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  1. Trade Market for Dalton Heating Up

    Ugh look I like Andy Dalton but it’s just time to move on even if he is a back up. I don’t need them to draft Burrow just so he sits to Dalton playing half a season. Let him go already and play somewhere else, time to start over with this team! Great job so far in FA, keep it going by letting Andy go, and let Zac build his team with his QB.
  2. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    That would be interesting
  3. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Are the bengals going to play more 3-4 or are they staying 4-3 that’s what I’m wondering. Guess time will tell.
  4. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    So Williams to Nickle LB maybe? Wouldn’t surprise me and might actually be a good thing. I just wonder what for defense they will be running.
  5. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Wow! Talk about an overhaul!
  6. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    I think at this point most free agents are going to sign a 1 year deal.
  7. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Yea it’s crazy wear all this has gone. I’m one who has to continue to work as I work in a older folks retirement community. However my wife does respiratory in a big hospital here in PA and she warned me about this awhile ago. She is front line with this stuff since it effects the lungs and with breathing problems. So times here get a little stressed with 2 kids and can be tough. Hopefully all this blows by and everyone stays safe!
  8. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Well they just signed Josh Bynes from the Ravens, so that makes me happy. Ravens fans seem pretty upset they didn’t resign him. Sounds like a good guy in coverage as well.
  9. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    So they have no starting LB well alrighty then!!!! Also Eifert going to the Jags most likely I really would have liked him here as another weapon for Burrow! I really liked the moves the bengals made earlier, but now I have no clue what they are thinking not signing a single LB. Guess it will be a all rookie starting LB crew.
  10. General Free Agency Thread

    Well then 2nd and 3rd round will be LB then, if there is not a FA available
  11. General Free Agency Thread

    Ok thanks I remember now
  12. General Free Agency Thread

    What’s there history I can’t remember
  13. General Free Agency Thread

    So are they trying to get a starting safety or a safety/LB hybrid. I thought HaHa Clinton Dix was still available as well.
  14. General Free Agency Thread

    Lol Damn!!!!!
  15. General Free Agency Thread

    Maybe one day they will value the O-line a little bit, maybe just a little. Maybe they will value the LB position as well one day. Hopefully there is a trade or something for a OG or LB
  16. General Free Agency Thread

    Wow loving what I’m seeing, still need a LB but not sure if there is any good ones left. So I’m guessing that will be the first pick in RD2.
  17. General Free Agency Thread

    You know I want an OL as much as you, but I believe they really like what they have on the OL. I don’t see them getting one or even drafting any till the 3rd or 4th round. Hopefully I’m wrong but guess will see what happens.
  18. Trade Market for Dalton Heating Up

    Sounds the bengals are doing nothing till they move Dalton. Hopefully they do that fast and find some guys to actually help this team!
  19. General Free Agency Thread

    So I’m guessing the bengals are happy with there o-line and plan to do nothing with it if I’m reading correctly. So the first tier guys are soon in the bag, soon time for the bengals to swoop in and get there guys!!!
  20. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    I agree but I’ll wait and see what they do with the money. I would like Dennard back, but sounds as if he wants to move on. Either way if they are planning on spending this offseason sounds like CB is where they are going. Still hoping for a Guard, but seems like they might be “ok” with the o-line!
  21. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Yea corner will be a big need, sounds like they will try and get one in FA.
  22. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    No doubt :)
  23. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    Come home Joe come home!!!
  24. 2020 Draft

    Yea I’m guessing it could get pretty nasty about the bengals, unless Burrow comes out and says he’s excited to turn the bengals around. Even then I’m sure the media will find something
  25. How the hell does a NFC executive know what AJ want, or “thinks” he knows what he wants. There are a lot of talking heads right now and I’m not believing the crap I hear until something happens.