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  1. Final Roster Discussion

    Mason Shreck (sp?) appears to be the guy. Likely would have been Cethan Carter before he went onto IR.
  2. Final Roster Discussion

    Carson claims the 4th RB spot over Hill. Wish we could sign Hill to the PS, but it seems unlikely.
  3. Final Roster Discussion

    Hewitt gone. I imagine that was a hard conversation to have, but it was clearly the right call. A year too late, perhaps, but another sign that something has changed considering this in conjunction with Iloka LaFell.
  4. Final Roster Discussion

    CJ Goodwin is the first confirmed casualty.
  5. Final Roster Discussion

    You doubt the Hobs!?!? Blasphemer!!!
  6. Fantasy 2018

    Woo! I'm ready to go ahead and accept the trophy if you all would rather not go through the pain and agony of loss.
  7. Fantasy 2018

    A mid to bottom tier QB will still get a heck of a lot more points than a 3rd string WR.
  8. Fantasy 2018

    I set it to 2rb 2wr and 1 flex (wr/rb/te). Though it should be noted that allowing qb in the flex spot is now a default option for new leagues. It's become pretty typical.
  9. Preseason Game 4 - Bengals vs. Colts

    It sounds like Barkley was the guy but the injury mucked things up. There's a chance he STILL makes the 53 and they put him on IR with a designation to return.
  10. Fantasy 2018

    I'm going to change the league settings a little today. I'll report back here with specifics, but it will likely be to include a flex position of some sort. The new trend is to allow flex positions to be any of the major 4 (RB, WR, TE, or QB).
  11. Preseason Game 4 - Bengals vs. Colts

    I was thrilled. I feel like an undefeated preseason is a bad omen.
  12. Fantasy 2018

    I've seen autodraft win leagues more than once. It's infuriating to us that like to pretend we know what we're doing. :P
  13. Fantasy 2018

    Afraid the calendar slots are filled at this point. As time slots fill up, they are taken off the calendar (to avoid overflowing their servers, I guess?).
  14. Preseason Game 4 - Bengals vs. Colts

    I think 3 preseason games would be appropriate as opposed to 4. Regardless, I'm one of those freaks that watches every play like it's the Super Bowl. My wife, who tunes out after two plays, simply does not understand. :P
  15. Preseason Game 4 - Bengals vs. Colts

    I don't think it's a waste at all. There are a lot of things still to be settled on the back end of the roster. I'm very curious to see all the RBs get good reps...I wonder if a guy like Flowers will stick around on the PS. We just got a couple of DTs back that need some reps and tape (Andrew Brown, especially). Can Tate produce given a larger share of snaps? What can Darius Phillips do outside of special teams? Maybe Woodside can finally get some reps in. etc., etc., etc. Boring for us, perhaps, but very important for coaches and non-starters. And, you can accomplish all of this without tipping your hat regarding the playbook.
  16. Preseason Game 4 - Bengals vs. Colts

    I don't think either team really cares. The starters aren't playing and the game plans won't reveal anything. Line up two bodies and see which one beats the other. What uniform the other person is wearing is pretty insignificant.
  17. Depth Chart 2018

    Yeah, I thought so too. Not sure if it's a fluke or if he's simply more comfortable on the left side...
  18. The other part of this equation is Lazor. I think the o-line will come around, but if their run blocking remains poor, then how well can Lazor scheme around it? There are ways to get your guys in space. Will they be creative enough to pursue them or will they insist on pounding it down the middle in crowded spaces?
  19. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    I expect the running game to improve once the playbook opens up and our starters are playing a full 4 quarters. It only takes one or two big gains for the #s to look completely different. In the meantime, I sure do enjoy seeing Mixon split out wide. One more dimension for the opposing defenses to worry about it.
  20. Baker Released

    The writing was on the wall with this one.
  21. Iloka Released

    I read it somewhere in addition to Army's post. Can't cite my sources at the moment, I'm afraid.
  22. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    You risk it because there are a lot of new pieces that need to gel before the real fun starts. But yeah...I hate it as much as you do.
  23. Iloka Released

    Seems to confirm that he was grossly overpaid here.
  24. Iloka Released

    Best case scenario for him. He really is a great guy, and I hope he tears it up over there.
  25. Iloka Released

    It was a bit telling that Geunther expressed surprise when asked about it, profusely praised Iloka, and then said he wasn't really looking to add him to the team.