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  1. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    The cowboys were smart to get rid of Dez. Now we deliver a drastic beating, and Jerra’s so wrecked over it that he has to go get some more plastic surgery to bolster his obliterated self-esteem.
  2. Now that he is no longer being coached by Alexander, and consequently being forced to pass block with the hip catch method, Bodine could turn into a different player.
  3. I hope Ced saved a lot of the cash from his first contract, I’ll say that much. His career might get up, but it will walk with a pronounced limp for the rest of his life.
  4. Training Camp - 2018

    Crazed madman Vontaze Burfict is now not practicing and is standing around at practice in a boot.
  5. I went back and watched him specifically on every play he was on the field (stalker alert). Most of his falls were when he seemed required to run and make a timing block a few steps away. Instead of doing that, he fell down.
  6. Hart looked serviceable in the starting spot last week. Ced played against backups and looked just barely ok. He fell down for no apparent reason a few times. Maybe it’s Hart by default.
  7. Mayfield - Browns made the right choice?

    He looked good. Numerous instances where he used his pocket awareness to evade the rush and find another little space to set up and get the throw off. I know he'll face some less vanilla rush packages down the road, but so far I'm guessing the Browns are thrilled.
  8. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    Lafell's early release was also a Marvin pat on the back. Let's him and his agent take their time surveying the various landing spots. Marvin likes and respects veterans. To a fault. Though in this case I think Brandon Lafell earned it, he was nothing but a great teammate while here.
  9. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Even though the link was dead, I just plain like the sound of it. Count me in. Roethlisberger is a first grade tool.
  10. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    O line looked a ton better. Ced got a long look. He started slow, his worst 3 plays were in his first 5 or so. After that he was decent. I think it’s the different coaching. The punch style instead of the hip catch probably serves a long armed guy like Ced. Munoz didn’t try to hide it, he approves of the more aggressive style. Alexander was a little bitch who’s long tenure here hurt this team.
  11. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    Agreed starting D looked very good.
  12. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    I assume they'll default the left side of the line to Cordy Glenn and Boling, and let's face it, Price is going to start. The right tackle and right guard spots are going to be fun to watch even in these preseason games, because they'll actually be fighting for a starting job and depth roster spots. Ced better show something.
  13. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    I’m so ready for this game. Really want to see o-line blow people off the ball.
  14. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "Did someone mention TJ's gramma? Oooohhh yeeeaaa...." /turns off aspiration pump, turns up voltage on defibrillator, mutes electrocardiograph, takes off pulsoximeter, tries but fails to remove compression hose, wriggles out of spinal decompression machine, throws transdermal GFR monitor on floor, unbuckles truss, unzips sensible low-cost trousers....../