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  1. We aren't the only team interested in Mixon. Adding a RB like him or Cook would be ok by me. Do I like what he did ?? No, but Pac Man is in like chance 47, why not one for him? Would love if Lamp fell but not counting on it. The other I would have no problem with is Zach Cunningham the MLB from Vandy.
  2. Cleveland still a hot mess.
  3. A lot of players going to be there. I think Allen may continue to fall to us. Dont know how to feel about a DT.
  4. Ross is certainly exciting. Foster intrigues me greatly and has been a want of mine from the start. Either top safety would be fun since they never do that. Thomas falling would be great but not likely. Players I would hate: Taco, any CB, Reddick, Harris
  5. I watched Inferno from last year. Tom Hanks as professor Langdon again. Much like Angels and Demons and The DeVinci Code.
  6. See this is what I'm talking about. There are a handful of guys that won't upset me. I'm hoping for the possibility of Thomas falling. Outside of that Foster would do wonders for the linebacking corps. RB would certainly help an area of great uncertainty. A TE would only add to the talent and cover Eifert if/when injury hits and his impending FA. Ross would be a fit but not worried about his targets as his speed would force the defense to shift and impact the offense overall. Then there are two freakish safeties that would certainly improve the secondary but that's lowest in the list for me.
  7. Hey COB at what age is it appropriate to teach your children about wishing death and the skill of spitting upon people ??
  8. Thank God setting up that TD enables us to totally forget that he's a complete douchebag of a person off the field. Wait, maybe that's the other way around. Yeah that sounds more reasonable.
  9. I won't be mad with the Ross pick but the injuries to the knees are concerning. That and its a deep draft for WR's. I like Josh Reynolds out of Texas A&M in the later rounds. Noah Brown form Ohio St later wouldn't bother me either.
  10. There are many I won't be mad with. I still think DE or WR are the two that make the most sense. They really need to improve the pass rush and they were looking WR in the first last year. Boyd and another year of LaFell won't change that thought. I saw a recent article suggesting they are moving away from Barnett but the funny thing is he's the one guy that I thought made a ton of sense.
  11. Also watched John Wick and the Chapter 2 sequel. Two fun movies to watch back to back. Have to love the all the wonderful violence even if it's Keanu Reeves. Thanks free hacked movie websites !!!
  12. Bumping the thread to remind everyone that I think PacMan is a piece of shit. Thank you...
  13. I'd take that 2nd rounder in a heartbeat as well, but it's been said the Bengals are asking for the moon. I would assume by that comment, that a 1st would be the moving point for them. If it were my team in need of a QB, would I rather McCarron or taking a chance on one of the guys coming out ?? That's the question teams need to ask themselves and I think it's at least a wash. I'd take him as a starter here with the offense as is. McCarron had the playoff game he started against the Steelers won with his toss to Green until we all know what happened from there. That counts for a lot in my book.
  14. Someone is going to be there for the taking at #9 and maybe even lower if they wanted to trade down. I read an article recently, I think the enquirer where they were talking about 1st round TE's in the draft. Since 2010 only 3 TE's have been taken in the first round and the Bengals had two of the three. Gresham and Eifert. That being said, I don't view that as a reason to take Howard at #9, I view it as a reason to wait. Give me any one of the top 4 TE's at the top of the 2nd round and you can color me happy. Evan Engram please. Trading McCarron to move up ?? I suppose they could, but again, I think someone will be there at #9 worth waiting for. Why give up McCarron for basically the same thing ?? Give me a 2nd rounder in trade for him and i'm much happier. 3 picks in the first two rounds could go a long way in seeing this team turn things around sooner rather than later.
  15. Ok, so I saw Logan, Arrival, The Shack, and Ghost in the Shell. (Thank you hacked movie sites) Logan was what you would expect and fun if you like those x-men films. The Arrival was an Alien flick with a different take and worth the time to watch for free. The Shack is a super sad religious God flick, but is an interesting story about forgiveness. (I was told I should watch that one and did so because of the person, it wasn't of my choosing) The Ghost in the Shell was entirely too Sci-Fi for me and I love Sci-Fi flicks. I found it slow and boring.