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  1. Broncos @ Bengals Game Thread

    Point taken, but I don't EVER want to see Dalton throwing the ball 50+ times in a game. EVER. Zampese has me nervous. Either way, the Broncos game is very winnable. Looking forward to it. And Tyler Eifert...please come back. Please come back NOW. And while we're at it, let's burn the Pro Bowl to the ground.
  2. Fantasy Football 2016

    What was that, Billy? Trash talk at such an early stage? You should know better!
  3. Fantasy Football 2016

    I love the draft grades. All the people that used autodraft got a C or somewhere close to that. You're grading yourself, Yahoo!
  4. Fantasy Football 2016

    Yes, that's her. After seeing some of the team names, she has asked me to remind everyone that there is now a lady present. Let's keep it clean, gents.
  5. Fantasy Football 2016

    I'll probably get Mrs. Skyline to jump in since we still haven't found #12.
  6. Fantasy Football 2016

    Alright, Scottish is in so we have 11 now. Need one more to make this thing legit.
  7. Fantasy Football 2016

    Hey all...we have 10 teams signed up, but there's space for 12. At this point, I'll open it up. If you want in just send me a PM.
  8. Fantasy Football 2016

    Yeah, Army. It should be 9 Eastern/8 Central. Only two that are not confirmed are Combat Bengals and Loch Ness Monsters. It looks like Steve is already in.
  9. Fantasy Football 2016

    Okay folks...the following teams are already renewed and in the league. No further action required other than to login. Skyline Chilis Bill's Bad Boys Hoosier's Hellmuts Screaming Weasels (still the most frightening name ever) The Bouncing Ta Tas Wraith's Winners The following teams have slots saved for them, but you must manually renew. An e-mail should have been sent to each of you. If you don't renew your team in the next week, then I'll open your slot up for someone else. Kevnz Krushers RAD NADS CombatBengals Loch Ness Monsters Steve Dwyer's Teams There is 1 team slot open for Army Jr. Army, if you send me a good e-mail address, I'll get an invite out. Rock on, and prepare to be defeated. By me...in case that wasn't clear.
  10. Fantasy Football 2016

    Hey all. I'll get the league renewed this week. Hopefully we'll have enough for it to take...
  11. Spring Training

    Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Time to get pumped!
  12. Aroldis Chapman

    Oh yeah, they should have made all these moves a year ago. They entered last season with practically the same roster that stunk things up the year before expecting things to magically change for the better? Oh wait, forgive me...they DID add Marlon Byrd, after all. Can't believe that didn't make the difference.
  13. New Star Wars movie

    I took my 5-year old to see it and it was one of the greatest parenting moments of my life. She's been watching the original trilogy since she was 4 and is well-versed in the story/characters. To see her face as the opening sequence played was something magical. She could hardly sit still the entire time. On the way out of the theater, she grabbed my hand, kissed it, and said, "I'm glad I have a Daddy like you". Seriously kid? She knows how to pull all my strings. If she asks for a car next week, I'll likely say yes. As for the movie itself, I thought it was a lot of fun. Yeah, you can nitpick it and a lot of people are. But, any problems you want to point out with this one can be found in the original trilogy as well. The originals have been glorified so much, people seem to forget that they have poor character development, plot holes, bad acting, etc. But, it doesn't matter...Star Wars movies aren't meant to be arthouse cinema. It's a fun sci-fi romp with amazing special effects. Enjoy it for what it is, folks, and remember what it is to be a kid again.
  14. Congrats to Scottish

    Well done, Scottish. My all-injured/suspended team is already planning a comeback for 2016. As an aside, I'm thinking about trying something other than Yahoo. Their interface seems a little more outdated each and every year.
  15. Merry Christmas Bengalszone !!!

    Merry Christmas from my family to yours! I have decided to call myself Jolly Old St. Who Dey. Not pictured: My Bengals socks.
  16. Bengals @ Browns Pregame Chatter/Game Thread

    Amen. Much needed. And now they need to start easing out the starters.
  17. Bengals @ Browns Pregame Chatter/Game Thread

    Yeah, it's looking like they might have Jones and Iloka. Good news, if so.
  18. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    We've already had a couple of trap games this season. And, we've played off the bye. And, we've played on prime time. I don't think trap games exist for this team anymore. They've grown past that. Now, it's always possible that they come out and are out of sync or have a bad night. But, I'm no longer afraid of that happening because they looked past an opponent or didn't prepare properly.
  19. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Old is a state of mind. I've been 50 since I was 10. Which means I'm now around 74.
  20. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    I usually disapprove of memes (I'm old and grumpy). This one is good. It officially gets the curmudgeon stamp of approval.
  21. Happy Veterans Day Army & Billy

    Absolutely. All my respect and gratitude. Thank you.
  22. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    12-2, eh? :P
  23. Trades?

    Hey all. I'm stacked at RB. Looking for a WR in return: Alfred Morris Dion Lewis Arian Foster Todd Gurley Frank Gore Make me an offer.
  24. Trades?

    And now Malcom Floyd??? For crying out loud...
  25. Week 9

    Congrats, Billy! Honestly, your team isn't that bad. You've just had some unlucky matchups.