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  1. Final Roster Discussion

    Name one that can come in and help. For all the woes on the right side, they did give up 0 sacks last week. They aren't hopeless by any stretch.
  2. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    There's a reason for that :P
  3. Fantasy 2018

    Your team is still better than my team. David Johnson at #3 has been a huge bust so far. It's not that he's been bad, but moreso that the Cardinals are TERRIBLE.
  4. LSU wins over Auburn!

    Forget all that. The Bearcats are 3-0 and will be National Champs this season.
  5. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    So did Carson and Hill and they looked solid. I'm optimistic on Walton, but I wonder if it's going to take more time to bounce back from his injury.
  6. A Football Life

    I don't understand why he's supposed to be intriguing. He was a great college QB who had some success in the NFL and never quite lived up to his potential. And injuries and such. *shrug* Now, an episode on Chad Johnson? Yeah. I'd watch that.
  7. A Football Life

    Words cannot express how much I don't care about this. I'm kind of surprised by my lack of interest, but there it is.
  8. A few things from last night

    Scope happening tomorrow and he's expected to miss two games. Should return against Miamai, the same week as Burfict. It sucks, obviously, but our RB depth is fantastic. Gio can carry the load for two games.
  9. A few things from last night

    Jefferson is simply very raw. I imagine it'll take a year before he feels comfortable with schemes, etc. The guy that is probably a goner is Vinny Rey. You'd expect him up when Brown goes down, but it was Nickerson instead (week 1 and week 2). The writing may be on the wall for Vinny once Burfict returns.
  10. A few things from last night

    Wondering what the heck happened to Lawson? He's playing great. He has more pressures through 2 games this year than he did last year. 12 or so, I think.
  11. A few things from last night

    I liked it as well. I would have liked to see 1 running play mixed in there to force a timeout, but I'm glad that they went for it. The soft defense afterwards bugged me more. And that PI call...ouch.
  12. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    One of my students is a Ravens fan. I've kindly prepared his desk before his arrival during 1st period: He always wears ugly short-sleeved purple t-shirts and I'm worried he might get cold, so I've got a nice orange and black jacket to keep him warm. I was afraid he'd be depressed after last night, so there's a Bengals clad teddy bear for him to cuddle with. I was also worried he'd be so distraught over the loss that he wouldn't have time to fix his hair this morning. No worries...there's a Bengals hat on his desk for just these purposes. Don't let anyone tell you teachers don't care.
  13. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    Boling hasn't fared well at tackle. I would really love to know what Westerman has done to get in the coaches dog house. It's something we're clearly not privy to, and I don't doubt the coaches' decision. But, there's certainly something going on there.
  14. Fantasy 2018

    The Skyline Chilis need to fire their GM. They left three backups on the bench that outscored their three corresponding "starters".
  15. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    My main two concerns are the o-line and the health of Preston Brown. We're weak to passes in the middle of the field and being down Burfict AND Brown is concerning.
  16. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    The only thing we can do about the right side of the line is scheme around it. People are calling for Fisher at RT, which is fine, but coaches saw Hart and Fisher play all through training camp and went with Hart. That should give you pause. Redmond wasn't much better. It's a bad situation, but still better than last season (the line, overall). They can have success.
  17. Erickson Gets Extension

    Solid move. I am pleased.
  18. Fantasy 2018

    Yeah, how'd that Texans thing happen, anyway?
  19. Fantasy 2018

    I have to question your parenting methods, Army. The fact that he would draft a Steeler in the first place tells us you haven't taught him well enough :P
  20. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    That's what it says on paper, but you know...that's why they play the games and all those similar cliches...
  21. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    He's not, really. The depth chart lists the starters for the 4-3 base defense, but the team spends a majority of their snaps playing nickel. So, if you go by snap count, Johnson will get far fewer overall.
  22. Final Roster Discussion

    Michael Johnson is back. That explains why they went 8 on DL, I suppose. Now, they'll IR somebody to make room. He still has a role on this team, but I hope his snaps are limited. Brian Hill reportedly turned down a chance to return and went back to Atlanta instead.
  23. Final Roster Discussion

    Marvin said they'll be actively looking for CB depth on the waiver wire, so it'll be a few days before the dust settles.
  24. Final Roster Discussion

    Neither was Core. Nobody expected both to stick. There's a lot of roster shuffling still. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  25. Final Roster Discussion

    Another move I wanted them to make but didn't expect them to. This team has changed, folks.