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  1. Offseason Thoughts

    In December of 1999 I was in the middle of my nine month long AIT at Fort Gordon. Shoved off to Fort Campbell for the rest of my short and brutal Army life. Spent the next four years deploying everywhere for everything.
  2. (Tap Tap Tap) This Thing On?

    One-two, one-two this is just a test. One-two, one-two this is just... ahhh... test!
  3. Offseason Thoughts

    My primary offseason thought is that I wish it wasn't the offseason. Very few other thoughts will enter my mind until football starts again. While I'm spending all my time not thinking, I will fill it with playing Madden instead. The 3072 season isn't going to play itself.
  4. 2022 Offseason Roster Notes

    I agree with it being pure insanity if they don't get a deal done with Bates. If they can't, then I think the tag is a lock.
  5. 2022 Schedule

    I for one would love to see the Bengals go play in Europe. Can always use more European Bengals fans!
  6. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    I slap Guns and Roses. Girl Scout cookies are awesome by the way.
  7. Honestly, with this award, does he have anything left to prove? He may as well retire today.
  8. General AFC North thread

    Amazing, I hope he's able to replicate the numbers he had with us.
  9. I don't want a lottery for the draft. The NBA is a league where one or two players can take a team from horrible to competing at a championship level. The same cannot really be said of football. I agree that the evidence shows that even a bunch of high picks can do literally nothing to change the fortunes of an NFL team. And while it is true that QB is the most important position, even a world class QB can be rendered useless by failures throughout a team. Even Burrow's amazing season this year would have gone nowhere if we didn't have a defense which kept us in games and got critical turnovers. I don't believe we tanked.
  10. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    I know what you mean! I fiend so badly for football I've been reduced at times to watching home video HS games. The pro bowl is total shit but it's a bunch of guys chasing a pigskin so...
  11. The Greatest Game in Franchise History?

    This was the best Bengals game I've ever seen, to be sure. Hopefully it is supplanted on Sunday!
  12. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    My man! I've been singing the D's praises to anyone who would listen. All credit to Burrow and the boys but the D is why we were even in the Raiders and Titans games. The D has absolutely stepped up when we needed them!
  13. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Dreams are reality today my friend!
  14. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    I have to admit, I was wrong. Before the season started, I picked us to lose in the AFCCG. It's never been so sweet to be so wrong!
  15. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

  16. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

  17. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

  18. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    It's 8am. My wife woke me up with a nice surprise (herself.) Dinner is set to be beef ribs cooked all day. My father's coming down to see the game. And oh yeah, the freakin Bengals are playin in the AFCCG!
  19. General AFC North thread

    Couldn't agree more. I don't tend to hate players unless they really deserve it but I hope he decides to drive his motorcycle home.
  20. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    GIMME A LINEMAN! Nope, never mind, draft a lineman at every pick and then pick up five more in FA. Drive a truck onto the field and have Joey toss bombs from the bed. An actual revolving door takes longer to get through than our O-line at this point.
  21. I don't even have that much command over my daughter or my wife. Granted the former is seven months old and so only bows to the power of cartoons and the latter could kick Thanos' ass.
  22. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    This is true, as always a lot of the most predictable repetitive shit the media churns out. I just can't stop myself because they are actually saying good shit about the Bengals. NO mention of "how many years since," nonsense. It's like hostess cakes; worthless junk not worth consuming and yet I keep eatin em.
  23. General AFC North thread

    I'm old and fat and he's, well, old and less fat. We were born six months apart so I've got the experience edge on him! He is still fucking huge but I boxed with guys his size in the Army. I'm gonna say we'd both end up on the floor wheezing and wishing we'd just drank instead. In my head I'm still a badass Army guy... until I try to climb a hill.
  24. General AFC North thread

    Whenever I see those dollar signs, I always think I should have gone on and played more football instead of joining the Army. My cousin always rubs it in my face since he and I both played tight end and he won a national championship and played ten years in the NFL while I went to Kosovo and Iraq. I could use 4 mil a year right now!
  25. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    I'm all in, but then I'm always watching football shit even when the Bengals get eliminated. I just love the game and love hearing about teams and players. That said I am in a strange place. On the one hand, I am nervous as hell that we'll lose or get blown out or something horrible will happen and it'll be, "Yeah well, Bengals and all lol." On the other hand, I picked us to make the AFCCG and lose before the season started; so if we do lose I can at least say I picked it perfectly. Obviously I'd loved to be proven wrong at this point. Everyone is so high on the Bengals right now, even fans of other teams, sports casters, players around the league. I need to calm my ass down with some bourbon and just let it ride. Or maybe I need to say that making it this far just isn't enough and that nothing less than a Superb Owl will do.... GIMME THE OWL!