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  1. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    Hey, 48 isn’t old. I’m ready to go at it. Ready for anything. Well, right after my nap. Then I’m at it I’ll tell you !!
  2. Fantasy 2018

    You may still win yet Billy. It would be a pretty big game from Burton but at least it’s in the realm of possibility. If my last player (WR) were to pop off 38 points, I’d still lose !!!
  3. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    How soon we forget huh ?? Geesh, I feel old sometimes...
  4. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    I was thinking about going higher on the Bengals end, but the Panthers are pretty tough defensively and without Mixon, the dynamic changes. Then again, maybe it has nothing to do with the offense, the defense has a pick 6 or two and they win 52-28. I'll take a 3-0 win honestly. Not pretty, but a "W" nonetheless !!!
  5. Fantasy 2018

    Injuries have been the problem for me. I waited to address WR's because I had the chance to add 3 stud RB's and now 2 of the 3 are dinged. On the plus side, I have two WR's on my bench that should be productive in a couple weeks coming back from injury and suspension. It's not over, but 0-2 is not the way I envisioned starting the season !!!
  6. Fantasy 2018

    I'm soon to be 0-2 and the season will begin to circle the drain if I can't get some of these guys healthy sooner rather than later. I was optimistic heading into it, but it hasn't quite worked out that way through the first couple of weeks. Such is fantasy football life !!!
  7. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    Ok, I've checked in on the Panthers game for this coming Sunday. Their leading rusher is their QB and their leading receiver is their RB. They have not put up a lot of points on offense, but they aren't giving up a lot on the defensive side of the ball either. I would think if they can find a way to contain Cam and keep someone on McCaffrey, who can keep up with him, they will be onto something. If they do what we've seen in allowing dink and dunk over the middle, it could be a bit challenging for them. Mixon being out is going to hurt the Bengals for sure, but we can only hope that Gio and another RB can get it done. After that, I sure hope Price is going to be ok because I think he has done well to this point. I really think the Bengals have a good shot at winning this one on the road. Bengals 24 Panthers 20
  8. A Football Life

    Hard to say what would or would not have happened had Carson not left. While I would have preferred him to stay at that time and didn't like how it went down, I get it.
  9. A Football Life

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Ty1-XAqS8 Changed it to a link, since I wasn't able to see how big that crap was when I first posted it.
  10. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    I get that coaches don’t worry about grades given out by some internet site, but Westerman not even being active is a bit puzzling to me.
  11. A Football Life

    I will readily admit how much I loved Palmer. He quickly became my favorite player at the time and watching this episode, if nothing else, reminded me of that. Watching him throw to Chad, TJ, and Henry ?? Just a good, fun time to be a Bengals fan. I will also admit that I hated the way he left, but I get it. While there is certainly Mike’s side of the story, Carson wanted to win and I have little to hang my hat on that Mike Brown was on the same sheet of music that Carson was. I didn’t know how much he wanted Kitna to stick around or I simply don’t remember, but that was interesting. I did not know he was so tight with Henry either. I wish Marvin would have answered the question about why T.O didn’t work out as well. You just knew there was an intriguing story based on his reaction to the question. They also alluded to how much all the talk about his character really bothered his wife. I really wish it would have worked out differently here, but it is what it is. While not an over the top exciting episode, I thought it was a decent episode and most Bengals fans would enjoy something from it. If you missed it, search it on YouTube and there is a 25 minute, commercial free showing.
  12. LSU wins over Auburn!

    Good road win for the Buckeyes against #15 TCU !!!
  13. Fantasy 2018

    2nd week of the season, 2nd starter is out with an injury. Ugh !!!
  14. LSU wins over Auburn!

    How about Nebraska paying Troy over 1 million dollars to take a game in Lincoln, only to get your ass handed to you ?? That kind of stuff will get a coach fired quick. Too funny !!!
  15. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    I didn’t see anything of Walton in the preseason that makes me feel excited about him getting in the game. That being said, I’ll be rooting hard for him to do well when his time comes.