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  1. Burrow Bowl I: Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    lol lol they go for a field goal
  2. Burrow Bowl I: Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Well if they are not trying to lose, then damn these coaches are even worse then I thought
  3. Who know who, or what to believe anymore. All I know is this org is such a mess, and it’s even worse now since they hired new coaches. At this point I don’t even care anymore no matter what happens it won’t be right.
  4. The Most Bengals Thing Ever......

    I thought this topic would be about Zac Taylor blaming the WR for all of Daltons mistakes, then come back the next day and regret saying that. That to me is some benga’s shit right there. If Burrow fails it’s because of this shitty coaching staff that seems to be in place. Wish I had hopes moving forward with this group, but as of now I do not! I still feel Taylor is in over his head and has no clue what’s going on, and his assistance coaches, seem to be no help. Guess will see where all this goes soon.
  5. Pats @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yea bengals coaching staff is terrible, maybe Taylor included, but these assistants are just bad! Im hoping for some changes to this staff. Dalton has been bad and has not really been the same since Hue left. Under Hue he was doing really good, they built the offense around him and was awesome. Even when the o-line is blocking good for him he stares down the receiver and when things don’t go as planned he panics and throws terrible passes! Now go draft Burrow, bring whatever assistants from LSU that helped him over to coach on this team, because they have to be better then what they have now. Im ready for this season to end now please!
  6. Pats @ Bengals Game Thread

    Joe Burrow please. However with these shitty coaches not sure if it will be better. These guys are terrible and some need to be replaced at the end of the season, starting with whoever is calling plays!
  7. Pats @ Bengals Game Thread

    Well and the bengals score
  8. Pats @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yea please just lose out now there is no point in winning anymore.
  9. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    My gosh I hate watching these coaches! I really really hope there are changes at the end of the year
  10. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Lol the bengals are so desperate right now they are challenging nothing lol, too funny
  11. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Yea if the Bengals want to get better, they better hope somebody else is calling plays. These coaches suck at play calling, and even with a new QB they will suck because of that!
  12. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Mixon TD
  13. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Yea that Dalton pass was terrible, terrible throw
  14. Can't find 53 NFL Players on this roster

    They also waived Preston Brown, and so far looks like a good move to me
  15. Dalton Unbenched

    Well it was like he was relaxed, he was out there just having fun. I think he felt the pressure of losing of a piss poor line, today he didn’t give a shit. Amazing though what a half decent LT can do where he didn’t have to worry every play if he was going to get hit. Good for him and congrats on him for passing Kenny on the all time TD list for the bengals.
  16. Jets @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    WTF has this defense from the last few weeks been all year? Crazy to see them actually play so aggressive all of a sudden.
  17. Jets @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Man Dalton is playing loose and looks like he is having fun. The o-line actually blocking and run blocking. Where the hell was this before, crazy! Still a lot of game left
  18. Jets @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Congrats Dalton! That was a hell of a throw
  19. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving
  20. Time to begin the rebuild

    I think first and foremost the bengals need to figure out what in the heck they are even doing. There needs to be a plan in place, and go from there. As of now there does not seem to be a plan, but who knows I’m not in that building. I agree on Burrow I’m a big fan of watching him and hope he is the next big thing here.
  21. Time to begin the rebuild

    The really sad part about this is hiring Jay Gruden with Hue Jackson as there OC maybe the best thing they do :( If Taylor is trying to run the Rams offense here no wonder it’s not working, because it sucks! The bengals hired Taylor knowing things might go this way, but just wonder how they will give him. For me personally there is no improvement what so ever in any of the coaches here, I have no confidence or hope with who they draft or get will ever be great, because of these coaches. I could be wrong hopefully I am, but for now my hopes are gone. Any talent this team had all now look like dog shit! I will always remember what those guys looked like under “real coaches”
  22. Dalton Unbenched

    Yup they have no plan what so ever!
  23. Dalton Unbenched

    Of course he is pumped pretty sure nobody wanted to play with Finley anymore. Im just waiting for AJ to say his ankle is better.
  24. Dalton Unbenched

    Yea I’m sure the locker room was never the same after he made the change in the first place. As far as I’m concerned his ass should be on fire to make changes to the staff to win! They have no plans each week we have no clue what they were even thinking. I was excited for a change with this guy, now I’ll be excited if half of them are gone! There is talent on this team, they need new OL and LB for sure, but there is talent here. For Taylor to not win 1 game so far to me is just crazy, and is why I question him and this coaching staff. I’m no football expert just a fan, but can’t win a football game at this point is just crazy!
  25. Jets @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Yea I miss it.