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  1. Wharton, Maualuga, Dunlap Knee Injuries

    Hopefully the fact that Dre Kirkpatrick passed his physical and was activated from the PUP list will make you feel better. http://network.yardb...ivated/11509303 Also, as I've stated here before, Mrs. BengalPimp grew up in Miami and is a Dolphin fan. Because of that, I have watched more Dolphin games than I care to remember. Most of the ones I'd rather not remember include Jason Allen getting burned repeatedly.......He was absolutely terrible. Teams generally don't cut a CB they drafted in the 1st Rd 4 years earlier, MID SEASON......but that's what Miami did. Even worse, they cut him to sign a 36 year old one legged Al Harris who was coming off major knee surgery...... You can be overly optimistic and look at last year in Houston and think "hey, maybe he finally got it" or you can be more realistic and know that last years great Houston Defense as a whole, covered up for quite a few individual's flaws..... If Allen can prove me wrong, GREAT, but until he shows me something, all I can go by is that gawd awful CB I used to watch in Miami.......... I'd would like to see Adam Jones get healthy though...He should actually be able to contribute.
  2. Derrick Harvey cut

    Called it months ago....said he would be the 1st DE cut He's garbage
  3. Premier League Sign-ups ready to go!

    Let's Do This!
  4. JJoe says Bengals are Cheap

    I may be alone here, but I don't have any problem with JJoe's comments. Is he being petty, and a spoiled brat? YES, BUT ALL ATHLETES ARE !!! We all know this. They get free sh*t everywhere they go. Obviously, gatorade, a bar of soap and deodorant seem small and petty to us, but if those "small" things make a player happy, and in turn more dedicated to the team, it's a small price to pay from the ownership. In the case of athletes, I don't think it's so much the cost of these small items, but more the hassle of having to go out to a store like you and me and buy this sh*t themselves. Damn near every team provides this stuff and more to their players, but not the Bengals. It's not like the Bengals pay retail price for Gatorade anyways. I'm sure the team gets free stuff and heavily discounted stuff from sponsors, endorsers, etc. Pass that stuff off to the players.....But then again, Mikey's still trying to make back that Antonio Bryant money.......
  5. Top 5 Bengals RBs

    You can make a good argument for both of the Top 2, but even though he might have left as a prick, Corey Dillion put together 6 straight seasons of 1,100+ yards and dominated when those teams really had little else. Brooks may have been a little better receiver out of the backfield, but except for '85 & '86 Brooks was always in the 200-300 yard range...and if you look back, Dillon was generally good for 200 yds receiving....not a huge difference there. Have to go Dillon 1 and Brooks a close 2nd
  6. Top 5 Bengals RBs

  7. Who is the best player the Bengals will cut?

    I'm going with one of the former 1st Rd bust DE's they signed this offseason, and my money is on Derrick Harvey being shown the door........He just isnt any good. I'd hate to see him take even 1 snap away from another guy who will actually do something on the field.
  8. Is Dalton's Arm Strength an Issue?

    I kind of agree, BUT it will play a part in 2 big ways. #1 If he were able to complete those, it obviously gives you a quick score, and 7 pts for your strong defense.....or, if down late in the game, the ability to get down the filed in a play or 2 to possibly come from behind and win. and #2 It's the THREAT of him actually being able to do that. That would open the field up a little by the opposing safeties maybe having to play a little deeper. Last season there was virtually no threat of Dalton going deep, and no team was concerned about it. They all read the same scouting reports as the Bengals did prior to the draft, and outside of a couple of throws all season he didn't do much to change their opinion. If he comes out throwing bombs this season, I think that will catch a lot of teams by surprise, and make them have to adjust their gameplan midgame. This team needs more big plays to make the Playoffs again....plain and simple. They likely arent going to get it from the running game, because as solid as BGE might be, and how good he is around the goal line, he just isnt a threat to break a run 60 yards. You cant keep putting that much pressure on your Defense because your offense can only score 14 or 17 points. I hope they call more downfield throws for Dalton, but I want to see him in the Pre-Season in game action, not in OTA's in shorts and a T-Shirt with plenty of time to throw because nobody is allowed to hit him. But, I'm excited about this season......
  9. Chad Ochocinco's Big Adventure

    I see......I see.......OAKLAND......Chad wasn't sh*t without Carson....1 average year with Kitna, but great years with Carson. Then when Carson went down in '08, Chad tanked.....last year in NE, no Carson, and Chad was Garbage. I think that would be his last (and only) shot.
  10. Dept of Obvious, Blinding Glimpse Of

    I've always liked Taylor Mays, and I REALLY want to see him succeed.......If the CB's play well....I can see him having a good season.
  11. He's Got the Moobs Like Jagger

    Rumor has it, his Fiance's one condition was that his boobs not be bigger than her's on their wedding day......
  12. He's Got the Moobs Like Jagger

    If he plays as well or better than last year, I say pay him. First 2 years he was out of shape and injured, I would be much more confident in thinking "the light finally came on" with 2 solid seasons (last year and this) than if he had just done it in 1 (a contract year). Also, I'd hate to see another 1st Rd pick on a RT this soon.
  13. Official Draft Pick Signing Thread

    I'm with you buddy. I'm looking forward to that.
  14. Official Draft Pick Signing Thread

    Carolina has already signed ALL 7 of their picks. They already know what the money is going to be, c'mon...... & All seven will participate in the team's three-day rookie minicamp beginning Friday afternoon. http://espn.go.com/n...-ready-minicamp
  15. 2013 Draft

    Since the only DE's that will be under contract after this season will be Dunlap and Jamaal Anderson, DE HAS to be a Priority, even if they end up re-signing Michael Johnson (they WONT bring back Geathers). I will have to wait to see who the best DE's are this season, because in college, you can be great one year, then nothing the next. I believe in Taylor Mays, & want him to succeed, but if he doesn't, all they have to do is go back to USC to select TJ McDonald (son of 6-time Pro Bowl Saftey Tim McDonald) As for RB.............I'd back up the Brinks truck right to Jonathan Stewart's front door......dare to dream.....