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  1. General AFC North thread

    Various trash sources are fueling rumors that the locker room is close to turning on Baker Mayfield. Delightful.
  2. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    That’s actually a great way to self-evaluate and improve. I’m impressed. Glad Taylor has not adopted my philosophy of just keep making the same mistake over and over.
  3. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    I’m rooting for the Lions every game they play. I don’t have any bad feelings towards Andy, other than grief at how he played at 10% effectiveness every playoff and prime time game.
  4. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    Also, Andy is physically morphing into Vincent Van Gogh.
  5. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    Dalton beats the Lions. In a related development, god does not exist.
  6. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    That is stunning. What a summation. I try not to get personal about it. If Trae Waynes had his way I’m sure he’d be playing every game, every defensive snap.
  7. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    Tv really can’t show the Chiefs enough. They seem to have a national game in some time slot or another every week.
  8. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    Tomlin just said he expects to have Haden, Fitzpatrick, and Watt all back for the Bengals game. We’ll see.
  9. Week 11: Bengals @ Raiders

    Not Bengals related - but what an crap game on Monday night football tonight. No one wants to see the Giants. I think their running back is hurt again, and they’re bad. The Succaneers have lost two in a row and watching Brady play is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Sucks.
  10. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    Now throw in Minkah Fitzpatrick and we basically see the same team the Chargers played. That would be great.
  11. Week 11: Bengals @ Raiders

    Nice to see a team ready to play after the bye. Marvin was not alert after the bye.
  12. Week 11: Bengals @ Raiders

    Haven’t enjoyed a half of football that much in a long time. So good to see them back to playing defense. Those last two losses were brutal, we gave up a shitload of points. Also, Burrow has to encase his whole body in ice bags for the whole flight home. Dude got roughed up.
  13. Week 11: Bengals @ Raiders

    Damn, can’t stop that juggernaut raider offense!
  14. Week 11: Bengals @ Raiders

    Damn Jessie Bates! Like a missile on 3rd and short, gets us the ball back.
  15. Week 11: Bengals @ Raiders

    How are we ahead in this game?