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  1. Trade of Justin Smith

    I would do that in a New York minute. You'd definitely get either Okoye or Branch at 13 and still get the 18th + your 3rd rounder as well. Now, the Bengals signing two top 20 picks in the same year would be a different story...
  2. Bengals re-sign Reggie Kelly

    You aren't kidding!! Graham just signed a 5 year $30 million contract in Denver with $15 million of it guaranteed. A tight end isn't worth that much and definitely not Daniel Graham. I said I'd like him at the right price and he signed for significantly more than what I felt was the right price. Taking that into consideration I'm glad they got Kelly done and solidified his position again.
  3. Thank you Pac Man

    Heard that... For that kind of money I'm not sharing!!!
  4. Ravens probably won't tag Adalius Thomas

    July 15th I believe... but I highly doubt the Bengals retract the tag if it comes to that. Smith doesn't have to sign at all if he doesn't want to. Also, I'm not sure you can franchise a player and retract. Once you name him, it's official. The deadline was today (Thursday). You might be able to retract BEFORE the deadline. But not now. In other words, you can't remove a franchise tag for the purpose of giving it to someone else after the deadline passes. The July 14th date you're referring to is the deadline for a franchise player and the team to agree to a long-term deal. You can't negotiate with a franchised player after that date. You're not quite correct there. The tag is simply a tender / offer (which means another team would have to give the Bengals their next two #1 picks if they offered Smith and the Bengals didn't match it) - until Smith signs it and it becomes a contract it stays just that. As long as it is a tag / offer it can be pulled at any time. Once Smith signs it, and it then is officially a 1 yr contract for 8.6 mil, the Bengals have until July 15th to do one of three things: 1) Re-negotiate the deal so there is less cap hit this year and going forward, 2) Trade him away (which requires another team to have a long-term contract already negotiated), or 3) Let him play at the 1 yr contract and renegotiate longer term into future years or let him walk at the end of it. If no agreement is reached until after July 15th that agreement can't be signed into a contract until after the season is complete so he still has to play for the 8.6 million.
  5. Carson wins Pro Bowl MVP (merged)

    --I would LOVE to have that kind of unprofessional punk on my team ANYDAY, over some of the unprofessional punks we already have(Henry,Odell,etc.) --We have wannabe gangsta's off-the-field....Taylor is a real-life Gangsta ON-THE-FIELD Pre-season, season, pro-bowl, he doesnt care he just wants to lay people out....We need players with that type of mentality. Are you freakin serious?? He is a real-life "Gangsta" on the field - but he is off the field as well. We don't need any more of that crap. How about we get good players that stay out of trouble OFF-THE-FIELD. That way they can play on Sunday.
  6. Who deserved MVP?

    It's because he's white... jk. It's hard because nobody had an outstanding game that was head and shoulders above anyone else. Rhodes only had 13 carries, Addai was like 66 yards rushing and 77 receiving (have to give some credit to Manning as those are catches), Harrison had like 5 catches for like 65, Wayne was like 2 for 83 and a TD, Clark was like 4-5 for maybe 50 yards, Sanders would be closest as he forced a fumble and had an INT but I don't know how many tackles he had. Manning got it because he controlled the flow of the game and got the offense into good plays. The one INT to me wasn't that bad - think about it, they would have had to punt on the next down and do you really want to punt to Hester after he just returned that kickoff for a TD - like 5 plays earlier? Those return teams would have had a bunch of confidence at that point. They got the ball at the 35, to me really not that bad of a play. The weather kept him from having a good down the field game and he was smart enought to recognize that (as evidenced by Grossman's canned hams). In the SB another position player is going to have to have a HUGE game for the QB to not get the MVP. It's that way in every SB game - goes back to too much blame when losing, too much credit when winning scenarios. After all, he is the one that has be jumped on with both feet for not being able to win the big one - you can't criticize and then not turn around and praise appropriately when they defy you belief.
  7. Overrated/Underrated Bengals' Players

    Nobody has to watch game film to know the obvious facts your screaming about. We all know full well that Chad faces tougher coverage than the other receivers on the team, causing them to be open more often and causing Carson to throw the ball elsewhere. That's Football 101 for any #1 receiver of note. What's your point? Why are those facts any more relevant in big games than they are in less important games when Chad is more successful? Throughout his career his numbers have slacked in big games, and there is more to that than simple coverage schemes that he faces in EVERY game he plays. I agree that he is overrated, and probably the most overrated player on the team. Folks might call me a "hater" or whatever, but I'm basing that opinion entirely on observation of his play and on the statistics he has produced himself. I'm hardpressed to think of anyone else on the roster to call overrated (God, I am so sick of that stupid word). Madieu might be worthy, but it's arguable. I'd say the same thing about "underrated." Most of the team gets the credit it deserves, for better or worse. Agreed... I understand Chad gets double, triple-teamed all game long but so do Marvin Harrison, Steve Smith, etc. etc. etc., they don't bitch about it. Chad won the yardage title this year because of a 4 game stretch where he went nuts. We need more consistency - I'd rather have 11-12 100-125 yard games than 3/4 190-250 yards games. The great receivers learn to play against the double, and triple, teams and still produce. I'm fairly certain that in his prime Jerry Rice didn't see single coverage very often, if ever. They rolled a safety over the top so the CB could jump the underneath stuff but Rice still produced, in big games too. Not wanting to hate on Chad - I like CJ but be more consistent. Along those same lines, I like Marvin Harrison's demeanor - Chad, shut up and just do your job and play.
  8. San Diego/NE postgame

    Ellis Hobbs and a few other Patriot players went out to mid-field and were dancing, etc. and carrying on after Kaeding missed the field goal. Hobbs additionally was mocking Shawne Merriman's "Light's Out" dance he does after a big play at midfield. Tomlinson just was upset that a team of NE's caliber having won the Super Bowl's they have thought they'd carry themselves in a more professional manner and "act like they'd been there before". To an extent he's right - there is nothing wrong with celebrating a win, but to dance at midfield on someone else's turf and mock the other teams mannerisms / dances to me is bush-league. Can anyone say Hines Ward mocking CJ's riverdance ? This is a team that has won 3 of the last 5 SB I believe and they're out there acting like they're going to the AFC Championship for the first time ever.
  9. Anyone want to see the Saints win it all?

    Well, me being a Volunteer fan I'm a big Peyton fan so I'm pulling for Indy (I pull for the Bengals #1, Indy #2, and the Titans #3 all year anyway) this year - AGAIN!! They have no excuses anymore - they've beaten NE two straight years at their place, they get them in the dome for all the marbles. It is either put up or shut up time for the Colts, man I hope Manning wins it so everyone will get off the "He can't win the big game" BS. Here is a Volunteer fan saying: Go Colts!!!! ... I hope Manning throws for 350, 4 TD's, 0 INT's. Colts win 35, 17.
  10. Ethan Kilmer

    On a muffed punt (in the process of catching it) if the defense recovers it, the play is dead and they take possession at that spot. If it is in the end-zone then touchdown but outside the end-zone as soon as possession is achieved it is dead. Now, if the returner catches it and takes possession (similar to the rule of a completed pass) then drops it the play goes from a muffed punt to a fumble - at that point it is allowed to be advanced just like any other play during the game.
  11. Good Sign of things to come..

    I guess if you're going to make the comment about numbers not lying you also need to mention (bring to the argument) that while that is going on this team's top receiver had a 3 game streak for yardage that hadn't been seen since 1970, and he had like 9 for 90+ and this team's second receiver had 10 for 106 last night with a TD. He's the #3 which means typically the #1 and #2 are going to get looks prior to him. I wouldn't expect him to go lights out and compare his TD / catch ratio to CJ at this stage in his career, it is unheard of - like one TD every 4.8 catches or something. As you said... numbers don't lie.
  12. We beat the Ravens this week.

    I would agree that we don't want it to be a slugfest, necessarily, but to say our odds only go up if it becomes a finesse passing game would be a slight understatement... In my perfect world we'd get up 14 on you boys and then have to take it out of Jamal's and put it in McNair's hands to win it. I really, really like my chances in that scenario. The other side of that is your defense expects greatness everytime, they get down 14 they'd get anxious and start to press to make a big momentum changing play - that leaves them ripe for a big play going against them too. Just like NE coming in here some weeks ago - Baltimore would like to have it, but we have to have it... Cincy - 31 Balti - 17
  13. Why on Thursday?

    I have digital cable in Knoxville from Comcast and I get the NFL Network on it - like $40 a month. I don't know how basic you're wanting to be for a "basic package" but that doesn't seem unreasonable to me. I'm by no means "Richie Rich"... I was in Cincy with family for Thanksgiving and was hating I was missing the Denver/KC game since I have Larry on my fantasy team. I thought the NFL Network was standard on Time Warner at the time and was hating it!!!
  14. Newbie on board

    Appreciate it TDB!!!
  15. Newbie on board

    Well... First, how do you accumulate them??? I'm neither really. My dad has had season tickets for 27 years now and I've gone to my share of games. I'm a huge fan but also realistic on outlook. As I see it, we COULD run the table if our offense continues as it did Sunday but only if our defense starts playing again like it did against Tampa, Carolina, etc. If those two things occur we'll be fine. By the same token, unless those things occur we'll be lucky to be .500. You also need to take into account the huge number of injuries we've had (and anyone that doesn't take those into account is fooling themselves). It is one thing to have an injury here or there, but to lose 3-4 guys at one position (hhmm, LB, OL, S) is too much to overcome. Teams have 2-3 player depth, not 4-5 - it just isn't realistic, especially when we're playing the schedule we are. It is just brutal... If we played our schedule we had last year we'd be in the 7-2 range.