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  1. Does Mike Brown care about winning?

    :player: Hey Big O, I am leaning toward 1.Got born again-and probably speaking in tongues,
  2. Rudi Signed Long Term Deal

    :player: Wha Hoo, Now Run Rudi Run, Lets hope this takes care of almost everything on the offense. Get Richie signed or a replacement.
  3. Playoffs!!!!!Playoffs?!?!?

    Ok the old Bengals died in 02, but most of the fans somehow just don't believe that. They keep replaying the bad old days over and over like a stuck record. Since we have a new team attitude and management, we need A new mental picture of the team instead of the same old Bengals attitude. Granted we are not there yet, but we are getting there. And I think attitude is the real enemy whether it’s the fans attitude that the team can’t or the players because they have not done this before. Winning does wonders for both players and fans. So it’s just a matter of time before we are in the playoffs, but I do believe it could happen sooner than later. Maybe this Sunday in Baltimore. :player: