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  1. Time to begin the rebuild

    Taking a vacation from this nonsense. You guys take care. 0-8 is not the reason. It’s the result of not caring. Later...
  2. Time to begin the rebuild

    Playoffs make him wrong ?? Dude that’s comical. How did the playoff appearances work out again ?? Seriously you all, there is no point in talking about this anymore. The organization is fucking joke. You all have fun defending them. Im just going to move on from this. There is no joy here.
  3. Bye Week Game Thread

    We went to the Texans Colts game a couple weeks back and my son got a selfie with Joseph. Good guy...
  4. Time to begin the rebuild

    I ABSOLUTELY believe damn near EVERYTHING Palmer said. Him having an “everyone’s fault but mine” does not make him wrong. What has anyone seen out of the front office to think he’s wrong ?? Again, I don’t believe all the different issues we’ve heard from one year to the next, but I’m all in with the “they just don’t care enough” thought. The Bengals front office is clueless and does not care. I really need to just stop all things Bengals and move into the world of happiness.
  5. Now that I know this was aimed at establishing a nickname for Finley and the fact he too is a redhead, I could probably come up with something better. However, now that I know that, this thread became less interesting....
  6. Lets hope mine doesn't become the most accurate nickname then huh ??
  7. Keylime Kickstand ?? I got nothing...
  8. Time to begin the rebuild

    This organization and team are an embarrassment. When looking back, it was the decision to bring back Marvin after news went out that he was getting fired that did it for me. I just haven't followed or supported the team in the same way since and I won't be changing back. I come here to chat and discuss what I hear about or catch here and there, but I'm not invested anymore. On one hand it's freeing and on another it's sad. I just have no faith in anything the front office does. I truly do not believe they care. If they do, they have an odd way of showing it.
  9. It’s just too hard to speculate one way or another. I just think that’s a lot to put on him. Whatever he did last year or the year before that is meaningless when looking at the o-line this season and a new rookie QB he has no chemistry with.
  10. Time to begin the rebuild

    Stop it COB. You just don’t understand how hard it is to run an NFL team. The Bengals are doing the right thing and in time their approach and philosophy will prove them right. Just wait the Super Bowl dynasty is right around the corner. Fucking hate this team....
  11. THIS team wouldn’t be 0-8 with AJ on the field healthy ?? I think that’s a bit much to put on one players shoulders. I love AJ, but get real. This line sucks and there’s no running game. AJ can’t fix that... Oh yeah, they lose this game as well.
  12. Report: Dalton Benched

    Does any of this really matter ?? Who gives a shit what anyone has to say about it ?? 0-8... Next question...
  13. 2020 Draft

    I’m absolutely without question of the mindset that if we end up picking in the top 3, we will be looking at a shiny new QB. Not saying I agree, just saying.
  14. Report: Dalton Benched

    With this change the Bengals see their odds of beating Bye Week increase, but still find themselves as 14 point underdogs.
  15. Report: Dalton Benched

    No need to pull a Cleveland and change coaches every season, but they should have a timeframe for acceptable changes. FOR EXAMPLE: You get 3 seasons Zac. Get back on track and you can stay. If not, buh bye !!!