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  1. mel kiper jr

    i remember reading at least one quote by a bengals coach saying that for one of the guys they picked up, they had other teams calling to try and arrange a trade, so they could get them. anyone remember who that was...? im just wondering if it was for one of our "reach" picks.
  2. who would you have taken?

    antwan odom is the one miss im sad about. otherwise, im pretty happy. i like your picks other than the henderson/smiley thing.
  3. Best available Player?

    that's the key, right there.
  4. I'm disgusted.

    good one.
  5. I'm disgusted.

    If they can't get it right..hire someone else to do the job ! what right do you have to make that statement? Who are you to question my rights..? oh geez. don't turn this into a freedom issue. that's not what i meant. im just saying, there's no basis for saying they did a bad job. wait until these guys have had a chance to prove themselves. OR, i'll accept your statement if you've done an equal amount of research as the people that made the decisions. then i'll give you some credibility. until then, you should take the title "draft guru" out from under your name and replace it with "draft wannabe".
  6. Hits and Misses from Day 1

    i love how you jump all over the bengals for passing on those certain players when there were jquite a few other teams that passed them over as well.
  7. I'm disgusted.

    If they can't get it right..hire someone else to do the job ! what right do you have to make that statement? you have no clue whether or not they got it right. come back next year after these people have had a chance to perform, and then you might be able to make some sort of informed statement on the subject.
  8. Caleb Miller

    i agree with the rudi comments. ive tried to make that point several times to no avail. he led the SEC in rushing. sort of like the CB was named SEC defensive player of the year, and the LBs led their teams in tackles.
  9. so who's left?

    i would expect to see stepanovich at some point.
  10. I'm disgusted.

    im disgusted also. with the attitude of the bengals fans around here. since ive gotten here ive heard nothing but praise for marvin lewis. now, all i can find is this crap. what makes you so all-knowing about the draft? if you know so much, why aren't you a scout for an nfl team, as opposed to sitting around these boards whining? how much film have you watched of the guys? have you analyzed them, and broken down their onfield performances? how many of them have you coached or coached against? how many of them have you interviewed? how many of their coaches have you talked to? get over yourselves...just because you can read a hundred different websites, you think that makes you draft experts? here's a post JT made over at bengals central: "How can all of you who praise Marvin everyday, sit here and cry about the picks. How many of you watched film on all of these guys that you wanted? I'm at the stadium everyday and every time I walk by the coaches office, they are in there watching film on these guys. In fact, two coaches laughed at my mock draft saying that I had guys going way to high. And these were guys like Starks and Grove and Poole. So the popular opinion is not always the best choice. Just because we (and I'm including myself) don't know these guys, doesn't mean they aren't good players."
  11. Caleb Miller

    reminds me of rudi johnson. led the SEC in rushing, but nobody thought that he would make a solid pro.
  12. Keiwan Ratcliff

    character questions.
  13. Madieu Williams

    kerry will help out greatly with his pass-catching abilities. put him in on 2nd or 3rd down and bring another weapon to the table.
  14. a second lb

    nope. lewis just wanted some depth, and now he has it.
  15. Landon Johnson

    did you hear the espn crew praising the bengals for their picks?
  16. Caleb Miller

    its funny to read different things on the same people. tells you that nobody really knows anything until they get to the nfl. the bit on espn said he would be a backup/special teams player if developed and shouldnt be taken on the first day. then kiper does a thing on him and says hes a solid player, possibly 3rd best lb available, and said that it was a good move.
  17. Madieu Williams

    hobson expects him to start, it seems...
  18. this is for no brains barbarian

    learn to use the quote feature. its not that difficult...
  19. uni pics galore

    didnt want this to get lost in the other threads. here you go... http://roachii.com/modules.php?set_albumNa...=view_album.php
  20. YEAH! were faster quicker tougher and UGLIER!!!

  21. New Uni's

    here you go... http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post?id...scentral&forum=
  22. New Uni's

    bengals.com put a picture of chad, palmer, and justin for about 2 minutes, and now its gone. i like the pants better than the old ones...
  23. New Uni's

    theyre ok. i'll buy a black one. im dying to see the pants, and front of the jerseys, though.
  24. just wanted to say have a happy birthday! MAN, you're old
  25. Mike McKenzie?

    id love to see him in a bengals uniform. that price tag, though. id probably rather see us draft someone to develop at a much cheaper price.