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  1. What are you reading right now?

    And that twist at the end...never saw it coming!
  2. Anthem Protests

    That's where things get interesting. If enough players are truly passionate about their stance, can we envision a scenario where an NFL team has to forfeit games because half their roster is cut or suspended? Or, would players not be bold enough to make this happen? Or, will the NFL foresee this and continue to offer a way out (staying in the locker room, etc, etc)? My money is on the latter.
  3. Anthem Protests

    Haha, fair enough. I see things differently. Though, whether or not the NFL will have "none of it" is the bigger question here. For some odd reason, they haven't put either of us in charge yet :P However we may feel about it, Americans have the right to protest as they see fit. And, as a private employer, the NFL has the right to punish as they see fit. I'm very curious to see which side wins out here.
  4. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Kev is in. Only three MIA at this point. Billy, is one of them your brother? I know he's played with us in the past.
  5. 2018 Reds

    Tough loss last night. It was good to see Bailey pitch well, but Riggleman left him in one inning too long.
  6. Training Camp - 2018

    Yes. If you're looking for reasons to be excited, Pollack has to be near the top of your list. Driving from Baltimore. That's some serious dedication!
  7. Training Camp - 2018

    It's true. The legs are still exposed.
  8. Absolutely! Vacuum tubes are still really big in the audio world. My work setup also uses tubes. Tube rolling is an addiction in this hobby as each one alters the sound by shades here and there. Finding the right match of headphones, DACs, amps, and tubes can take some time to really make the magic happen.
  9. 2018 Reds

    I was optimistic heading into this season. I didn't expect a playoff berth or anything, but I at least expected the young talent to be exciting to watch. Despite the awful start, I haven't been let down. Pitching is the clear weakness, but guys like Castillo and Mahle give you hope. Winker has been better than I expected and seeing Taylor Trammel and Hunter Greene do well in the futures game gives you hope. I doubted the "rebuild" at first, but I'm finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Radiohead - Hail to the Thief I take my music seriously. Here's the home setup I'm listening on at the moment:
  11. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Confirmed: Hoosier Skyline Mrs. Skyline Army Army Jr. Scottish John - are you the TaTas? COB Kevnz Crushers BengalszoneBilly MIA: Rad Nads The Guardians
  12. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    You're less loquacious than I remember :P
  13. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Oh and is Billy around?
  14. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Good deal. What's the status of @HoosierCat ?
  15. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Okay...it automatically renewed every team from last year, which I wasn't expecting. If everyone wants to play again, that's fine. But, I need confirmation. If someone wants out, I want to be sure we get active players in there. Thanks all!
  16. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Hey all. I'll renew the league from last year...
  17. Jeremy Hill says Trade Me

    I doubt it. Our o-line isn't good enough at run blocking to enable the power running game to be successful. We need to run out of shotgun formations, get guys in space, use trickery, etc. At this point Jeremy hill, scheme-wise, simply isn't a reasonable fit.
  18. Is Andy Next?

    Not sure why this is still a conversation. We know what Andy is and nothing this year has done anything to change that. It all depends on our draft position this year. If there's an upgrade available you go after it. Otherwise, get his protection straightened out next year and get some coaches that know how to use the tools they have (not just Andy) in the way they were meant to be used.
  19. Revised Prognostications

    Yeah, that Bills game is tough, BUT. They are winning entirely based on turnovers and splash plays. Their defense isn't shutting people down...it's giving up plenty of yards, but coming up with enough big plays each week to win the game. So, there's a chance, but only if good Andy shows up and Lazor stops trying to force a smash mouth running game.
  20. Zimmer or Jackson

    I like Hue as an OC, but don't trust him as a HC. Time to go out of the organization entirely and start a new chapter (I know, keep dreaming).
  21. Jeremy Hill says Trade Me

    Haha, fake or not, who cares? There is NO REASON to have him on our roster right now. I hear Minnesota is looking...
  22. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Alright, I've got myself set up at 1-3 just like the Bengals. And just like them, I'm about to go on a tear. Watch out, world!
  23. Ravens @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    I'm excited and worried by that all at once. I want to see our first round pick making plays, but he's had close to zero snaps. At this point I'm more concerned that he'll be a liability.
  24. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Amen. What a nightmare. On the plus side, I can enjoy this weekend's games without having to worry about fantasy outcomes. Might as well call it now.
  25. Burfict Extended

    It'll be interesting to see the details. I'm sure there are a lot of clauses in there regarding suspensions.