on the up and up, and people are taking notice again !