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  1. Current 2019 Draft Position

    Hope the Raiders win but nit for the draft pick. Just because it would be embarrassing to lose to such a crappy team. Get pumped up !!!
  2. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Well, we had a great time with the kids and they loved the whole day we spent playing around like none of us had ever heard of a team called the Bengals !!! I saw the men in black and orange didn’t let me down again either. Yawn....
  3. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Getting ready to head to Entertrainment Junction for the Christmas fun. That’s right, I said it, Entertrainment Junction. I don’t even know what I’m getting into, but it will be better than the beat down that’s coming at the hands of the Chargers by a long shot !!!
  4. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    No game thread and don’t care enough to start one. Chargers- 38 Bengals- 17
  5. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    The lack of speed displayed by the current starters is just another reason I can’t understand why 3rd rounder Malik Jefferson gets no love. He may not be the greatest, but he should at least make up for some of that with his speed. Confusing as hell why he’s not getting more snaps.
  6. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I'm picking up a large sense of sarcasm in COB's statement. If it's not sarcasm, it's just a mental breakdown. He will be ok I'm sure...
  7. Fantasy 2018

    While I still might lose the game this weekend, please pass along my thanks to Mrs. Skyline for leaving Derrick Henry on the bench. Dude was at 47 points last time I checked.
  8. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    Well, to be fair, my oldest is well aware he was born in Texas and is VERY serious about being a Texan, as most of them are. He follows the Houston Texans religiously and I'm to a point that we travel around to catch the Texans play here and there. That's why I say if I ever totally bailed on the Bengals, that the Texans would be my new team. I know them like I know the Bengals these days. Outside of that, he's a Buckeyes fan, but he's on the Longhorns and asking to go to Austin next year for a game. O-H-I-O's days are numbered for him I fear, but if it encourages him to want to go to college that much more, Austin here we come !!!
  9. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    The little guy is autistic and we constantly expose him to and encourage him to explore new things. He does very well to be honest and we are fortunate. He has finally learned the basics of reading, can spell, write and has never met a stranger in his life (which is good and bad). I've encouraged him and he attempted to play baseball, but that didn't work out so well. Now, it's football, but only from a spectator perspective. He asked to watch the Bengals game with me Sunday and we just happen to catch the end of the Broncos game. He sat next to me and was truly into it. I am pretty psyched about the whole thing, as he's always basically ignored me losing my mind in front of the TV while I've watched through the years. So regardless of how I may feel about the Bengals at the moment, you know what's going to happen. The wife already order some helmet Fatheads, a Bengals comforter, and some curtains. Encouraging another generation of football fans for my boys !!! I might have to take your idea and hang my Kenny Anderson and Anthony Munoz jerseys up in there for him.
  10. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    And out of nowhere my youngest son (now 7) has taken an interest in football and you guessed it, he wants his room decorated with Bengals stuff... Good grief
  11. Fantasy 2018

    Last week of the regular season and there’s still one spot up for grabs. I’m trying to hold down the last spot but my team has been fading. Stupid Leonard Fournette didn’t help !!!
  12. College Football Thread

    Sucks to see him go. Michigan has to be jumping for joy !!!
  13. AJ Green to IR

    Sign Kelvin Benjamin ??? Don’t you know how much bringing Marvin and Dalton back for 5 more seasons is going to cost ???
  14. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    I’m over Whitworth and the stupidity that was that decision. No reason to even think about that at this point. Look at it however you like. Be it Mike Brown, the NFL, or others that stand to make money, no one is trying to see an empty stadium in game day. Yes, I’m all for seeing that as well.
  15. AJ Green to IR

    All hope is lost... Well, for those that haven’t already given up hope. Get well AJ !!! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/12/03/report-a-j-green-will-undergo-season-ending-surgery/