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  1. 2017 Reds Thread

    I've apparently enjoyed watching a lot more this season than the rest of you. It's been fun seeing the new guys get some time and I think this team is very fixable. The offense was surprisingly good...Scooter has been a blast to watch. I'm excited about Castillo and Stephenson is coming on finally. It's all about the pitching at this point, but I think we're a lot closer than most people realize. It won't be next year, but the season after that could be a lot of fun.
  2. Ravens @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Without Burfit, I expect it's time for Terrance West to smoke us for 150 and 2 TDs. Hopefully we score 30 and it doesn't matter.
  3. 2017/18 Campaign concerns.....

    You should all stop watching the preseason. I recorded game 4 and then just hit delete. We have one concern and one concern only: o-line. We knew it before the preseason and it hasn't changed any. If they figure out how to put lipstick on that pig, then we've got a chance to be really good. If not, then we're looking at another top 10 pick. Still, I'm far more excited about this team than I was last year. I think we knocked this draft out of the park and I'm excited to see Mixon and the new defensive talent getting real NFL snaps.
  4. Which kicker makes the team?

    With Elliot making the practice squad, this is kind of the best of both worlds. I'm happy. In the end, though, it doesn't really matter. All we're really deciding is which kicker is going to miss the game-winning field goal in the round 1 of the playoffs.
  5. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Don't worry, Army! You're still ahead of me :) Picking 10th was HARD. From what I've read, you basically have to get lucky and hit home runs on a couple of fliers. Fingers crossed that my complete Homer pick of Mixon pays off in the long run.
  6. We need one more for the fantasy league

    Wouldn't be a Bengalszone draft without some drunk Hoosier picks! I recommend Colin Kaepernick. I really think he's due for a breakout year.
  7. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Yeah, I sent him the invite...
  8. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    COB is in. That gives us 11. One more, folks!
  9. We need one more for the fantasy league

    COB is in. We need one more. *EDIT* Nevermind...looks like Wraith is in as well.
  10. Our O-line

    Real shame. I'd pick us to finally get over the hump this year if not for this glaring hole. Fingers crossed for a surprise, but I'm certainly not expecting one.
  11. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    If Billy and Wraith sit it out, then we have room for two more. We can go with 10, of course, but I think 12 teams makes it more of a challenge. I won't open the slots up until we have 2 definite "yes" confirmations. Let me know!
  12. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Billy and Wraith are the last two I'm waiting on. You guys in?
  13. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Let me know if your e-mail has changed or if the invite didn't show up. Thanks :)
  14. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Let's go with mine. Not a power trip, but I can easily invite people to join since all of your names are still in there from previous years. Just sent an e-mail invite to everyone who was in the league last year.
  15. Good Article on WR Routes

    Thanks, I'll definitely be reading this. Something tells me I'll find Calculus far easier.
  16. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Awwww, come on people! The league just renewed this week. Got a little antsy, didn't we? Anyway, I have our usual league renewed, but we can use Scottish's if you'd like since it's already set up. Let me know.
  17. Well done, sir. That RB duo was too beastly. Dez Bryant THREW a TD pass and it still wasn't enough. Of course, I'd rather lose WITHOUT a Squealer leading the charge than win WITH one. :P Really, though. Great season. Shame my two RBs got hurt so late in the season. I might have put up a better fight.
  18. Week 14 Fantasy

    I just lost BOTH my starting RBs in the SAME WEEK, the week BEFORE the playoffs start. Seriously? I'm jinxed. I must be a Bengals fan or something.
  19. Week 12 Fantasy

    Nice try, Billy. I was just toying with you :P Be careful what you wish for.
  20. Week 11 Fantasy

    Happy to end my undefeated streak this week. Both QBs, two RBs, and more all on a bye simultaneously. I could scramble and fill a roster, but what's the point? I'll sit back and resume my domination next week.
  21. Week 9

    The wife and I are in a heated battle this weekend! Things are getting ugly here at the Skyline household.
  22. Week 7 Fantasy Results

    Oh, hey! How're you guys all doing down there?
  23. Week 6 Fantasy Results

    Ha! I knew I was playing Army Jr., but didn't realize til this morning that there was a complete Family Feud happening here. I was sweating it out last night. Time to bump Matt Forte out of my lineup. Good thing I have Jamal Charles on standby...
  24. Bengals @ Cowboys Game Thread

    Surely Tyler Eifert is back for this one, right? Thus endeth Mike Nugent's reign.
  25. Complete domination by the Skyline Chilis once again. And Hoosier is taken down by Mrs. Skyline. The Skyline clan moves to 4-0.