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  1. I have a unique situation with my youngest and I spend many nights sleeping in his bed with him. Needless to say "sleeping" usually equates to not sleeping, and being able to watch movies on the phone is a plus. I went with the iPhone 7 plus this time around and couldn't be happier. That website has first run movies as well as TV series all for free. The pop ups are a pain, but I can limit those as well. While I would prefer a movie theater and dolby surround sound, I have to take what i'm given.
  2. Oh yeah, I have unlimited data, so I forget about that.
  3. When considering this comment specifically about the LB corps, totally different = faster. Both FNR and Dansby looked slower than anyone on the field.
  4. See, you hit the nail on the head. We had been calling for this move since before free agency and gave all the reasons why it should have been done. However, now you see them make the move without any apparent benefit. As much as I still agree with the move, I'm left to wonder if they shouldn't have kept him for depth. What's the outcome to this move at this point in time ?? For all the talk of loyalty and keeping people that know the system, I have to say the front office has only left me more confused. Remember, they paid Hall 10 million his last season ??
  5. Hey Billy, I use my iPhone to watch these movies and this is a site that works for me. There are an assload of popups, so I tried to just grab the link directly to the movie. Hope it works for you. I don't mess with this site on my home computer.
  6. Boy, they just met their match tonight. Down by 17 and not looking good. Gonzaga is killing the 3's.
  7. Having been a Army medic for 21 years, I remember being told about him when I was a 20 year old youngster. 75 men. That number astounded me then and now older and having served in Afghanistan doing the same thing, I'm even more astounded. Being able to comprehend not only what he did but what he meant to those he served with is almost too much to ask of people. Im a truly blessed man to have served my country in war and having the honor of being called "Doc" by those I served with. Cool movie that was hard to watch...
  8. I guess my question was answered today huh ??
  9. Respect to First Name Rey and wish him well. That being said, it was time and good on the Bengals for making this non-Bengal type of move. Now give me Rueben Foster at #9 and color me happy !!
  10. Is she a Tight End or a Wide Receiver ?? If she's versatile and is both, well that's a no brainer !!!
  11. Depth. Nothing else to see here. Let me know when they draft a DE that can actually rush the QB. Hey, on the plus side I think Chris Crocker is still available.
  12. I like this but if Eiflien lasts past the 3rd I would be amazed. I'm thinking he goes in the 3rd or 4th at the very latest. I would jump up and down for that pick.
  13. Great games. Happy for Kentucky to stay in it !!! Hoping that my Xavier Musketeers pull out another win against another tough team. GO XAVIER !!!
  14. Try duck taping your wives feet to the ceiling fan and turn it on high. Now THAT's a fan experience you won't forget.
  15. Oh thank God. And here I thought we might have had a trouble maker on our hands. Good thing Adam's choir boy image hasn't been tarnished. THAT would be the true outrage !!!