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  1. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    No we don't, not sure if anything will be done if they go winless, but this coaching staff is trash and change is needed!
  2. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Keep clapping Taylor you have coached the worst team I have ever watched, thanks !
  3. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Awesome time management there bengals! Worst coached team I have seen
  4. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    So 1.8 yards per pass, awesome job Bengals
  5. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Lol my gosh watching Finley play is to funny. His passes are all short and not even far enough to make first downs lol. I hope Taylor does not feel Finley gives them the best chance to win
  6. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    I don't know might have helped Dalton earlier in the year! Finley is no starter, looks like he doesn't know who to throw to half the time
  7. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Wow Mixon running hard
  8. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Good runs on this drive
  9. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    My gosh Finley is no starter
  10. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Jerry is pathetic
  11. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Yea because John Jerry is so good!! Either cut Cordy Glenn or start him this is so stupid
  12. Time to begin the rebuild

    Marvin will go somewhere where he can control the things he wants and he will be back in the playoffs. Tua now out will make things much more interesting.
  13. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    What’s the point anymore.
  14. Time to begin the rebuild

    Give a QB first pick, and build the o-line! The skill group of this team is not terrible at all. The defense will still suck, hopefully add a couple of guys, but hopefully the offense can learn to score points!
  15. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Question is can he play LB?? :)
  16. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Eifert resting because they have worked him so hard this year.
  17. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    That’s just it I’m not sure it will ever change, hopefully something does but I won’t hold my breathe
  18. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    Even if Taylor stays they need a new OL, DC, and OC. He needs to let a OC call plays and he needs to worry about being a HC, and making this team better. When you watch this team it’s like watching a team without a direction, or a team that is so lost, and there HC is worried about calling plays.
  19. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    They released Preston Brown today. Wow what a great signing he turned out to be lol. These LB suck and even he couldn’t cut it lol.
  20. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    I never thought anybody could make me miss Marvin, but he was actually a good coach. He took this shitty org and made the playoffs. He could never get over the hump, but there was always that chance. He had fantastic coaches here at one time, and to tell you the truth I miss Hue as an offense coordinator around here. Best I ever seen the offense move. I don’t get any of that from this guy, i feel he is so raw along with these other coaches that it’s going to take years for him to even learn how to be a head coach. It really showed yesterday as he looked very clueless at times, and the broadcasters even pointed it out. With MB as owner this team needs an experienced HC who is good with really good assistance, to teach. But like others have said who is going to want to coach here. Im just not sure Taylor is made to be a NFL head coach, the assistants are terrible. Even with who this team is they should not be winless. The more talented guys are looking terrible, they can’t tackle, they can’t block, they can’t throw. Zac looks like he is calling a High School football game, nothing is right about this team. I really wouldn’t mind a new HC to pick his QB and build this team back up, but I’m sure that won’t happen or who would even want the job.
  21. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Another game lost Still would like somebody other then Taylor calling plays. He can’t seem to do both.
  22. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    Yea when the broadcasters on every side are making fun of the bengals, or when the broadcasters are questioning the coaches all game, tells you we are in a very sad state right now. Some might not want to believe we are back in the 90s but it sure feels that way. We have a long way to go, till they dig themselves out of all of this. It’s getting harder every year to be patient, best find better things to do then watch or care about football for a bit.
  23. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    Can they get somebody who has called plays before to come in and coach. I think Taylor is terrible at calling plays, and trying to be a head coach, he is very lost out there. Taylor needs to be the head coach not a play caller!!! Oh and fire this crappy DC who never has an answer for anything! What an embarrassing squad they look like a crappy high school defense!
  24. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    That’s what I’m saying even in Marvins worst seasons they got better towards the end, so far under Taylor they seem to get worse as the season goes on. I don’t know how Taylor’s coaching regime will go, but as of now I have no hopes for things to get better anytime soon.
  25. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    My gosh please just blow everything up about this team, thank you!