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  1. Dalton is under severe pressure

    And here's your million dollar answer: he's not here any more. ..and things got WAY out of hand, and other mods had to step in and take care of the situation. Not only did you not listen to a poster who tried to handle the situation in the right way, you might as well said you were afraid of him by saying you put up with him treating you the same way. So why should I respect you? Honestly? If you are going to challenge my integrity here, of which you did first, you should expect to have your integrity challenged as well. I don't have to prove who my source is. I don't have to prove my football acumen. You, as a moderator is supposed to prove you can handle your duties as a moderator and not stoop to levels that moderators don't even expect of their posters. It is what it is. You opened up the can of worms here.
  2. Dalton is under severe pressure

    The Pitt 23 is midfield? But I never asked you to put any value in my opinion. I never claimed inside information. I never declared that everyone here was stupid and I was leaving. Now you want respect? In the words of Chad Johnson: child, please. ETA: +1 to kevnz! Now I am going to answer this one because you opened it up to it, and you are a mod. How should I ever respect you, as a person, a mod, and your opinion, when HaironFire was here calling me and Schula every name in the book including telling us we eat dicks and everything else, and before I sink to his level, I message YOU as a moderator on this forum, and you say, "Oh that's just Hair, it's how he is. He's that way with all of us." That's the million dollar question.
  3. Dalton is under severe pressure

    Here's the last comment I'm going to make about this. Ike Taylor who held AJ Green to one catch in the first meeting of the season was out today. A #1 defense has nothing to do with Dalton missing his progressions and passing up guys who are wide open, like the Gresham play that would have been a TD. Dalton hit Green who was perfect on that last play that put them in FG range, but just like many others have pointed out long before me, that game should have never been that close for the one play to even matter. The Bengals defense carried the team today. Anyone that argues that is just arguing with me for the sake of arguing.
  4. Dalton is under severe pressure

    No, what's borderline hilarious is the idea Dalton didn't play well. What I saw was a Steelers secondary playing for its playoff life. He had 3-4 perfect long bombs to Green and Jones that would have blown the game open but were dropped or deflected thanks to great defensive play. His two picks resulted in precisely 0 points for the Steelers. And when a completion absolutely, positively had to be made to win the fugging game, he nailed it to Green. No, all things considered, I have no complaints about his game today. As I said before, Dalton 1, severe pressure 0. One interception was inside the Bengals' 30 in which, if not for the Bengals defense, the Steelers would have gotten 7 or at least 3 points. The other interception was near midfield. Dalton held on to the ball to long on some plays, and if you look at the play that put the Bengals in FG range at the end of the game, it was a GREAT route by Green between two zone defenders and a nice catch where he went to the ground immediately to make sure he got down in bounds then went out of bounds. Yes, some of Dalton's passes to Green were very nice, but none of which were gimme catches. In fact, some of those catches couldn't be made by 50% or more of the WRs in the league. Green is such a great WR that fans have almost taken his talent for granted, and they start to feel his great catches are now expected. Hell, Green thinks they are expected, but that's how great WRs have to think. You can feel however you want to think. I have my opinion too, and given the company you've put yourself in, my value in some people's opinions aren't exactly what they used to be.
  5. Dalton is under severe pressure

    Yeah, pretty much you are. I don't see Army dragging a$$ around the board moaning about how bad Dalton is and how we aren't going to win blah blah blah. He's probably off enjoying the win. You? You can't get over the fact they weren't perfect. As for Dalton and Maulauga and Sims, hey, like I said, you are the guy whose claiming all the connections. If you're such a coaching genius who can see on TV stuff they can't see day in and day out, get thee to PBS, stat! Win us a Lombardi. I''ll be the first to contribute to your statue outside the stadium. Haha it's funny you guys think I wasn't happy winning today. I'm not posting all this in the game day thread, or the playoff match-up thread, it's in the Dalton under pressure thread. Dalton didn't perform under pressure. The offense lead by Dalton didn't score a TD today. You've turned into a pretty funny guy Hoosier. Borderline hilarious.
  6. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Kinda like the fat chick you pick up at last call? :P/>/> The last chick I picked up at last call was about 2000 at Ft. Hood in a bar called Sandy's. Long time ago. Not fat but not nice to look at. The rest of the story will remain untold. 12 years later, I'm married with a kid and watching the Bengals in the playoffs in back to back years for the first time since I was 6 years old. I'll take it! Wait that was before they changed the don't ask don't tell policy...so it wasn't a man was it?
  7. Dalton is under severe pressure

    Well, if that's the case then I think you need to go talk to those Bengals you know and see if they will help you get a coaching position with the team. I'm not sure why you are wasting your time here with us. After all, a couple weeks back you declared we were all idiots who knew nothing about football and declared you were done with us...only to reappear a week or so later after a brief flirtation with cincyjungle.com. Otherwise you should probably find some other team to root for since we are obviously never going to win. Good Lord, I'm not the only one saying this stuff. Army said we were both in the minority that we weren't going to call this season an improvement and step in the right direction until the WIN a playoff game. Isn't that what Championships are about? What do good teams do in the locker room when they make the playoffs? They pour beer on each for about 30 minutes then the coach says, "I hope you enjoyed that, it's time to get ready for so and so." Has there been anything about Dalton that I have pointed out that isn't true? At all? How about the stuff about Maualuga, who is the MLB and got beat out stat wise today by Pat Sims. This team has left a lot out on the field this year, and the second to last game of the year isn't the time for Dalton to be playing like this. First pass of the second half was an interception? Or was it the second one? If I was complaining about stuff Dalton wasn't doing, yeah, you could bitch at me all you want and call me an idiot, a hypocrite, whatever you want. I never said I know Bengals players...it's funny to see Hoosier sink into TJ territory.
  8. Dalton is under severe pressure

    Do good teams enjoy the moment? Nothing is accomplished this year until the Bengals WIN a playoff game. Why are people bragging about how Dalton played against the pressure today when he had zero TDs and 2 INTs? Why are people bragging about Dalton when he was making dumb plays? Why are people bragging on Dalton when he was making fundamental mistakes? There should only be two or maybe three people being bragged about today, Green, Atkins, and Nelson. Period.
  9. Dalton is under severe pressure

    I'm simply pointing out the exact thing me and Army talked about mid season. This is a young team and it's about getting better each year. Making the playoffs is treading water. Winning the Division is better, and winning a playoff game or more is improvement. Fans need to quit settling. Success is about improvement. It's what its all about.
  10. Dalton is under severe pressure

    So you have to go the total opposite way? You go from it's great just to make the playoffs two years in a row, to all of a sudden I'm a bad person for saying that Dalton needs to improve a lot for this team to be a great team and win in the playoffs? It's not even close...not by a long shot. The Jets made it to the playoffs two years in a row and made it to the AFC Championship game with Mark Sanchez... I point it out before every game, and then I point it out every game when he does it, he is lacking in BASIC fundamentals, and has for two years. Until he fixes those, this team isn't going to win Championships. Isn't that the ultimate goal? Championships? The Bengals defense can't carry this team every game, especially with 14 yards rushing. Dude, you are acting like this is the second birth of Jesus. This Bengals team should have wrapped up the playoffs 2 weeks ago. Making the playoffs is nice, but Dalton didn't look good doing it, and they need to play a lot better to win in the playoffs.
  11. Dalton is under severe pressure

    AJ Green has 150 receptions out of those 300. Out of those two guys, do you think Dalton would be as good without Green? Or do you think Green would be just as good with someone else? Dalton was 24-41 with 0 TDs and 2 INTs. Dalton's stats wouldn't be even close to what they are without Green. It is what it is. It doesn't make you less of a Bengals fan to admit that Dalton has a lot of room for improvement and for some reason, Gruden or Dalton's, he is still lacking in quarterback fundamentals. Without Green and Atkins, the Bengals would be the Jacksonville Jaguars, or worse. A good team would be more like a bad team if they didn't have good players? Holy s**t! What a revelation! So two players should be the difference between a 9 win team and a 2 win team? Really? With the Bengals right now it is...but you think that is normal? Two great players is a 7 win difference?
  12. Dalton is under severe pressure

    It's bad to say that Dalton needs to start playing better fundamentally for this team to go far? That's the difference between a fan being happy to make the playoffs, and a fan wanting a Super Bowl. You getting pissed at what I am saying is silly, I should be pissed off that you are just happy making the playoffs. Seriously? WTF man? Hey we made the playoffs! Woot, lets by hats and shirts and then when the Bengals lose in the first round we can bury them in the back of our closet. Marvin Lewis did whatever he could to try and make the Bengals lose today. Andy Dalton had almost 50% of his yards to Green and threw 0 TDs and 2 INTs, one of which he got bailed out by the defense forcing the Steelers into getting zero points when they started inside the Bengals 30 yard line. Dalton didn't stare down pressure and pull out a victory, the Bengals defense busted their ass and carried Dalton and the offense's slack all damn day. If Dalton doesn't pull his head out of his ass and quit making dumb ass plays, this team isn't going anywhere, any year. This is the NFL and making the playoffs isn't enough anymore. All I heard all day today from Phil Simms was how the Bengals have been knocking draft picks out of the park, yet here they are making it into the playoffs as the last seed, when they should have beat the Browns, Dolphins, and Cowboys and competing for best record in the AFC. Quit f**king settling for this and settling for that. If you keep letting guys off the hook and settling for mediocrity, soon the Bengals will be right back to 4-12, 3-13, etc. and fans will be clammering, remember when we MADE the playoffs...those were good days. No they aren't good days until you WIN a playoff game and cause some havoc in the PLAYOFFS.
  13. Dalton is under severe pressure

    AJ Green has 150 receptions out of those 300. Out of those two guys, do you think Dalton would be as good without Green? Or do you think Green would be just as good with someone else? Dalton was 24-41 with 0 TDs and 2 INTs. Dalton's stats wouldn't be even close to what they are without Green. It is what it is. It doesn't make you less of a Bengals fan to admit that Dalton has a lot of room for improvement and for some reason, Gruden or Dalton's, he is still lacking in quarterback fundamentals. Without Green and Atkins, the Bengals would be the Jacksonville Jaguars, or worse.
  14. I thought you would love those field goals Yeah I love 51 and 52 yard FGs, I don't like 56 yard FGs in a stadium where there has NEVER been a FG longer than 52 yards kicked in the history of the stadium.
  15. I know this sounds kind of crazy, but for the Bengals to beat the Pats, they may need to play with only 2 LBers and 3 safeties. There is no way that Burfict or Lawson can cover Hernandez and Gronkowski all game long, and that isn't even taking into account Welker. I could see 4 guys up front, Burfict and Lawson, then Hall, Jones, Nelson, Newman, and Crocker. They could activate Kirkpatrick and rotate him and Clements in.