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  1. General AFC North thread

    BRING ON THE DRAMA !!! For the other teams that is...
  2. Anyone else thinking Hayden Hurst is going to have a career year in this offense ??
  3. 2022 Reds

    Fuckin’ nailed that call !!
  4. Offseason Thoughts

    “Irresponsible with his own mortality” God knows I can relate to that. Lucky to reach my 30th birthday.
  5. Round 2 (60): Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

    I also agree with #3 that Alec Pierce is going to be a very WR in this league. CTB is a pick I’ve really warmed to and looking forward to seeing how that athleticism translates to the NFL.
  6. 2022 Schedule

    Love the preseason games. Cheap trip to the stadium and get the watch more of the youngsters that won’t get as much playing time during the regular season. My son and I never miss them and always have a fun time win or lose.
  7. Offseason Thoughts

    Facts vs. feelings or something like that 70 sacks vs. how someone feels about them are two different things trying to be viewed simultaneously. I FULLY understand that the majority of his sacks came on 3rd down and I have zero issue with him trying to do something while extending the play. I want to see him continue to attempt making plays with his feet. We have very good skill position players to match his style of play. However, there's no getting around the fact that he took 70 sacks and the team knowing they can't risk him getting hit that fucking much. Again, if they weren't concerned, you wouldn't be looking at 3 brand new free agents being installed as starters without a single word. You wouldn't see the club spending the 78 or whatever million they spent this year on that one area. So again, I want and like Burrow making things happen. I don't want him getting hit that much. Even taking away ALL the 3rd down sacks, still has him slightly above average in taking sacks when compared to the other QB's in the league. Regardless of how anyone feels about it, please put me in the camp HAPPY to have a mostly brand new o-line in 2023. Let's fucking get after it !!
  8. Offseason Thoughts

    I have had to watch that again and see articles pop up about what he said, and I can't help but have the take away of this is Joe mind fucking teams. Yeah, who cares about sacks? I don't care about getting hit. I'm still going to get up and beat your ass. The more I listen to Burrow talk, I can't help but listen for a message behind his words. Dude is a killer.
  9. Geno is still my dog. Loved watching him all those years, blowing up the middle of the o-line. Dude was a pro and just went about his business without having much to say about any of it. Wish he was part of this team now.
  10. 2022 Schedule

    Thanks Hokie, will check it out.
  11. 2022 Schedule

    What are the fees on seatgeek Hokie ?? Ive used Vivid Seats and the fees are a bit much.
  12. Offseason Thoughts

    I’m all in with the White Castle thought process.
  13. 2022 Schedule

    Considering both teams should be contending, the sooner you pay the piper, the less it will be. Those prices will only go up as the season moves towards that game unless something unexpected happens. Same thing going on in New Orleans for the Bengals/Saints game for Burrow and Chase's homecoming.
  14. Offseason Thoughts

    I saw an interesting take about how to try to figure out what an acceptable sack rate would be. Now keep in mind this is just straight numbers of how many times your QB got sacked, which of course includes him getting hit. In looking at last year during the regular season alone: Burrow got sacked 51 times, which equated to a 10% sack rate. The average sack rate for the QB's that took the majority of snaps for their team during last season was 6%. In looking at the post season, I only looked at the 4 QB's to throw the most passes (Burrow, Stafford, Mahomes, Brady): Burrow's sack rate was worse than the regular season, jumping to 13%. He took 19 sacks, while the next highest of those same QB's was 9. The average sack rate of the 3 other QB's was 6%. Not trying to be funny by any stretch, but there's nothing acceptable about damn near doubling the sack rate average of all other QB's.
  15. Offseason Thoughts

    That's certainly an arguable point, that either side represents valid points. You could trade picks now to get pieces due to wanting to win now. Then again, knowing you have huge contracts coming, they are going to need those picks to get value from the rookie deals. I think there are going to be many more tough decisions coming for the Bengals front office. Color me pumped the f*ck up over being in a position to have THESE kinds of problems !!!