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  1. Darryl Blackstock Signed

    Works for me. He's young, a pass rusher, a LB and it's just as well as taking a guy in the middle rounds (I think even if we took Rivers or a second round LB I'd like to have one more). Good for depth.
  2. He's played 16 games 4 of his 7 years, 14 or more 6 of 7 years. Almost every DT has knee problems, in 2006 he had shoulder issues. Played all 16 last year so he seems fine. He's not the dinosaur we're used to. Some of you beg for these kind of deals, then it happens and you criticize. I never bought into Sam Adams being a big add, this one I think is huge. Rarely do you find a DT that doesn't have motor questions.
  3. Antwan Odom to Visit Sunday

    I'm glad you said it first so I don't have to look like a fool as well.
  4. Why are some of you whining about 'off field' issues. He got busted for a banned diet supplement, not drugs. The only issue with him is his motor. EDIT: Who doesn't take a gun to a stip club haha, ok, didn't know about that one.
  5. I think Fanene and Peko could be beasts at 3-4 DE, of course Fanene has to stay healthy. I think Frostee could manage... I was all for 3-4 but with this move and potentially Odom I'm comfortable staying in the 4-3. Put Odell back in the middle, hope Brooks recovers all the way and put him at SLB (Jeanty is fine, just Ahmad could be a bear). Draft Rivers for WLB.
  6. Antwan Odom to Visit Sunday

    I'm usually optimistic but this offseason I've just bashed and bashed the FO. I might as well continue because they're starting to make me look bad. I mean, shouldn't Odom be about 10 years older and coming off of injury? If we got Odom (big if but lets imagine), our only NEED is at WLB (Keith Rivers, come on down). We obviously need depth at LB, S and OG pretty bad but I'm comfortable with Chinny and White starting. Just for reference... Odom and Rogers had 15 sacks last year, 7 fewer than our entire team.
  7. He got busted for an illegal diet supplement... Not weed or crack or heroine that we're used to.
  8. This shuts my mouth. I was being debbie downer and complaining hard about not doing anything despite the need. Rogers motor concerns don't bother me because him at half throttle > Thornton/Robinson combined. Gives us an interior pass rush, he isn't a dinosaur (29 at the beginning of next year) and means we can go DE or LB in the 1st. Who would've thought, a meaningful move. I never thought signing Adams was a big deal but this is.
  9. Dorsey Bait

    That would be horrendous and unlikely. Reasons... A. There's no value at #1 this year. B. The cap would get DESTROYED by this trade (CJ's hit then paying #1 overall money) C. Brown isn't going to dish out the cash. Now... I'm thinking #20 or #21 (Tampa and Washington), those seem like decent trading partners and you know the Redskins wouldn't flinch to trade a draft pick for a veteran. Then go DL/LB/WR with the 1st rounders and 2nd round, that'd net some quality players.
  10. CJ on Rome

    Chad hadn't really effected me either way up until today. I didn't care either way for his off field antics and he put up numbers on the field. After today, I'd just assume he be gone. You can't say that about your teammates (regardless of whether it's true or not) and come back to a good situation. Call up Tampa Bay and ask for #20 overall. We won't be losing our most important WR. On a side, if he really thinks he'll be fine in Miami then Brian Russell must've hit him harder than I thought.

    I'm 100% about Rex Ryan... That would just make my freaking offseason but he'll either get a HC job somewhere or not get the dough to come here. Our team has seen his defenses, he'd have a ton of credibility and respect. I saw on Bengals.com where they mentioned him being under contract in Baltimore for another year, I guess it doesn't get voided despite him being fired? I hope it's not Lewis, I'd definetely prefer not to sign from within and I'd rather see a LB/DL coach than some washed up coach *COUGH*BRESH*COUGH*.
  12. Jeanty Has "Procedure" on Leg

    Due to our depth at spots I think the Jeanty injury might hurt worse than Levi or Willie. At least we've got Whitworth behind them. Nice to hear Perry might be back early, hopefully when he gets injured again he has enough time to come back for the last few games.
  13. Bengals vs. Falcons MNF!

    What I want to see... Ahmad playing faster, no need to overthink things... He needs to rely on his instincts a little more. Secondary showing they can at least no leave guys completely wide open in zone. I want to see Hall/Ndukwe and White (he is playing I assume? Never heard much on his injury). Only thing on offense I'm really concerned with is seeing Tab/Carson hooking up better, everything else will take care of itself. I am interested to see if Coats plays well again, I really liked what I saw last week.
  14. Sign Stacy Andrews now!

    Bottom line... Guards are replacable. I could see them parting ways with Williams though and moving Andrews to RG... He's a beast, granted, Williams has a sweet contract from a front office standpoint.
  15. I've gotta say I was for the Perry pick, if he had remained healthy I would still be happy with it but that obviously hasn't been the case. I honestly felt him and Jackson were a toss-up so I wasn't concerned about trading back. Both were beasts in college that weren't prone to injury so it worked for me. Also who was to say Rudi was going to have another great season and that we could re-sign him the following year in FA. The only player I wanted more was Gamble but really he hasn't been anything special. Either way it would be a huge add for him to be healthy this year, IMO he adds as big of a threat to the offense as Henry does and if he could somehow manage to stay healthy through the year Perry/Henry along with everyone else would in my eyes give us easily the best offense.