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  1. Really what did people expect, there top pick of the draft is gone, there best WR is out for awhile, there off-season was terrible they didn't bring anyone in that's a game changer. So it's pretty much the same shitty team with a new head coach.

    I guess the thing that makes me mad is new head coach but same old problems. The penalties are ridiculous! With a bad team all the penalties need to stop or your just going to make it worse. So hopefully they find a way to stop that.

    Oh and I really want to see Finley with the number 1 unit against a number 1 defense. I like what I have seen with him just want to see it with the number 1s.

  2. 22 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

    Nice writeup. I can't say I've paid a lot of attention to what the team did over the offseason, and it doesn't appear that I missed much. I saw our first round pick went down (of course) and AJ went down (of course) and we re-signed Moobs (JFC stahp!). But now I have to admit to a morbid curiosity as to just how bad things are going to get this season.

    Anyhow, I'm handling commish duties in the fantasy league this year so if anyone wants to join let me know in the fantasy board thread or pm me.

    Nice to see you around Hoosier!


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  3. 1 hour ago, COB said:

    We needed Burfict when we needed him.  I hope he gets in shape and plays great for his new team that I hope will be in the NFC.

    The problem is when they needed him he was never there. The NFL changed him and not for the better, but he also refused to change the way he played!

    Players and tape both showed he did not give 100 percent this year. We seen that and all called it out.

    Really sucks because I had high hopes for that guy hoping he would be the bengals Ray Lewis on the field. He was for one year, and was never the same.