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  1. Problem with the Blitz?

    This team is on a serious decline, fire Marvin.
  2. Week 16 preview

    What a crappy year
  3. Keiwan Ratliff Cut!!

    underratd player, bab move
  4. We will win Monday

    This is the season, if the Bengals want it is the real ?
  5. Who's going to be King of the Hill?

    well as the l ast winner of the ike
  6. Who's going to be the new football god here?
  7. dont worry all, posting like this suxs, im here to win the pickem, thats all
  8. Spain's whining

    Information age and you cant send a pcakage?
  9. Spain's whining

    Bet they can use the mail!
  10. New Bengalzone Moderator...

    Can any mod here use the mail system is my ?
  11. Bengals new RB from UAB

    Their will be another great white runing back, I bet its not him. John Riggins where are u?
  12. 2nd Round: Kenny Irons

    H e said the same about Perry
  13. 2nd Round: Kenny Irons

    one name, shaun alexander