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  1. The Rush Offense

    I'm hopeful for Fisher to bounce back and have a solid year. Lap said that Pollack has them attacking rather than falling back and trying to "catch" the rusher. Hopefully that's a better fit for the personnel we have.
  2. 2018 Reds

    Yep, and the Phillies coach had a lot of great things to say about the Reds afterwards. They're significantly better than their record, etc, etc...
  3. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Okay, Aston is out and Billy is in. That gives us 10, which we can roll with. I'd still prefer 12 so let me know if someone new wants in!
  4. The Rush Offense

    A good point that Goodberry made is that Mixon and Bernard have similar running styles so that Lazor won't have to run different playbooks for different backs. A big help compared to the Hill/Bernard combo.
  5. The Rush Offense

    I was going to bash you for this post, but then remembered we weren't in the optimism thread anymore :P Regardless of how the right side of the line plays out, the line as a whole should be better than last year. I'm optimistic that the Lazor/Pollack coaching duo can make it work.
  6. 2018 Reds

    Reds win again. 2/3 from the Phillies with game 4 tomorrow. Sadly, that may be the last game we see with Harvey in a Reds uniform.
  7. Training Camp - 2018

    It looks like Tyler Boyd is turning heads at camp. What a bonus that would be, huh? He's a guy I continually forget exists. But, if he comes along and Ross becomes the guy we hope for, our WR group is entirely transformed. And, if Eifert...yeah...I know. I'm getting carried away. A guy can dream, though, right? The only game I saw in person last year was the Titans game in Nashville and I was horrified by how often the o-line actually held up, but Andy had literally nobody to throw to. WR separation was practically nonexistent.
  8. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Try this. If it doesn't work, PM me your email and I'll get you set up that way. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/237158/invitation?key=5a2344892a0a9f1d&ikey=90e1110d72c05b95
  9. 2018 Reds

    That's fine. Meanwhile, they got another win against a first place team tonight and I'm enjoying it. The Winker injury is killing me, though. He was a rookie of the year frontrunner.
  10. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    Thanks for the update, Scottish. Anyone know Rad Nads or The Guardians? @BengalszoneBilly, want me to send you an invite?
  11. Training Camp - 2018

    Ross has looked good so far. Such an encouraging sign after basically missing camp last year.
  12. 2018 Reds

    I was skeptical at the beginning of the rebuild, but check their offensive #s. They are very very good. They've also played .500 ball since Riggleman took over. They aren't far off. Add 2 quality starters and this team can be very good.
  13. You don't say... Let's just hope all the...uh...substances...were legal.
  14. Training Camp - 2018

    Ah, go home you jaded old men. This was a planned move, and he's still supposedly on track. I fully expect him to miss the entire season again, but I'm not ready to curl into the fetal position just yet. Let me live my dream a little longer!
  15. And It Just Gets Better for Browns Fans

    I kinda hope it happens. You have to admit that Pacman v. Green would be a fun matchup to watch.
  16. Agreed. I was quite pleased to lose Geunther. Not that he's a bad coach, but he seemed to be a poor man's version of Zimmer and his defensive approach felt stale. If Marvin has to stay, then I'm at least mildly appeased by two brand new playbooks to shake the team out of its rut. Our personnel is just as good as it was in 2015, but it's changed. My hope is that the coaches approach is finally going to make changes that reflect this.
  17. Right on, Army. The biggest thing I want to see from the defense is an increase in turnovers. Which helps...you guessed it. The offense. I was hoping someone would pick John Ross. If he's healthy and productive, that's a first round weapon opposite Green. Also can't hurt Overall, the offense has the potential to explode this season if all the dominos line up.
  18. Training Camp - 2018

    Today's the day. Football is back, baby! https://giphy.com/gifs/party-the-office-hard-l0MYt5jPR6QX5pnqM
  19. We have one for music. Let's try reading: I'm currently finding my inner monk: And my inner self:
  20. We know that to have a career year, Andy needs all the help they can give him. A top notch running game (anchored by an improved o-line) seem to be a good start.
  21. 2018 Reds

    2/3 from the Cardinals. I'll take it. Sure wish Votto's bat would come alive, though. It's amazing that, even while slumping, the dude's OBP remains so high.
  22. Anthem Protests

    Considering the NFL's backpedaling and Mike Brown's comments yesterday, this is going to be a constant storyline this season whether we like it or not. Casting morals and political beliefs aside, it's a very difficult spot for the NFL business-wise. They risk loosing fan income by allowing the protests to continue, but they risk player backlash and high-profile fines/suspensions by going the other way. Neither is good for them from a front office point of view. As a hopelessly flaming liberal myself, you can guess where I stand. :P
  23. Anthem Protests

    I've been caught in the crosshairs of this debate being a teacher during the gun control walkouts/protests. It's been a fine line to walk. Not because I'm confused about my feelings on the subject, but moreso because I have a family to feed.
  24. 2018 Reds

    I really thought we were going to catch the Pirates until they reeled off 10 wins in a row. Freaking Pittsburgh, man. I never knew it was possible to dislike a city so much.