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  1. 2004 Schedule??

    im from nashville and SO glad the bengals are coming to town!
  2. 2004 Schedule??

    oh, and we open against the jets. they leaked their schedule as well. rumors have us playing miami week 2, but that has not been confirmed.
  3. 2004 Schedule??

    the giants will be in town dec. 26th. 1:00 p.m. game, i do believe. the giants leaked their schedule a bit early.
  4. 2004 Schedule??

    meh. i think people get way too worked up over posts in message boards in general. its just his opinion. if you don't like it, then that's fine. feel free to disagree (which i do, by the way). still, there's no need to start bashing people for their views, whether you agree with them or not.
  5. greetings

    just learned about this site today. glad to be around, and hope to be somewhat involved. just wanted to say hi
  6. Bengals CB Weathersby hospitalized

    isn't serious condition better than critical condition? also, the brain aneurysm thing just doesn't seem right to me. most people that suffer those die instantly, right? i may be making a medical moron of myself here. please feel free to correct me. just hoping for a bit of bright light from the few details that have been released. i do agree with what was said earlier, though...the longer we have to wait, the worse it seems it will be
  7. 49ers and bengals talking trade

    im pretty irritated with that place right now, but the jared lorenzon (sp?) comments were cracking me up
  8. greetings

    I can't recall. It's been over 7 or 8 years since I've been there. I think their website furnishes a map for each franchise. Skyline has about 3 times as many of those. My favorite Skyline is at the Waterfront(?), just inside the entrance. man, im dying of hunger now. i just visited both websites. the agony!
  9. Bengals CB Weathersby hospitalized

    i dont trust that information at all.
  10. greetings

    Dixie Chili 733 Monmouth St. Newport, Kentucky 41071 or... dixiechili.com can you tell me what its next to? i know the different restaurants, businesses around there, but don't know the street names well.
  11. Bengals CB Weathersby hospitalized

    copied from bengals.com Bengals CB Weathersby listed in serious condition after auto accident 4-13-04 5:30pm - Bengals CB Dennis Weathersby was listed in serious condition at Cincinnati’s University Hospital late this afternoon. Weathersby has been hospitalized since Monday evening. He was injured early Monday evening in an auto accident. At 4:30 p.m., University Hospital released the following statement: “Mr. Weathersby is currently in serious condition. As a result of the auto accident, he sustained a head injury. He is receiving aggressive, state-of-the-art medical treatment. At this point, it is too early to make any further statements. ” The Bengals have been informed that there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol involved in the accident. No other persons were involved.
  12. greetings

    Youre a good man. Dixie Chili in Newport and Erlanger is also my favorite. Although Skyline will do in a pinch..... I prefer the reciprocal of that. Dixie is definitely my second choice. Maybe my preference comes from the reward of a coney after visiting the orthodontist. The skyline by the old provident bank downtown. Is either one still there? The only reason to consider gold star is they have beer. Honestly guy's I find little difference between Skyline and Dixie. I've never tried Empress, and Gold Star is just plain mis-named!! The only reason I choose Dixie is that was my first, located on Dixie Highway in Erlanger...my home town! God I'd LOVE to have a coney right NOW!!! where is the dixie in newport?
  13. PFW on O'Neal Trade, More

    cool, thanks for the link.
  14. Bengals CB Weathersby hospitalized

    man, that sucks.
  15. An attempt to get you all fired....

    words cannot express how much i hate hole #18.
  16. An attempt to get you all fired....

    ooohhh, bad idea. better start putting my belongings in a box!
  17. bengals.com q&a

    i agree entirely. im just talking about how lewis is viewed in the eyes of your typical bengals fan. if you go to all of the message boards, a ton of people seem to be expecting gardener and o'neal to have pro bowl seasons. a ton of fans are saying they expect us to go to the super bowl THIS year due to all of the miraculous offseason signings. im with you, though. im aiming for 2005-2006.
  18. Bengals: Best AFCN Offseason?

    i don't think there's any way to evaluate that at this point. we need to wait and see how the free agents pan out. if they all turn out to be busts, then our offseason turns into a joke.
  19. what does your desktop look like?

    cool. i worked as a computer tech for a few years during college. Pretty thankless work, eh? no kidding. its always the tech's fault.
  20. 2004 Schedule??

    haha yeah, the copy machine from work that they all hated. youve GOT to see that movie.
  21. dave matthews band

    i collect live shows (i have around 250). if you folks are interested in getting a copy of any of the shows you've been to, let me know
  22. survivor

    i agree. but thats part of what i like most about it. its fun to see the dishonest go up against the honest (because some of them are loyal, and refuse to lie, cheat, or steal).
  23. what does your desktop look like?

    cool. i worked as a computer tech for a few years during college.
  24. Bonds is now 3rd all-time

    here's a good article on it. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/stor..._rob&id=1780658
  25. survivor

    ohhhh man, i hated that guy!