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  1. Funny thing about draft picks. I went looking at the most accurate mocks from 2016 and found something interesting. Between ESPN, SI, and many others, the majority had Andrew Billings going in the 21-28 range. He was the biggest mock buster last year since he fell to the 4th. If you were to ask me to give you a player i'm looking forward to seeing in 2017, Billings is it. I just want to see them upgrade what is probably the worst LB corps in the league. Those guys defined the word "slow" last year. Give me Foster.
  2. No doubt. I think Jones wrecked this guy for good. Not expecting much.
  3. See, that's just it, I would be happy with a few different scenarios. Foster is my #1 want, but if he goes sooner (and he may) that pushes someone else down. One of the top two DE's ?? A top RB ?? The top WR ?? I still say option #2 should be Williams. Pairing him with AJ, while sliding Boyd to the slot, would be monstrous. They could bring back LaFell and the pick would still make sense. AJ, Williams, LaFell, and Boyd would be a 1-4 that's tough. It's just that the defense (especially the LB's) needs a playmaker more in my opinion. Anyone ready for another season of Dansby, FNR, and Burfict ?? UNINSPIRING !!!
  4. I know most Bengals fans don't care for Shazier, the Steelers LB, but he was the same way at Ohio State that Foster has been. Fast, instinctive, and willing to throw his hat in the mix. While I hate the Steelers, Shazier disrupts an offense. Have another player capable of making an impact in the front 7 and that translates positively for a defense lacking there in 2016. Outside of Myles Garrett, who won't be there at #9, Foster has been my top target since the jump. That being said, I have little faith the Bengals make the pick and if they do, start him over Maualuga.
  5. Honestly, when looking at the OT situation, why not sign Whit to at least a two year deal ?? I don't really expect them to look at the OT spot early in the draft because of taking both Fisher and Ogbuehi. (That's not MY excuse either) However, I don't really expect them both to develop and some don't think either will. This will lead to OT being a major need in the 2018 draft. Just go ahead and take care of that now while knowing the direction you have to travel.
  6. I think WR was definitely going to be the pick in the first last year and then there was a big run at the position. The first WR went off the board at #12 then the three picks ahead of the Bengals at #21-23 were all WR's. There was no WR left worthy (or so they thought) of the #24 pick and went CB, which you could argue was the wrong direction with our 20/20 hindsight. Even with LaFell having a decent year, I still believe that is an upgradeable position and wouldn't surprise me at #9. It would help even more if Whit comes back and they can solidify the RT position. If they get Fisher in there from day 1 of OTA's, they might have better results. That revolving door of suck just won't work.
  7. I'm curious which of the RB's is going to fall. I think there is going to be a very solid RB sitting there when the Bengals pick in the 2nd round. I still like Foster the most. He's the player I really want. A not so distant second player is Mike Williams to pair with AJ on the outside and push Boyd to the slot. Bring LaFell back to solidify things for another season and that's one heck of a 1-4 WR corps. I still wouldn't be surprised with any of the listed DE's though and think that's what the team will do regardless.
  8. Nope, no guarantee that the next level is achieved. Not at all and I don't hide from the chances of it falling apart. However, I also won't bury my head in the sand hoping and praying that the way I've always done things will some how work some day when proven otherwise. Being afraid to make a move is worse than not trying at all in my opinion. I want to be a great doctor, but won't go to med school. How's that going to end ?? Sure AJ shares in the blame. I'm not suggesting that he or any other player doesn't. My point is that he has an opinion and if the team doesn't share his opinion and continues to lose, resentment shouldn't come as a surprise. I'm not suggesting I agree with any of it, just saying... I didn't at the time and still don't accept what Dillon did, or Chad, or Palmer, much like I don't accept what Pac Man is doing now. Much like I don't accept what we've gotten from this coaching staff. However, they all remain and talk of extensions are in the air. It's the front office that can't talk about wanting more of those things when they are the ones tolerating and at times enabling those behaviors.
  9. Based on the record and going to playoffs in each of the seasons, minus 2016 ?? Sure. Based on the same things we as fans discuss on this board ?? Not really. If we can see that things need to change, I'm fairly certain they can come to a similar determination. While I don't think it happens this season, another season of losing could certainly open things up a bit. Again, with AJ stating plainly what he felt the team needed to do, I think his tune could change should that not happen. He directly pointed to Atlanta talking about how they went out and got pieces and stated the Bengals need to do the same thing.
  10. Agree with you on that one Hoosier and I've had the same thoughts. On one hand I like seeing AJ make comments about what he feels the team needs to do, but that could also be concerning. He has three more seasons under contract, but what if the team doesn't do what he thinks they should and continue losing ?? I wouldn't be surprised one bit. Zeitler ?? Dre ?? Yeah, I can certainly see them wanting to test the market. They know the Bengals have money to spend and a low ball offer would probably (and should) piss them off. There are almost 10 team that have over 50 million in cap space. Of those, 4 are over 60 million, 1 over 80 million, and the Browns with over 90 million. Anyone thinking Hue would love to have either Zeitler or Dre to improve that team ?? Not saying they would want to go to Cleveland, but the same could be said for almost any of those teams with money to burn.
  11. To quote myself in an earlier post: "Just keep chomping at the bit. Hold no one accountable, make no changes, and hand out extensions."
  12. I can say that I absolutely feel that way COB !!! I remember when AJ caught that pass to put the Bengals up. I went ape shit crazy in the living room all by myself. If there were a camera catching that moment in time, I would be part of the worlds most viral video. Seriously, it was a ridiculous display of joy fueled by so many years of losing. Damn near brought me to tears. We were finally going to win a playoff game. And against the Steelers ?? Priceless !!! Then it happened. Hill fumbles, the Burfict and Pacman stupidity and yet another loss. I was crushed. All that joy, the release of so much pent up frustration with the team, etc. just gone. I hated everything about the Bengals at that point in time. I cannot honestly say I've gotten over it. Now to see the team not do ANYTHING since that point except take a step back ?? Yeah, really hard to find anything of great value within this organization. In what universe does that much fuckupery get rewarded ?? In being very honest, I still hate this team. I have no reason to continue following this abortion of a sports franchise. Ugh...
  13. Really solid post.
  14. Yeah, he was born in San Antonio when I was still in the Army. Since about age 5, he's only about Texas teams (Texans, Spurs, Longhorns, etc) I just figured we spend a nice weekend down there, hit up San Antonio, Ft. Hood (where his old man was stationed), Austin, and catch the game. I'm planning for October 7th. I think they play Kansas St. Anyway, he's off school that Monday, so we will have some more time. I lived in Texas for 11 years and agree, great town !!!
  15. Sure, I have other things going on. Increased work responsibility, kids extracurriculars, unending honey do list for the house, so on and so on. That's where sports (especially football) came into play. It has always been my escape from all the regular things going on. My time to just veg out on the couch and act like an idiot cheering for or screaming at my team. Thing is, this team no longer makes me want to cheer or scream. It makes me want to disengage. Marvin is the epitome of boring and stale. While he may be a great guy, it's seriously time to try something, anything that's new. I also feel there is a great lack of accountability within the organization. Coaches and players just muddle about regardless of what happens. Blow playoff games ?? Get into trouble ?? Level of play fall off ?? Making more than that level indicates ?? Poor game management ?? No problem. Just keep chomping at the bit. Hold no one accountable, make no changes, and hand out extensions. My son being a young fan of football probably keeps me in it more than anything else at this point. He's too young to understand all the nonsense. Maybe that's part of it. We are all getting older and have a greater understanding. While I'm not a football executive, I do understand leadership and business. What I see from the Bengals is a lack of leadership, focusing mainly on the business aspect and ensuring their profitability over winning it all. That isn't anything worth jumping up and down and screaming about. BORING...