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  1. The Last Straw?

    I don't know. Despite which team it is, there aren't many other logos that even look good to me. Ravens, Bucs, maybe Panthers are kind of cool....and there are a ton that I think suck.
  2. Did you hate these teams?

    Yes Disliked yes, more than anything I couldn't stand Troy. It annoys me to listen to Emmitt talk now. Dislike yes, but I respect Montana and Rice. Yes, probably too young to remember, but they are the Steelers. I wasn't alive Disliked, but damn they were good.
  3. The Last Straw?

    If I recall correctly, there is a picture of Chad wearing a Washington Redskins Jersey (from last year), but it was for a charity event or something. I might be wrong on the jersey and reason, but I dont' think it is all that uncommon and isn't Chad friends with Ray? I really don't think it is a big deal.