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  1. Week 3 2021 - Bengals at Steelers Game Thread

    Yes, Larry Obiwankenobi has been nice !!
  2. Week 3 2021 - Bengals at Steelers Game Thread

    Love seeing this from the Bengals. Jackson needs to keep getting first team reps. Perine needs to go away.
  3. Week 3 2021 - Bengals at Steelers Game Thread

    Haven’t watched many Bengals / Steelers games in recent years but I’m tuning in today !! Hoping to see some good play today and watch how Jackson does with his first start.
  4. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    First, no way in hell the Bengals fire Zac during the season and as much as I might want Bieniemy, I think my chances at hitting the Power Ball are better. Comments from Zac about playing better, what winning on the road does for you, and minimizing the impact of a crappy o-line is hilarious. Hey coach Zac, we'd also love to hear your thoughts on what happens to ice when it gets hot. Some say it melts, but i'm thinking you may disagree. I don't really like this dude as a coach, but he comes across like a guy that would be cool to have a beer with and talk football. Catch a little buzz, make fun of him when he says something about being a coach, share some jalapeno poppers and laugh. Oh and one more thing, Burrow might be the toughest guy you've seen, but if he keeps getting hit/sacked at this current rate, I think that may change.
  5. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Had I been around prior to the start of the season, I would have voiced these as my top concerns headed into week 1: 1. Burrow's physical and mental recovery 2. The O-line 3. The Defense 4. Zac Taylor While the season is obviously young, I wasn't expecting a mental 100% recovery for Burrow any time soon. Just unaware of how it would look. I wasn't expecting a rookie changing positions on the o-line to be a savior. Although I will admit I thought/think they would/will be an improved unit. The defense certainly has played much better through the first two weeks than what we saw last season. Still not thrilled with the LB group. Zac Taylor simply does not fill me with any type of confidence in his abilities to be a head coach in the NFL. Seems like a really nice guy though. I also would have looked at our 2021 schedule and given a crap shoot prediction of 4-13, maybe getting to 6-11 at best. Another year of Burrow's recovery, more draft picks, and maybe another impact free agent and 2022 could see a playoff push. Give me a head coach like Eric Bieniemy and I think they may actually win a playoff game. I just don't think this team is on the same level as the Baltimore's and Chief's of the league. Still think they lose to the Steelers as well, but will be rooting for them to kick the crap out of them !!
  6. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    It's always been that way with Ben. Him or the organization trying to paint his as this tough as nails guy who plays regardless of the situation and pain. I personally think he's a bitch with all the whining and that 99% of the time there's nothing wrong with him. "There goes Big Ben rambling for a 78 yard touchdown scramble after shitting out his liver the night before". Who cares?
  7. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    I don't care about any one dressing up or anything of that nature. I've been following this team since I can remember (hint... that's a long time) and most would consider that insane. That being said, I was completely unaware there is now an entire section of the Pro Football Hall of Fame dedicated to the fans of various teams. I'm not sure how it works and can't say as I gave it more than a passing glance, but nonetheless, there is that. Cosplay on my friend... cosplay on.
  8. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    I really thought they were going to come into that Bears game with an aggressive approach and walk away at 2-0. I'm just enjoying catching back up at this point. A retrospective look at the draft is an interesting approach. I was aware of the players heading into the draft, like I typically am, but then didn't watch and never went to look at it.
  9. Round 5 Pick: Evan McPherson, K, Florida

    This kid is seriously good. Happy to see the team take a chance in drafting what was a glaring hole for this team. 3 of 3 through the first two weeks, with two from 53 yards each and a game winner in OT ?? Yes please, thank you !!
  10. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Found out when I attended the game last week that Gio is now in Tampa. Not sure how the Bengals let one of the best blocking RB's in the league leave, considering Burrow needing additional blocking, but ok. Can't tell you much about the Evans kid from Michigan, but Perine sucks balls. That dude has looked clueless through the first 2 weeks. How do they save money in Gio not being here and it not translate to a Bates extension? Why am I even asking that question? Sad... Steelers? On the road? Why would any Bengals fan really believe this is going to be a win? I mean I will root for that to be the case, but c'mon. Zac Taylor has won how many road games during his tenure? 2? 3? EDIT: Holy shit, I looked it up. 1 ?? Is that right ?? 1 ?? Can we just move on please? I don't want to bash anymore. Lets just be a pro team and move on. There's no justifying that fact. 7 wins in 34 games is bad, but when considering only 1 of those wins came on the road, it's almost comical. I also looked more at the o-line this year. I like the Riley Reiff pick up, but that interior o-line is a recipe for another Burrow knee explosion. How do they draft an OT in the 2nd round and he's worse than ANY of the guys currently starting? I am seriously asking. I have no idea. Is he a bust? Injured? Transition too hard? Coaches doghouse? I mean, we start Xavier Su'a Filo, right? Never was, never will be. Anyway, this is another loss in my estimation...
  11. Week 2 2021: Bengals at Bears Game Thread

    Ok, i'm going to give this a shot, but my take is strictly based off of what I watched in the game yesterday. Like I said before, I'm pretty out of touch with the team at this point, although i've been looking into it more. I see the arguments about play calling and don't really know what to say about what the coaches did or didn't do in planning. However, it "appeared" to me that the team didn't not play to it's offensive strength in pushing the ball downfield. There could be many reasons why, (o-line play, lack of RB blocking, QB audibles, etc) but it seemed conservative. The whole offense looked boring to me and then top that off, no one playing real well either. Burrow sucked, Mixon sucked, the o-line sucks, the WR's dropping or fumbling balls, just nothing went right. I like the look of this defense, but Waynes being out again hurts. There is a reason Apple has moved around. He blows. Phillips must equate to suck in the coaches eyes if Apple starts ahead of him. Awuzie and Hilton? Didn't know they were on the team. Meh... I love Bell and Bates at the safety positions. The Bengals not extending Bates is unforgivable at this point. Dude is everywhere game in, game out. The d-line looks pretty solid or at least better than years past. I see the Bengals still could care less about linebackers as a position group. This was a winnable game considering how poor the Bears offense is and they didn't execute well, regardless of how poor the plan may have been. They won't get many more opportunities this season comparable to the Bears when looking at the schedule. What maybe a couple more? You can't lose games like this and in this manner, and still expect to remain in the hunt. Oh, i'm done with Zac Taylor already. I don't think he has it in him to be a head coach at this level. OC? Sure... If there hasn't been discussion, allow me to open up camp Bieniemy. That's where i'm placing my "want" flag for 2022.
  12. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    Hi everyone, it's been quite some time. To start, I handled many conversations here poorly on my way out last time. The truth is, I had just lost my father at that time and in the few months that followed 3 more family and close friends. I was an absolute mess and my life took a massive downward spiral. Things are looking up these days and thought I'd drop in. Strangely enough, it was the season opener against the Vikings that got me back into the Bengals. I was given tickets to the game and went with my son. I didn't watch the draft for the first time in nearly 20 years. I had no idea who was on the team and never gave a second to think of the Bengals. The only player I was aware of being drafted was Chase. I found that out a couple months ago when I took my son to the pro football hall of fame. I'm just now playing catch up with it all after watching the game Sunday. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Truly wishing you all well and hope things have been good with you and your families.
  13. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    The Browns are the only team they have faced this season that is even at .500 and their schedule hasn't been hard with the exception of the Ravens that kicked the shit out of them. The Chargers, Eagles and Jags have won 3 games collectively. I think that's why Burrow is 4-0 against the spread. Fast forward to the Ravens game and yes, I think they get the shit kicked out of them as well. I'll give up the 14 and go with the Ravens. That team is stacked in comparison. Would LOVE to be 100% wrong and see Burrow and the boys pull the massive upset here !!
  14. Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread

    He will still be running behind our o-line right ?? Yeah, I’ll pass...
  15. Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread

    I actually haven't been able to watch a game yet this season. I've caught some highlights but nothing much. This should be the first game i'm able to watch, but the injuries aren't looking good. Couple that with what appears to be the worst o-line in football and I might pass.