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  1. Fantasy 2020

    I’ll give it a try. We’re going to be shuffling those rosters though!
  2. General Training Camp Thread

    Dalton: “On this route, I’ll throw it in your general vicinity,” AJ “Catch Radius” Green: “I’ll get it.”
  3. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    I’m glad Bobby Hart sucks so badly, makes it easy to cut him. Not sure what they’re waiting for.
  4. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Hilliard City Schools, a large suburb of Columbus, just suspended all fall sports and extra curricular activities. The fall sports are supposed to start August 1st statewide. We'll see what DeWine does.
  5. General Training Camp Thread

    Covid is nefarious, underhanded, and relentlessly effective, kind of like Belichick.
  6. General Training Camp Thread

    It almost seems like we will actually see some sort of football.
  7. 2020 Reds

    Ha ha! The Reds kicked the crap out of the Tigers. I love it.
  8. Brandon Thorn, respected o-line analyst, puts all the starting right tackles in the league in tiers from elite level (Schwartz and Johnson), on down. And by “on down,” I mean all the way down to tier 6, occupied by only one lonely player. Behold!
  9. AJ Green is fully on board

    He’ll make HOF and he’ll do it somehow without screaming to be the center of attention, donning a foam HOF jacket on the sidelines, or trash talking his opponents.
  10. Bengals Statement on BLM Protests

    DeWine said no mask order necessary right now. But then he said we are on the precipice of total disaster if we don’t wear masks, so he asked all Ohioans, please wear masks if you go out in public.
  11. Rumors keep flying about a story about to break. Supposedly it shows the skins as a sexist organization that degraded women, used sexual indiscretions against employees, etc. The rumors are that it’s really, really, bad. Any pr bump from the name change will be obliterated.
  12. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/7/14/21324441/bengals-news-mike-brown-owner-nfl-agents-rankings-patriots-bill-belichick Agents don’t like dealing with the Bengals. I get that. Say You’re an agent, you’ve got a couple mid-level guys, you’re shopping them around the league. Most teams have a pretty clear avenue to the decision makers. You know who to call, they answer and talk to you because it’s their job. With the Bengals, I doubt things are all that clear. The one quote that jumped out at me was about the Bengals having 4 people doing what other teams employ 25 to 40 people to do. That just sounded like someone who either isn’t getting his phone calls returned or doesn’t even know who to call. The latter wouldn’t be surprising. With no GM, and a very unclear delineation of responsibilities, I imagine it is difficult to figure out who to call.
  13. Bengals Statement on BLM Protests

    DeWine is going to address the state today at 5:30, and the buildup (skipped briefing yesterday, has been in meetings planning it) indicates it will be something different. I can’t guess what it is, but it’s significant.
  14. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    He did that last year, sort of.
  15. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    So ready to see Bobby Hart get cut. Dude’s social media presence alone is enough to warrant saying goodbye.