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  1. dave matthews band

    Hell yeah. In fact I recently picked up the "Dave Matthews Live With Tim Reynolds" CD. Awesome talent! well then you better be signing up at the site in my sig plan on going to any shows this summer?
  2. 2004 Schedule??

    office space i do believe.
  3. Out of Left Field

    im with you all the way on that one :player:
  4. 2004 Schedule??

    yeah, i think 2 hours is a bit ridiculous, but hey...its football. better than a baseball game i don't care about (they never show the reds in nashville ) now, if i have something better to do, believe me...i won't watch. but if i happen to be sitting in front of the tv...why not.
  5. Bonds is now 3rd all-time

    maybe so. i've never played professional baseball or taken steroids, so i guess i couldn't say for sure
  6. survivor

    haha yeah. lex was an idiot. i like this one better than last season's though (although last season's was the best in a long time). if you've watched for a while now, and you already know the all-star players pretty well, that makes it much more interesting.
  7. Mock Draft

    The chance is there, because the Draft has been so hard to predict. A team could easily grab Grove before we pick again. However it wouldn't be a total loss because although players like Alex Stepanovich and Nick Leckey don't carry as high a grade as Grove does, both should turn out to be consumate pros'. * Stepanovich gives you basically another Rich Braham. while Leckey could develop into a starter at either guard or Center. The only real knocks on Stepanovich is his mobility, while Leckey lacks girth. Something that could change easily with proper coaching in the NFL. and i do believe the bengals' coaching staff got to see stepanovich first hand at the college bowl game they coached, correct? that would definitely be a large influence on their decision.
  8. Bonds is now 3rd all-time

    Yeah but the juice would be what's adding the distance on the balls, otherwise there hit's at best, or outs....The juice makes all the difference.... meh. it doesn't add 100 ft. or anything. it may make a difference on the home runs that only get over the wall by a few feet, but not for the majority of them, i don't think.
  9. greetings

    visited louisville last spring break. promptly looked up all of the skylines online and tried them all one is great, and the other is a dump
  10. survivor

    i used to be entirely against it, but my wife started. so its a thing to do together, and not the worst show once you get into it. its fun to laugh at. down with rob!
  11. Bonds is now 3rd all-time

    yeah, regardless of steroids, it takes a ton of coordination, etc.
  12. greetings

    Would you guy's quit talkin' about Skyline Chili already!!! Living out here in Arizona, the isn't anyplace to score a couple of tasty cheese coneys. My preference is "Dixie Chili" out of Newport Kentucky! Isn't it strange that those types of resturants only exsist in the Cincy area? I actually thought about bring a franchise to Arizona. ive never been to dixie. and yes...skyline beats gold star by miles. they have skyline in florida, you know. they opened an empress once in nashville, but it flopped...
  13. greetings

    Glad to have you here "skyline". You must like Cincinnati chili! man, you have no idea. if you check out my posts at my own website, you'll see my avatar is the skyline chili logo. couldn't use it here, because 75x75 is too small i live in nashville, but when i visit cincy i eat there once a day by rule
  14. Advertising

    i run my own forums (we have over 1200 members now), and i've found the best way to spread the word is just to get involved in as many other bengals sites as you can. post often, and get a name for yourself. once people know who you are, you can drop your own preferred website name here and there in casual conversation, and people pay attention. you'll get noticed...
  15. Forum Member Diversity

    i grew up in harrison, oh (which explains why im a bengals fan). i now live in nashville, tn and teach high school math and guitar
  16. Kaesvaharn Re-Signed

    Eddie G you might be surprised at the number of athletic department folks that try to become math teachers. Many of these same folk want to coach high school. Coaching can be very hard to break into, especially in small towns where much of eku's student body originates and local politics are thick. There is a SERIOUS shortage of math teachers in these same areas. So a path through math can shorten the trip to their goals. You don't have to be that bright to make it through. What one may lack in smarts can often be compensated for with effort and determination. Plus the shortage means even those with marginal grades will likely find employment. im a math teacher im glad they re-signed him. he seems to be a hard worker and a willing backup. versatile players mean a lot for a depth chart.
  17. Congrats to the Hefty Lefty!

    i've never liked him, but he deserved the win. good for him...
  18. Reds start is catching fans eyes!!

    they won again today. i don't expect it to last all year, but im certainly enjoying it while it lasts. i live in TN and havent had a chance to catch a game a GABP. definitely in my plans this season...
  19. Mock Draft

    i agree that getting grove in the 2nd round there would be AMAZING, but do you really think he'll still be around that long? doesn't seem like much of a chance to me.
  20. bengals site

    got bored today, home sick from work, so i made a little bengals site. put it together in about an hour, so it obviously needs a ton of work, but hey. nice diversion. Edit by B24 Check skyline's profile for the site. End Edit
  21. Help get Bengalszone onto Bengalscentral

    i'm not sure he'll be so receptive. he got a little hot over people promoting other message boards and pointing out shortcomings of his own site. they were meant as helpful comments, but i guess he sees them as criticisms...