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  1. Fire Marvin

    HAH! I found it! My link
  2. Fire Marvin

    I tried to get Brat fired two seasons ago. there was little support then for some reason. I think that petition is around here somewhere on the site archive. He sucked then, has continued his legacy of suckiness to this day and likely will until the end of Mike Brown's ownership of the team. For some reason, (I believe because he had two years with an amazing offense 5 years ago and Brown thinks that could happen any time again), he keeps Brat on despite his suckiness. For that matter, Paul Alexander too. I think Zampese is the better choice for Interim OC if Brat does the honorable thing and resigns due to incompetence. The bengals will not do what is necessary and fire him and Alexander (the continual penalties and general ineffectiveness are unforgivable).
  3. Worse loss under Marvin?

    Easily. Given they won the AFC North last year, with nearly everyone back at home against TB.
  4. Bengals-Bucs Game Thread

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Have fun going into the bye week, Mikey, Marvin and Carson. Top 10 pick anyone?
  5. Palmer in the no-huddle vs. ball control offense

    Indeed. yet another example of Brat's incompetence. His inability to evaluate the situation as it is happening, hell, his inability to evaluate anything, and keep his high-paying job makes me think that being a bengals coach is like having a government job...in France. Buffalo would probably snatch Brat up in a heartbeat only to doom themselves to 5+ more years of irrelevance.
  6. Andre Carter?

    They need to trade for a d-line coach who knows how coach someone how to beat an o-lineman. I could coach bull rush and I never played a down of football in my life.
  7. Palmer in the no-huddle vs. ball control offense

    I skimmed through 8 pages to see if anyone found any stats on no-huddle vs. huddle because I am interested to see the difference too. Alas, naught was posted. My $0.02: I couldn't care less (got it right this time Fat) whether they run the ball more or pass more or run the no-huddle or huddle or run the pistol offense. They need to 1)run a play that exposes the defense's weakness, 2)execute the play competently, 3)get first downs and 4)score more TDs. I have zero confidence in Brat's playcalling. I think he selects plays like I do in Madden, "page rightrightrightrightswitchformationrightrightright, s**t clock is running out, ok, reverse it is! That will trick them because they have had great backside containment all game." I don't think the coaches are capable of preparing the team to execute a play competently, in fact, the evidence demonstrates that this coaching staff actually takes players who were very good in college and makes them worse. Their failings in 1 and 2 prevent 3 and 4.
  8. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

  9. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

    Nice blocking.
  10. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

  11. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

    Nice aggressive use of the clock.
  12. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

    Got some pressure off the edge to force that throw. Nice defense.
  13. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

    They picked up the blitz adequately there. Clean pocket and a nice pass. Please be the start of something good for the offense.
  14. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

    I cannot believe my eyes.
  15. Bengals vs Browns Game Thread

    I was thinking about the same thing myself. Good use of a roster spot to let Briscoe walk.