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  1. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    See the media is getting to me now I need to stop reading into this shit lol lol. I’m just getting annoyed every thing on Twitter is about this and tired of seeing it lol. Stupid Lazy media can’t stand it!
  2. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    The National Media is so lazy and they are a major part of the reason why my love for football really fell off. This is the same media that a few years ago were praising the bengals and even there front office for turning around there org, and making the playoffs each year. So now that they have had a few bad years, and a change of coaches they are now the worst team ever. They make no sense! Joe Burrow could make them shut up about things if he would say, if the bengals draft me I would love to go there and can’t wait to get started. Instead he says things like if they draft me they draft me, or telling media he has the leverage. His parents are the only ones that have said he wants to go number 1 and would not mind if it’s the bengals. I still think Burrow is number 1 but nothing suprises me anymore, I just hope he does not listen to the media and let them sway him in his decision, but I do wish he would shut them up, it’s getting very annoying now!
  3. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Hopefully it all works out for everyone, Bengals get something good, and Andy goes somewhere he wants/ or can possibly get the chance to start.
  4. 2020 Draft

    Just draft Burrow already geez!
  5. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    Oh how I miss Hue as the OC of this team, they were never the same after he left, and would take him as an OC in a heartbeat!
  6. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Welcome back Army!! Yes throw the fans a bone for once and sign a bigger named free agent o-lineman and a LB would be nice. Then fill the rest with the draft and build around Burrow and I will be happy!
  7. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    Screw the media, it’s all about the big market teams. When a player who may be as good as Burrow comes out, they want to see them on these big market teams, anything else is a crime! I can’t stand the media anymore it’s why I don’t watch this stupid shit anymore.
  8. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    You want Burrow to succeed you build your team around him. Do what he does best, build your playbook to suit his strengths. Go out and actually sign a GOOD free agent or two that can contribute right away in helping the team. Draft Burrow, then draft some guys who can block for him, protect him! If he fails it will be because they didn’t do enough for him. They need to start changing the way they think!
  9. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Yea I’m happy for Gruden I always liked him and Hue as OC for this team.
  10. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Mike Brown Tobin, and now Taylor as that presser he did seem to love Herbert, which makes me sick. I just don’t see him being that great QB, maybe I’m wrong but no thanks. The coaches seem to love the kid though. Hopefully it’s all smoke and they just draft Burrow then build the team around him, if not be prepared to lose a lot of fans, and attendance.
  11. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    I’m not terrified about Burrow missing the Senior Bowl, I’m more worried about the comments about Hebert. I truly feel that’s who Tobin and Mike Brown like, they specifically went to watch him play, not sure if they did that with Burrow or not. Hopefully it’s all talk and Burrow is still the guy.
  12. Yea Hoosier I watched it last night I enjoyed it as well
  13. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    AL Golden hires as LB coach, last year he was with the Lions. I didn’t even know this guy coached anymore after his college coaching years. Not sure how this hire will be not like the LB have been great, so guess will see. I still want Wade Phillips damnit lol!!!!!
  14. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    I agree it’s just talking heads, but it seams as though all the talking heads just want to see the bengals fail. I’m guessing it’s because they are a low market team, and they want to see Burrow on some bigger market franchise!
  15. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    So many media/ ESPN telling Burrow to pull an Eli and not play for the Bengals, demand a trade. Man nobody want anything good to happen to the bengals lol. Man when Peyton Manning went to the Colts they were a terrible team. Yea the owner sucks the franchise is terrible I get all that, but maybe getting a good QB, hopefully the new coaches can turn it around. Hopefully he or his agent don’t listen to the media bullshit that goes on lol.
  16. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Just read that Joe Brady is going to the Panthers. Panthers fans now trying to figure out how to trade up for Burrow lol lol.
  17. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    As Lap said come on Mike throw the fans a bone for once. Spend some money for a great player or two!
  18. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Didn’t even see this thread here! Not much to say, but Mike Brown better not screw this up this guy is amazing. Not to mention his swagger as well, I could see him becoming a leader of this team right away. First pick is in, now spend some money get some lineman in here let’s protect this guy!
  19. Time to begin the rebuild

    Can they sign Burrow after this game? Please!!!!!! Man I wish they could bring Joe Brady with him. Whatever they need to do to make him comfortable and play to his strength is what they need to do!
  20. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Wish there were more guys leaving, wish they really looked at guys like Wade Phillips or Bill Callahan to come in and help. Guess will see how they replace these guys at some point.
  21. Time to begin the rebuild

    Pats fans saying if they don’t bring back Brady and sign this guy they are done being Pats fans lol lol.
  22. Time to begin the rebuild

    I still think you take Burrow and you make your offense around him. You do whatever LSU did to help him out. You bring in a free agent lineman, and LB, and you draft the rest. Mike needs to as Lap said throw the fans a bone and sign some FA. Sign a couple of your FA skill guys to be with Burrow, I still think there is good talent there. Hey who knows what’s going to happen, I just really want to see Burrow here hopefully it happens.
  23. Time to begin the rebuild

    Getting a little worried they are going to screw this up in someway.
  24. Darrin Simmons Extended

    Yes very good move
  25. Looks very interesting