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  1. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    We did it And I was there to see it!!
  2. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Absolutely - backpack with toothbrush and passport will suffice!! Oh, and some warm clothes - looks like it’ll be cold with 60% chance of snow!
  3. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Flights booked, though it’s a 5,000 mile magical mystery tour via London and Miami. Just need to pass a pre- departure COVID test now. Pray for me
  4. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    So what do we want to happen in these current games? What results produce what opponents? Will the Raiders and Chargers spend 4 quarters + OT taking knees?
  5. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    Marvin Jones having a game
  6. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    I think I now know what a heart attack feels like. We all had this game written off by page 6 LOL
  7. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Colts lose too
  8. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Zac gone all conservative again.
  9. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Great stop D
  10. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

  11. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Why can’t Taylor design plays like that? LOL
  12. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Apple Noooooooooo!
  13. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

  14. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Left side of their OL now very vulnerable. Hendrickson held again
  15. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Our OL should just resort to egregious holds on every play as the refs have ok’d that already
  16. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    4 out of 5 of their OL holding on that TD What fucking chance do we have?
  17. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Getting hosed by the refs already. Two blatant holds by their OL ignored then throws a flag for PI on the same play
  18. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    I don’t think the pass to Andrews at the end of the third was even a catch. One foot down then the elbow OOB
  19. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    This official on the far side is cheating us out of a yard on every single spot And then he throws a flag on a Chase.
  20. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    Hendrickson starting to get the better of the ex-Steeler now
  21. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    Defending like they did against the Jets here. Need a turnover
  22. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    Need to keep the foot on them here
  23. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    You’ll be lucky to see someone that wide open in high school
  24. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    Maybe Lou needs to think about some more of those 3 safety sets with Allen coming in and Bell down in the box
  25. Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

    The kiss of death!