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  1. NFL Playoffs

    Hey everyone. Hope things are going well for you all. Happy the Eagles won that game, although I didn't watch. Take it easy...
  2. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Such is life huh Mem ??
  3. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I just can't COB. I can no longer buy into something I know is complete and utter bullshit. It's like going back to the same shitty salesman to buy a car, but even after the 15th lemon, continue to believe the next car will be better. The front office is not capable of doing what is needed to actually win a championship. (Please see annual results since 1968). Marvin Lewis was brought back for two more years despite all of his incompetency's, due to the fact they are familiar with him. I could go further into my feelings about why I feel the way I do about the "talent" topic being discussing, but why ?? The "WHY?" is what's getting me. This is no longer fun. Reading people's thoughts on the "why" is also no longer fun. Bottom-line is that no one here truly knows and am at a point as a fan that I need more before I can go back to that well again. I'm no longer "die hard". With the decision from the front office about Marvin, I've died and gone to "fair weathered". I'll worry about them doing something when they actually do it. Until then, I don't even wish them good luck. Coaching changes, free agency (yeah right), and the draft ?? Nope, I don't care. Sucks to feel this way, but it is what it is. I'm just finished with them.
  4. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I have nothing else to give about the Bengals and just need to stop. I don’t want to speculate about what may or may not be the problem/answer for them. They have simply lost me as a fan.
  5. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Edited: I really don’t care to speculate anymore. I’ll stop. If I’m being honest, I don’t care about any of these hires or the perceived talent.
  6. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Burfict is unreliable at best and we’ve all seen great talent get wasted here. A big reason is the lack of talent around guys that are above average. What other LB ?? What other CB ?? What other DT ?? Not saying we need a roster of all pros, but I’m sick of all the “talent” talk. What other WR besides AJ ?? What o lineman at all ?? What RB ?? What TE ?? Im not saying there isn’t talent on this team, I’m just no longer buying into all the media talk for years that this team is just “loaded” with talent. They need a better supporting cast around what talent they do have.
  7. Potential Coaching Candidates

    While I certainly think Marvin plays a part in this team underachieving in recent years, I think the level of true talent on this roster is debatable. Outside of the rare time Burfict doesn’t revert to his idiot ways, there isn’t a single linebacker on this roster worth a shit.
  8. 2017 Bowl Games

    Go Dawgs !!!
  9. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I could look, but how long has Austin been in Detroit ?? I only ask because only once in the last 10 seasons have the Lions had a defense in the top 10. In 2014 they were the #2 overall defense in the league.
  10. NFL Playoffs

    I feel for Whitworth !!
  11. I would simply offer up that regardless of what someone does, they probably want to be the best at it, or at least thought to be good at it. If they are in the business of simply making as much money by doing as little as possible, they are great at it. The business of winning super bowls ?? They must be thinking of a bingo door prize with really big bowls. I just hate everything about this organization and I hope fans decide their time is more valuable than wasting it on the Bengals. That is truly the only thing that will force them to make any type of change. Sadly, I think people just can't help themselves. 2018 is OUR year !!! ok...
  12. I'm too bitter to really get into this and I recall too many posters from days past that simply bitched all the time. While I don't really want to get into it too much, I will say this: I'm just too sick and tired of this organization to try to figure out who's to blame anymore. I've been saying Fuck Mike Brown lately, but that really should be aimed at the entire front office. FUCK THEM ALL !!! While there may be talent on this team, it's even more damning of those in charge that it's hasn't resulted in anything. Don't tell me about making the playoffs or AFCN titles. They say they are in the business of winning Super Bowls. Well they suck at it.
  13. Always important to remember this time of year...

    Hope they leave and no don’t care if Cincinnati gets another team or not. DEAD serious. Let some other city get screwed over.
  14. Holy crap.....

    I don’t really care who wanted, scouted, planned, or what. Mike Brown, Marvin Lewis, Paul Alexander, and I’m sure others all played a part in how this team has squandered true talent. Mike Brown and his unwillingness to keep Whit or Zeitler. Marvin Lewis and his poor game management. Paul Alexander and his inability to develop any o-linemen. It goes on and on, but starts at the top with Mike Brown. Always has. Cant do anything about that except not support the team anymore. That’s the route I’m taking. Fans need to realize they have more power if they just stay away and stop consuming the shit sandwich so readily.
  15. Important to remember....playoffs 5 years

    I keep hearing all of the people who really like Marvin because he's such a good guy in the community, continue to say that crap. "Remember what it was like BEFORE Marvin came ??" "He has taken this team to the playoffs and made it an expectation here." "He won 4 AFC North titles and was the NFL coach of the year." To that I continue to bring up only one need rebuttal. 0-7 in the playoffs. I don't need to say anything else. How can someone be THAT bad and continue to keep their job ?? If they are in the business of winning a Super Bowl here, I have to question the manner in which they are trying to achieve the desired result. I want to lose about 25 pounds, but my current diet of biscuits and gravy, pizza, many cokes, beer and bourbon are not conducive to my desired result. How do I plan on changing the outcome in 2018 ?? By eating and drinking more of the above. I'm sure good things are sure to come my way if I just stick to it. Well, only if by "good things" I mean diabetes, an enlarged heart, and an early death.