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  1. Someone on Twitter named Jason just reported: Bengals lead the league for number of players they drafted that are still on their roster with 37.
  2. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    If you sign up to play Tackle for the Bengals, you may as well legally add the initials IR after your name.
  3. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    AJ just did an interview. He said “I don’t know where they got the 6 to 8 weeks at, it’s going to be longer than that.” He said when he heals and can go 100%, he’ll come back.
  4. Upcoming Games Notes

    Ben released a statement. It’s all part of god’s plan, and the Steelers will get the privilege of paying my whole contract. See you next year fools!
  5. Upcoming Games Notes

    Once he's out of football I see Ben spiraling into a Curt Schilling-like existence. Will end up reviled by his own fan base after he says a bunch of stupid things revealing himself to be the selfish douche his teammates all know he is. He's actually a lot like Schilling, over-dramatizing every injury just like Schilling (bloody sock game, anyone?), doesn't give a crap about anyone but himself, etc. And I think deep down Ben knows all this. So I think he'll refuse to retire, he'll just keep showing up.
  6. Upcoming Games Notes

    So Ben is damaged, Brees looks like a long term thumb thing, Luck retired, Cam Newton is a dried out husk, yet somehow Tom Brady keeps throwing great and looks like he’s 28 years old. Oh, and he just bested his combine time in the shuttle run. What a mystery! The QB position in the nfl is about to go through a major changing of the guard. Andy’s going to be a top ten guy before you know it.
  7. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    We’ve got to buckle down and catch those 1971 Oilers.
  8. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    SF looked like a Super Bowl team against us. Glad this game is over, on to the 2-0 Bills.
  9. Stealers looking for PK

    Steelers lose at home to the Seahawks. They match our 0-2 start.
  10. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    I enjoyed my one week of misguided, delusional, barely-warranted, enthusiasm.
  11. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Sean McDonough bringing the wood. Just told a story about how after his first career pick, Richard Sherman threw the ball at Marvin Lewis. He did so because, after coaching him in the Senior Bowl, Marvin was quoted saying Sherman was undraftable. Marvin’s incompetence, and by extension the incompetence of those who handed him the keys to a franchise for 15 years, continues to cast a long shadow.
  12. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Man, starting guard Michael Jordan gets taken off on a cart. Hope he’s ok.
  13. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Sean McDonough on Fox is revisiting Paul Brown hiring Tiger Johnson instead of Bill Walsh, including graphics of a triumphant Walsh and a taciturn Paul Brown. Thanks Fox, getting kicked in the balls today by the Niners wasn’t enough, please remind us all of past misery too.
  14. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Probably face-saving cover story for Andre. Dude was single-handedly pushing our offense backwards.
  15. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Getting kicked in the ass.