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  1. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

  2. General Free Agency Thread

    I have always liked Cunningham. From the time he was coming out of college and watching him a lot since my son is a Texans fan. I would hope the Bengals would consider bringing him in here. He's ABSOLUTELY NOT WORSE than the likes of Bailey or Batchie. Maybe more once he got settled into the defense.
  3. 2022 NFL Draft

    Can we get someone to plant a story about Devin Lloyd to get him to drop please?
  4. General Free Agency Thread

    Never mind he signed with the Raiders. Who cares?
  5. General Free Agency Thread

    I had to look up who the hell Will Compton was.
  6. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

  7. I went with 3-2 and am thinking (hoping) playoffs, but won’t rule out a shot at the North crown as I mentioned in the other thread. If the other teams continue to play as inconsistently as they have and the Bengals figure it out, it’s game on. I think this would a very motivated team in the playoffs. Hoping we get to experience that.
  8. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    Every time I see Trae Waynes name, I think about the Dave Chappelle skit with Wayne Brady. ”Is Trae Waynes gonna have to choke a bitch”
  9. General AFC North thread

    Tums might help that Hoosier… Hard to say what this team does, but the same could be said for any team in the AFC North at this point in time. Just never know what you are going to get from any of them week in and week out. That being the case, the Bengals have just as much of a shot of winning the North as any other team at this point in the season. STAY FOCUSED AND GET MOTIVATED. Lets goooooo !!!
  10. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    I think Burfict is waiting on a call from anyone...
  11. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Mine was stressful as hell, but there were many reasons for that which were simply out of my control. When all was said and done, I couldn't be happier. Wishing that for the both of you as well.
  12. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    As much as I harp on linebackers and how the team addresses that position, it's simply not a group that can afford injuries. I really hope they beat the 49er's this Sunday, but have no idea what to expect from the team one week to the next. If this going to be the team that beat the Ravens and swept the Steelers or the team that has given away winnable games? What motivation is needed to get a fast start out of this team? I was watching the game thinking, "Do they know this isn't a scrimmage and the game really started" ?? Next thing you know, it was 24-0 with 10 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter.
  13. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Yes, congrats on the home sale and wish you well in your move. I went through that at the beginning of this year in the selling and buying of a new place. UGH !! I agree that this season to this point is still going better than I thought and it's been fun to this point. However, I find myself irritated with how they have lost what appears to be winnable games. The o-line played one of their worst games yesterday. Chase and his inexplicable drops. Mixon with that horrible fumble. However, after going down 24-0 and everyone calling it, they came back and were within 2 and driving when Mixon coughed it up. The stadium was going crazy and you just knew they were going to pull it out. Then it all fell apart. The players have to do better and Zac needs to stop having brain farts. I'm I worried about it? Not really. Just get better and become a more consistent team. Their inconsistency kills me. Lets go beat the snot out of the 49er's. That would make me happy.
  14. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    I’m one of the ones booing. Just a pathetic effort.
  15. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Call on time out on a two point conversion, have a penalty, miss the kick. Yeah that.