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  1. Run On Your Own Gas

    After the 0-2 start (soon to be 0-3) exactly whose gas are they running on at this point ??
  2. Zampese just got fired

    Thing is Ogbuegi couldn't beat out any of our OG's so that would be pointless. Seeing as how his time at RT resulted in him getting benched, I simply think he's a bust. Move on and do what they wouldn't do last year and pay a FA along with taking a high round OT. Follow that with a Center sometime early and they can right the ship. The ship with Ogbuehi aboard is going down.
  3. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Does having a beer help you at all COB ?? I'm making that happen and would be more than happy to have another in support of your plight. Nevermind, I'm going to make it happen anyway. This ones for you COB, F*CK Jay Cutler !!!
  4. Zampese just got fired

    "Every" season ?? No, I don't agree with that thought either and certainly not due to coaching. I do believe though that if you have questions on either line, the team should be making every effort to improve that sooner rather than later.
  5. Zampese just got fired

    Oh I agree with you TJ and in the 2016 draft so did the Bengals when they drafted two OT's in the first two rounds. Problem is the picks turned out to be poor and when push came to shove, they made the decision to move on with two picks they knew weren't the same caliber and allowed two pro bowl level guys walk. Thise two picks along with poor decisions have resulted in the 2017 Bengals. But I know I'm preaching to he choir...
  6. Is Andy Next?

    Honestly, I'm just pissed off that this team is wasting the talent that truly is there. I'm mad at the front office for allowing two pro bowl o-linemen to walk away and employing the "Hope and pray" strategy I've mentioned. I'm mad about Zampese even getting the OC job to start with. I'm mad about letting all the future head coaches this team has helped produce walk away, leaving us with minimal Marvin and now no viable option. I'm pretty much just mad at this team. If I'm going to continue being honest, my rants about Dalton, while understanding that he does have limitations, are more about my overall frustration with the front office. If Kaepernick is signed to this team, I'm checking out permanently. No shit. Full on fan of some other team. Ok there it is....
  7. Is Andy Next?

    It's still not that I think McCarron is a better QB than Dalton, but at this point they should really figure out what they have. He certainly would shake up the current BLAH that this team is infested with. The one thing I always gave McCarron is that he has an energy about him. I also know energy like that is contagious.
  8. Is Andy Next?

    Again, the o-line has nothing to do with Dalton not giving his WR's a chance to make a play when he has the opportunity to throw. "Get it close" doesn't mean 5 yards out of bounds having the WR shaking their head.
  9. Army @ Ohio State.

    USC was taken to task against unranked Texas and needed double overtime to get the win.
  10. Is Andy Next?

    At the game the other day I was yelling about Dalton and some guy close to me said, "Well if the o-line would give him time".... I simply said that the o-line has nothing to do with him setting to throw and then overthrowing to such a degree that he didn't even give the WR to make a play on the ball. This season is going to end with a top 5 pick. Fire Marvin, move on from Dalton while letting McCarron show what he can do, and determine if they should spend that top 5 pick on a new QB. Jumping the gun a little ?? Sure but I really hate most everything about this team right now.
  11. Is Andy Next?

    I find myself after these first two games in an odd position. While I feel the o-line absolutely isn't helping Dalton, neither is Dalton. We've had many conversations about Dalton and I've always supported him. However, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to go to McCarron. Let him see if he can light a fire. This team clearly lacks any type of fire. They do however possess a lot of lukewarm.
  12. Zampese just got fired

    That would be awesome. How someone looks at the issues with this team and pardons Lewis is beyond me. All him ?? Of course not but good God he should have been gone long ago.
  13. Army @ Ohio State.

    Would have loved to see Army win that game but knew there was next to a zero % chance of that happening.
  14. Zampese just got fired

    How is it that Minnesota can start 3 new guys at LT, RT, and OC, and they do very well. However, we have the Bestestever O coordinator in the history of coordinators, with high draft pick players and they suck big fat goat balls ??
  15. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    You know just like KC did with Kareem Hunt after he fumbled on his first NFL carry. Straight to the dog hou.... What ?? Oh.... Nevermind.