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  1. Time to begin the rebuild

    Holy crap, now it looks like Tua is wrecked. Rumors are that his hip injury is quite serious and will require surgery. Better love Joe Burrow.
  2. Time to begin the rebuild

    No on Tua, dude just can’t stay healthy.
  3. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Yep, every team can’t win! 50% of the teams lose every week!
  4. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Guys are bailing right and left.
  5. Keith Rivers gets his jaw shattered by the crown of Hines Ward’s helmet on a blindside hit. The response? “You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel around the Steelers, they play hard football!” Steeler QB gets bonked on the head with his helmet, no injury. The response? “Myles Garett must be stopped before he kills again!! 16 game suspension is not just warranted, but required! Maaahh Gaaahhd!!
  6. Turned on the tube this morning, and by the reaction of the NFL media it appears Myles Garrett may have committed multiple child murders and deserves the chair. Just an unbelievable overreaction to what he did. I get it, don’t swing a helmet around in a fight. But damn, “I’m Shocked and Offended!” guy on Twitter and various tv and radio shows is acting like this dude is public enemy number 1.
  7. Time to begin the rebuild

    "This league has a problem with the mathematical issue that only half the teams are going to win. That doesn't mean everyone else is incompetent or bad." - Mike, 2012. So we may or may not be getting a rebuild. This whole thing is mainly a mathematical issue.
  8. Bengals @ Raiders Pregame Chatter

    That's the first thing I thought when I saw AJ in that pic. Dude looks about as interested in playing football as TJ's granny.
  9. Time to begin the rebuild

    Almost certain that our new offensive savant head coach gets his own toy at QB. That's what benching Dalton was all about. They'll go QB.
  10. Time to begin the rebuild

    Tempted to agree with all this. This thinking is satan wriggling into our minds. Stay strong Bengals front office! Lantern-jawed gunslinger available at pick number 1! Go get him!
  11. Time to begin the rebuild

    Of course. You have to take a very talented QB. Plus, we need one. If they get pick one or two and don't get Tua, Burrow, or that other dude, I will drag my green chair out into the front yard and set it on fire.
  12. It's NOT the Fault of the Front Office

    I hope Katie has watched her father. I hope she’s taken note of the arrogance, the scoffing dismissal of the opinions or complaints of fans. And the results his adherence to his outdated principles have produced. I wonder if there is any way she can look at his dismal career and think, “yes, this is how I’ll go forward when I have the reins.”
  13. Bengals @ Raiders Pregame Chatter

    Sample is already acting like a veteran around here - jumping to IR as soon as the season crumbles.
  14. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    I’m happy for that dude. Super guy, and cleans up with a million bucks and a great chance to get to a Super Bowl.
  15. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    The only thing I can figure is Zac is letting those LBs know, you better improve or else. Brown was their highest paid linebacker and, at least in pedigree, their highest ranking guy. Here’s a news flash for the dumb asses down at PBS: The time for these statement personnel moves was late October before the Oct 29 trade deadline, when you could still do something to make the team better. At this point you’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face. Oh wait, I forgot, the trade deadline inconveniently fell during a very important family vacation to Switzerland. Couldn’t make any moves then. It’s a lot of work to calculate cap impacts, roster implications, watch film, all that stuff needed to do trades. Lots easier to just cut a guy, get a few guys off the couch in here for tryouts and sign someone. Lazy. The Bengals are just a family trust fund being used to enrich the family. That’s all. Sell the team to Jeff Bezos. He wants in, has unlimited resources, and the NFL has peaked in about every way. Imagine the real trust fund they could set up with that billion dollars or whatever it’ll be. If they wait 20 years they’ll be very sorry they did.