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  1. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!
  2. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Yep, it's mind bottling Lol...
  3. Just not feeling it

    Yep, that's been my contention all along. Right to protest, certainly a needed understanding of the issue, but the worst delivery decision ever. The inequality of people within this country turned into anthem issues. The original message in my opinion has been at least watered down or maybe worse, completely lost. Much like Combat, I can never support the method in which they are protesting, while understanding and fighting for their right to do so. I saw a video not long ago that has changed the answer I give when people ask what it's like to be retired Veteran. Taking a cue from this video, I now say I finally know what it's like to be an American civilian. The following goes in line with what those in the video said and are not directly my words, but I agree with every ounce of my being. For 21 years I spent my time in one military unit or another and everything we did came within the purview of being called into question by everyone within and external to the military. I had no issue with that, but in the military you are not "free" to come and go as you please. You are not "free" to make as much money as you are capable of and you are not "free" to speak however you like. Those in the military sacrifice all of those types of freedoms, that all civilians in this country have, just to serve this great country. During my military career, I have been sent all over the world and have fought against the enemies of our way of life. Many times that meant being away from your loved ones and going into harms way. Missed birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, first steps and words of your children, and numerous other things that will be forever missed. All for our country and our people. Now I have the freedom to choose to do what I choose to do and I continue to serve those that have served our country. Not everyone I served with was able to come back and enjoy things the way I am now. My sense of freedom is probably different from others, but it's that freedom that makes the difference in being an American. Yeah, the USA is pretty much the greatest thing going since forever. Somehow, people don't understand why there are those of us that are displeased when the flag and national anthem are used as a means of protest.
  4. Just not feeling it

    I really enjoy the high school football playoffs going on now. Watching LSU and Tennessee right now. It’s enough football to hold me over from not watching the Bengals. Oh well...
  5. Bengals @ Broncos Game Thread

    Poor dog. That shits going to hurt !!!
  6. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Thanks Billy, we play Denver.
  7. Bengals @ Broncos Game Thread

    Loss. Denver D too much for our shitty O-line.
  8. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Absolutely no shit, as I sit here typing this on my phone while laying in bed, I have no idea who we are playing Sunday. THAT’S how bad things have gotten for me in regards to the state of the Bengals and the NFL. Just. Don’t. Care.
  9. While there is certainly enough reason to question the decision to draft Ross #9 overall, they knew what they were getting into when that decision was made. Him missing time due to injury was almost a given when considering his history and then you knew there was going to be a need for time to develop. However, all of that is apparently tossed out the window when Ross is considered and he gets blasted for pulling up on a route. (I read that somewhere) This is yet another example of the stupidity of this coaching staff and front office that has taken the fun out of being a fan. Bring "Chucky" Gruden out of retirement and give him mass control. That would be interesting to watch.
  10. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Are the pre-game protests still going on ?? I honestly have no idea since I haven't been watching or paying much attention in general to it. I thought I would continue to watch and made a comment to that fact early on, but that obviously changed for me. However, it had nothing to do with the protests or any of that nonsense. It has more to do with the overall product never changing. Bengals will continue to be a nobody team that goes nowhere unless by some perfect alignment of the planets. It won't be because of forward thinking in regards to building a winning team on the part of the front office or coaches. The rest of the NFL remains exactly the same and it's stale. Maybe I'm a bad guy, but I watched football for the violence of the game. Now the days of seeing a linebacker or safety demolish a guy coming across the middle of the field are over. These days that will result in a multiple game suspension and fine. Again, maybe I'm just a bad guy in the fact that I rather enjoyed the violence of it all.
  11. Exactly, why would you want this guy who has been tossing players under the bus working in the front office ?? There are so many decisions that were made concerning the team this year that could be pointed at as example of why they stink but hey, it has to be the rookie WR, who has been hurt fault. Hell the decision to draft Ross to begin with is one of those decisions. Just unreal that he took this route. Way to build his confidence coach.
  12. Oh yeah, anyone see the latest on Marvin saying Ross has totally let down this team ?? Brilliant stuff from the coach that has played Ross like 20 snaps all season. Gotta be his fault right ??
  13. From my understanding Minter sucks. He sucked with the Cardinals who were happier with Dansby, so that's saying something. Granted, I haven't been watching to make an educated synopsis of his play, but I thought I read something on here to that effect. Yeah, I think they have that ability as well. Guess we will see. They seem to love Ogbuehi and FIsher, so that's telling as well.
  14. I was more just being a pain in the ass than anything. Of course they have brought people in, but those occurrences are few and far between. I agree they don't do it enough and certainly need to. I just have ZERO faith that they will since we all know their philosophy of the draft. Basically they live and die by the draft, are currently on life support, and seemingly are prepared to simply roll over and die. Wash, rinse, repeat unless we catch lightning in a bottle. There's always next year !!! God I'm bitter....
  15. That’s cute. Look at you guys talking about going after starting o-linemen in free agency. Seriously, thanks for that chuckle. It was a rough day today.