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  1. Rd. 3 78&79

    I also like the fact that Ross has apparently spent a good amount of the off season working with Housh. For as pissed off as I was with Marvin coming back, I'm at least back to being intrigued about the 2018 Bengals. Said it before and will say it again. It's all on the o-line...
  2. Rd. 3 78&79

    Yeah, his draft position will make him a lock for the coming seasons. This season is going to be make or break for Ross. I'm at least hoping we see his work in the offseason translate on the field. That pick and adding that speed (right or wrong) intrigued me greatly. I thought having AJ, Ross, Boyd and Malone as a 1-4 would open all sorts of opportunities in the passing game. The 2017 o-line was never going to see that come to fruition. Adding a heal.... a health..... adding a healthy Eifert (boy that took some effort) only adds more pressure to opposing defenses. Much like last year though, this offense is only going as far as the revamped o-line allows.
  3. At that point in time I don't think I would have cared as much. Finally winning a playoff game against the Steelers at home ?? Yeah, that would have carried me through the offseason. Instead we all witnessed the end of what should have been something special for the Bengals.
  4. Rd. 3 78&79

    Considering that there is word that MJ could lose his job to Willis, they have Lawson who is also a DE regardless of how they carry him, and they brought in Chris Baker, there will be much competition for those spots. There’s no way Hubbard doesn’t make this team. Funny because I was looking at Tate today and as much as I like his size and red zone abilities, he doesn’t make the team minus an injury. Green, Ross, Boyd are locks. I would be shocked if Erickson isn’t a lock as well. Then you still have LaFell (who could be cut) Malone and Core. That’s 7 already and no one should count on them keeping that many. Here’s how I see it: Price, Bates, Hubbard, Jefferson, Walton and Phillips make the team. Everyone else to the practice squad unless injuries happen. Then again I could be wrong. Who knows ??
  5. Rd. 3 78&79

    Hubbard is a motor guy. He won't be the one getting outworked. Typically guys like that don't bust out. Knowing there's going to be some competition for the other starting DE spot, I expect that battle to be a good one. I also expect Hubbard to be right in the mix for a backup spot though. Sure, anything is possible, but he wouldn't be at the top of that prediction list for me.
  6. 2018 Reds

    Maybe they could pick up Domata Peko. I heard he was a really good leader somewhere before.
  7. Not that it matters now, but I thought the Bengals were going to win that game heading into it. Seeing Palmer go down like that ranks up there as one of the worst moments as a Bengals fan. Totally changed the trajectory of this organization.
  8. UDFA signings

    People are now grading the UDFA signings ?? Don't get me wrong, I love the draft, but seriously ?? I think that's a bit of overkill there. Just tell me who the players are and move on. If we just HAVE to grade it, I give it an A+. I mean why not ?? Extra players to take snaps in camp that don't cost the club shit. The Bengals actually find some of these guys that make the roster as well. Is there a grade higher than A+ ??
  9. 2018 Reds

    Well COB, it could be worse. Your team could be the Reds !!!
  10. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Well, that would be plausible since we started with, "Marvin"...
  11. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Well TJ, that’s because Marvin sphinx racoon asparagus blow-dryer. I mean duh !!
  12. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    I had a response and just decided that I don't care enough. If everyone needs the feel good, give the Bengals a bright shiny star and an "A++" for their draft effort. From my own subjective view, it's still a "C".
  13. Marvin's return almost did me in as a Bengals fan. I was ready to call it quits on this shitstorm of an organization. I still can't say anything positive about that. However, hiring Pollack was pretty massive when considering just how long Alexander was here even though that situation was not the best. THIS organization just has not done that in the past and it honestly intrigued me. Then there was turnover on the defensive side of things as well with Austin as the new DC. For me, the Pollack hire is immensely significant and the impact will certainly be felt.
  14. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Again, it's the Browns, but take a look at the Denzel Ward pick. Many stated the Browns were crazy for adding Ward ahead of Chubb and from a talent evaluation thought process, they were. Except they took Myles Garrett last year #1 overall and their coaches made the point as to why the pick was Ward this year. They said their front 7 was barely missing the QB last year because the secondary couldn't hold coverage long enough. So instead of adding Chubb, who was the better talent but left them with the same problem, they added Ward and probably did in fact improve their defense for doing so. Again, I think there is a time for BPA and a time to address needs. My point is that it's never a definitive on either side. If the Bengals don't draft Price in the first, would that have pushed Daniels to their pick in the 2nd ?? Who knows ?? I will say though, if they weren't sold on Daniels, then no one can blame them for addressing that need in the first with a perceived lesser talent.
  15. Really hoping to see things improve with the o-line. The 2018 season really does hinge on the improvement from that group. This team still has the talent to compete when considering other positional groups. The LB corps is my concern on the other side of the ball though...