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  1. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    https://local12.com/news/local/hamilton-county-bengals-work-out-a-deal-to-bring-a-music-venue-to-the-banks The Brown family is barely paying attention to Marvin’s shenanigans. They just conceded 30 million bucks to the county, agreed to help build a music venue on the river, and redid their lease so there are significant downgrades on how much the county has to spend on PBS improvements. Significant work went into this thing. Let’s just say it looks like a lot more work went into this than improving the o-line, or making a deal before the trade deadline.
  2. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    Agreed. No one feels good about this team right now. This defense has faced some historically great offenses the last few weeks. Now they face a pedestrian offense dealing with injury. They better show up. Marvin let Austin deal with some mismatches, then inserted himself as DC at what is clearly an opportune time. The Brown family deserves some results from this guy. They’ve indulged him beyond reason. This little maneuver wherein he let Austin coach through the bye week (which would have been the logical time to release him and let Marvin take over), then let him take the pounding from the Saints, just before jumping in to deal with the Ravens, the Browns twice, the Raiders, and the Broncos, speaks volumes about Marvin. Pretty calculating, conniving, and self serving actions by Marvin. Oh, and hey let me hire my best friend to come in and soak up some credit while I take a victory lap over some of the dregs of the league.
  3. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    This organization recycles coaches, we recycle threads. Flacco didn’t practice Wednesday or Thursday. Jackson didn’t practice today due to stomach trouble. RG3 at full strength.
  4. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Splack! (Dentures fly across the breakfast table) "Dierdre, take a letter." Begins dictating: "Dear Ken Petet, Good morning Ken, hope all's well well with your mother. As you know, your little act where you tie those monkeys to the backs of dogs and let them run around on our football field is about the best entertainment we've had at halftime since we used to spend big money to get Up With People in here back in '68. I've got a proposition I think you're going to like. It just so happens our fans love a good ol' tug of war. This has been demonstrated, and it's an undeniable fact. Now listen here, you duct tape those monkeys hands to the end of a rope, and put the dogs on the other end. Won't need to train the dogs, they just love to pull a rope naturally. My brother Pete had his shoulder dislocated by my dad's dachshund some years back. Wasn't a miniature dachshund, just a regular one. That dog just loved to pull a rope. Anyway, my crowd would love it. Tape the monkeys to one end, let the dogs drag them around the field by the other end of the rope, we'll play some circus sounding music, we almost can't miss with this one. I know what you're thinking, 'where am I going to find a legitimate tug of war rope?' Just so happens I've got one. And here's where it gets interesting. You take this show on the road with you, I lease you the rope. Either a flat fee, or I take a percentage, doesn't really matter to me. Of course, we fold the performance at our place into the lease contract. I'll pay you a small fee, like a hundred bucks. You use our rope, see how successful the act is, then take it out on the county fair and minor league baseball circuit. Let me know when we can get going on this one. My fans can't wait to see your new dog monkey tug of war Extravaganza! Truly yours, Mike Brown" "Dierdre, did you get all that?" Caregiver from At Home Instead says, "Mr. Brown, we're at your breakfast table. We don't go into your office until 11 today. Do you want your other slippers?"
  5. I hope you are correct, but I doubt it. From Lazor’s perspective, they brought in a predecessor to look over his shoulder, and by the way he’s super politically connected with the boss. Lazor almost has to be looking at this as Hue is here to collect info and observe, and ultimately He make a big push for the OC job and throw Lazor under the bus.
  6. Hue Is too much of a players coach. His reputation is sterling because he’s super easy on his players and they love him for It. Second, he’s a media whisperer, so he gets great press. He’s part of the reason our teams were undisciplined and mentally weak. He instilled the same attitude in Cleveland. They’ve got players but they sucked. Fuck this shit.
  7. Other NFL games.

    I watched some of the Niners-Giants game last night. My takeaway - at this point it appears Aaron Rogers’ State Farm agent has just straight up moved in with him. Shit’s gotten weird real quick.
  8. Exactly. At this point it’s just nepotism. There was no significant need the bengals had. They weren’t out there searching for a guy. Marvin isn’t trying to win. He’s doing what makes him comfortable.
  9. https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1652354
  10. Just read it on the Score App. Hue and Marvin can’t quit each other. No particular job is mentioned. Basically, Hue needed rescued again so Marvin swooped in. i seriously do not want this dude as a head coach.
  11. Austin Canned

    Marvin has Dennard and Vigil coming back, hopefully he can get this defense somewhere close to average.
  12. Final Roster Discussion

    Just heard Marvin is taking over the defense. Good. Go ahead and wear it Marvin.
  13. Final Roster Discussion

    I figured they’d make Haslett the DC. He is, after all, the former head coach of our sister team, the FLORIDA TUSKERS!
  14. Final Roster Discussion

    WLW saying Austin is fired. Awaiting announcement.
  15. Final Roster Discussion

    Final roster as it relates to coaches - I’m suspicious of Marvin’s non-statements after the game. He was evasive and obtuse in a different way. I’m thinking someone’s getting fired today, probably from the defensive side of the ball.