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  1. i know a couple of other teams that passed on him as well. obviously some things about him we don't know...
  2. not living in cincinnati, and therefore only seeing 1 game a year if im lucky. that seems to be changing though with the newfound national attention, thank goodness.
  3. Bengals Sign Center (backup lineman)

    where did this article come from? i haven't seen it... *EDIT* nm...i found it
  4. Bengals Sign Center (backup lineman)

    GREAT news. we didn't even have to wait til june 1st...
  5. How many forums do you post at?

    really, just two. I post here, and I run my own DMB forum site (link in my sig).
  6. if the reds...

    blow this lead tonight, im moving to africa!!!! it was 9-0. now its 9-6 with the bases loaded. ARGH!!!!!!
  7. atlanta announcers

    ive got to say listening to these guys call the cincy/atlanta game tonight has been a breath of fresh air after listening to the cubs announcers last week. tonight im hearing phrases suchas "acevedo has just pitched an incredible game tonight", whereas the cubs announcers would have said "acevedo's not doing much, but its just one of those nights for our cubbies". the atlanta folks were talking about how casey has been criticized for not becoming more of a power hitter, but what right do people have to criticize a carreer .300 hitter? anyway, it was just nice to hear a good set of announcers. the cubs people make me furious each time i hear them.
  8. if the reds...

    Send us a post card, will ya? hey. my computer's going with me!
  9. if the reds...

    Enjoy your trip to Africa...it just went 9-9! Geez our relievers SUCK!! How the hell do you blow a 9 run lead?? wow *shakes his head as he packs his bag*
  10. Anyone want a new avatar or sig?

    it's possible...have to get the admin to change it for you.
  11. All Time Draft Busts

    I agree, Lamont Thompson was a bad pick. Didnt we get him in the second round? Anyway, look at how many safeties the Bengals have aquired since Lamont. We still had to address that position in this years draft. A 2nd round pick like Lamont should still be with the Bengals contributing on D. thompson has been playing fairly well for the titans...
  12. Bengal Receivers

    not this year. if other receivers outplay him this year, though, it seems possible.
  13. Steelers QB Maddox pissed off!

    makes you appreciate the bengals' coaches. even if you disagree with the qb situation to sit kitna, at least they've been up front with people about letting them know what's coming.
  14. kearns

    got a broken arm tonight from being hit by a pitch
  15. Dear Reds management....

    im trying to be supportive of graves, but he is giving up WAY too many hrs. i dont get to watch the games down in TN...is he just not getting his pitches low enough, or what?
  16. Who will win the punting job

    made me laugh
  17. Kyle Larson

    According to draftdaddy.com we picked up this punter from Nebraska. apparently, he is rated #2 behind Sanders. good move...
  18. Chris Perry reminds me of...

    i could argue against how much some of these facts really mean, but this is an interesting post all the same... http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post?id...central&forum=3
  19. Tillman Petition

    hey guys, i respect him as much as anyone here. im very touched by his story. as a Christian, especially, i appreciate the ideals that he stood for. but the message this sends to me is that former nfl marines are more important than father marines killed in action or teacher marines, or women that join the forces. and even if that is a stretch in your minds...ok, fine. but do we really need to know the minute by minute status of the man's body?
  20. espn insider

    i HATE, and i mean really truly DESPISE espn insider. why in the world should we pay extra money to get kiper's draft grades? i don't get it... just make all of your articles available to the public like any other respectable news site. as if they don't have enough money already... *i wasn't sure where to put this post, but decided on the draft section, since all of the draft insider stuff is what prompted me to post it in the first place. feel free to move it.*
  21. Tillman Petition

    the whole tillman thing is really getting a bit ridiculous. i don't think he would approve at all... i just went to the espn website and one of the headlines was "tillman's body arrives in deleware". thats too much...
  22. Chris Perry reminds me of...

    who do you think has the tougher schedule between michigan and oregon state?
  23. Undrafted free agents

    hey, look! we agree on something!
  24. Undrafted free agents

    we signed a good punter (kyle larson) according to draftdaddy.com.
  25. mel kiper jr

    yeah, i was just coming back to post who it was. thanks i also liked how lewis said at least 4 other coaches called him to congratulte him on his day 1 picks.