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  1. What do the Bengals have to do...

    I think the Chargers game is at PBS. The Chargers game is in San Deigo, the week after we play at Minnesota.
  2. Bengals vs Steelers After thoughts 2#

    I loooove this defense we have. They are freakin' tough!
  3. Minnesota a Possible Flex Game???

    CBS has already designated the Bengals-Chargers game as the one game that week that cannot be flexed. There was an article about this earlier and I believe it said the best bet for a Bengals game to be flexed is the NY Jets game at the end of the season.
  4. A series with a rich history Wednesday, November 11, 2009 By BOB LABRIOLA Steelers.com Who knows, if the NFL had aligned its divisions differently immediately after the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, maybe it would have been Steelers-Bengals instead of Steelers-Raiders as the annual game that sent the winner to the Super Bowl. Football fans too young to know what a typewriter ribbon looks like see the Cincinnati Bengals as a franchise that rarely is able to get out of its own way. With the exception of 2005 when the Bengals won the AFC North Division title, the franchise has not had a winning record in any season since 1990. But in the 1970s, with Paul Brown either coaching the team or running it from the front office, the Bengals could make a case for themselves as the second-best team in the NFL. But because the best team in the NFL at the time was in the same division, the Bengals rarely got the recognition they deserved. Back then, the division was called the AFC Central. Today, it’s the AFC North, and on Sunday at Heinz Field, it’s going to be a throwback weekend in the sense that the Steelers and the Bengals will play a game in November with supremacy in the division very much at stake. In 2008, the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens played for the AFC Championship, and since the Steelers won the Super Bowl, a linear argument could be made that the Ravens were the second-best team in the NFL last year. Those teams met three times, with the second game deciding the division champion and the third game deciding the conference champion. In 2009, the Bengals have established themselves as a team that is right there competing for many of the same things. “It’s really not surprising that they’re a player in the (race),” said Coach Mike Tomlin. “They got their franchise quarterback back. They’re gaining continuity on defense. They picked up Cedric Benson, who ran very well over the second half of last year. He’s back. So it’s not surprising that they’re in the mix.” The Bengals are very much in the mix, primarily because they are undefeated against division foes so far this season. Cincinnati, at 4-0, already has swept the home-and-home from the Ravens, and they also have wins over the Browns in Cleveland and over the Steelers in Cincinnati. The Steelers’ 6-0 record in the division last year was what propelled them into the playoffs as a No. 2 seed last season; and it was their 5-1 record in 2007 that got them into the playoffs instead of the Browns when both teams finished 10-6. A team’s division record, therefore, is merely critical. “We know what Baltimore is about and what they’re capable of. I think that everybody in this division takes a great deal of pride in the quality of the teams in this division and how we play football in this division,” said Tomlin. “I’m sure I speak for the entire division when I say we’ll put what we do up against any division in football. It’s going to be an exciting game inside of Heinz Field, one that we’re going to be excited to be a part of. Classic AFC North warfare.” But back to the history lesson. In 1973, the Bengals and Steelers both finished 10-4, they split the home-and-home series, but Cincinnati won the division with a better conference record. In 1975, the Steelers were in the process of defending their first Super Bowl championship and posted a 12-2 regular season record, while the Bengals were 11-3 and the Houston Oilers were third at 10-4. Two of the Bengals’ three losses that season were to the Steelers, and they were eliminated from the playoffs by a 31-28 defeat in Oakland to the Raiders team that would advance to the conference championship game. That was then. This season, the Bengals are a team that’s tough enough and physical enough to have beaten the Ravens twice and beaten them up both times, a team that’s resilient enough to have erased a double-digit deficit in the second half to beat the Steelers. To Tomlin, none of that is a surprise because of the play of the Bengals’ franchise quarterback – Carson Palmer. “I was just looking at the Baltimore game this morning, Palmer pulled down a third-and-6 and ran for the first down,” said Tomlin. “This guy’s playing with an edge. He’s missed some football. He’s committed to driving this team. Guys of that mind-set will move the chains by any means possible. So we have to respect that element of it as we prepare, and ultimately as we play them.” Sunday at 1 p.m., with first place in the division at stake. Just like the old days.
  5. UNTAMED's Weekly NFL Predictions

    I'll give you a reason why to think the Bengals will win this Sunday : Carson Palmer. Palmer lost his first game against Baltimore (his third start of his career in '04) but since then has posted a 7-2 record against the Ravens. The Bengals have dominated the Ravens in the games he has been the starting QB.
  6. poor guy

  7. Bye Week Game Thread

    Hey did you guys see Housh's meltdown in the Seattle-Dallas game? After a third down where they failed to throw the ball his direction, T.J. went off on the field, and then began to yell at his coaches on the sideline (T.O. style). At the time of his outburst, he only had two catches......
  8. N B A starts

    I go with the Lakers. They seem to be the most complete team IMO, and I know Kobe is trying to catch Jordon's six rings. Only two more to go to tie........
  9. LA to build new stadium

    It will most likely be the Jags. When's the last time they even sold out a game anyhow? On a side note, what does everyone think about them trying to put a team in London? From a Londoner's perspective: Dumb idea. I wouldn't support them. Too invested in the Bengals for that. Maybe in 20 yrs or so if the fan base is still growing then sure. Right now, it is very much a minority sport over here. Maybe a million or so people watch the big games and maybe double that for the SB but the day after, no conversations about the game in the streets. It would cheapen the league as well right now. Now, what the NFL should maybe be looking at is tapping into some of the athletes in Europe/International markets first. There is a very very young and hugely amateur UK University league. Maybe help that as much as they can in terms of admin and expertise get a foothold and create a viable and long-term interest in the game at the grass roots level. There is a very strong underground of support and love of American football but it is still very underground. Jesus, rugby barely gets a look in over here. As American and culturally rooted football is in America, the same goes for soccer in most of the rest of the world. Sticking a Franchise in jolly ol' Ingerlund and throwing a couple of billion at it just won't cut it. Can you imagine playing for a team in London? Think about all the flying you would have to do. You would have to fly halfway across the globe for 10 games (2 preseason and 8 regular season) and maybe more if you make the playoffs and have to play a team in U.S. The past few years the teams that have played the annual overseas game has talked about how it has taken a lot out of them with all the extra travel, and thats just for one game out of the year. I can't even imagine what a team from London would go through doing that 10 or more times a year........
  10. Browns fans plan Monday Night Football protest

    They also got a Thursday Night prime time game on NFL network against the Steelers. Why? They haven't beaten the Steelers since 2003...and they play twice a year!
  11. Some Love for No. 9

    So was I Greg, and I was vilified for it. I didn't want him in there with an oline that porous because I knew he'd be hurt. Sure enough.... Sorry Ron, but if you played the game you would understand that you play your best players. It's football, everytime you step on that field you take the risk of getting hurt. Funny how you only address me when I wasn't the only one expressing that opinion, but no matter. You failed to grasp the logic in my post anyhow. Playing the game has nothing to do with making sound, logical decisions about what players to play and what decisions to make. And greenie, playing in pee wee football doesn't make you an expert on the NFL, man. I've played more than that buddy.. It has everything to do with playing the game. This game is about talent, focus, leadership/coaching, and many other things. Sitting your best player is not an option nor is it a logical decision. I'm just saying bro.. Your "logic" doesn't make up for what you lack in experience. Yeah, what've you played? I bet you're really good at "touch" football..... Hey guys, it was not my intent to get everybody into an argument. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If it came across that I was critisizing people's opinions on who should play between Palmer and Fitzpatrick then I apologize. In the end we are all Bengals fans and just want whats best for the team. We may have different views on how that should be done, but we all are on the same side.
  12. What game will you be watching

    Obviously I'll be watching the Ravens/Broncos score, and maybe even keeping an eye on the Cleveland/Chicago score hoping to see Cutler ripping the Browns apart. I also want to see how Brett plays in his return to Lambeau field as well.
  13. Something to get us through the bye week.

    Yeah that run against the Ravens always get me pumped as well. But you know what really pumps me up? Seeing the Bengals tied for first place in the AFC North on their bye week as opposed to being 1-4 or 0-5 etc........
  14. Some Love for No. 9

    Good to see Carson getting some much deserved praise. I remember in 08 before his season was officially ended by the elbow people were already chanting for Ryan Fitzpatrick to replace him because he was "more mobile". No one seem to care that Fitzpatrick could only throw the ball 10 yards downfield and only had 2% of Palmer's talent, they felt he was a better option than Palmer. Then this season rolls around and in the preseason some people were calling for O'Sullivan to replace Carson Palmer. Are You serious??? Ryan Fitzpatrick/O'Sullivan over Carson Palmer??? It's time Palmer started getting the respect he deserves. He has a winning record as an NFL QB, and I feel we still haven't seen his best yet.
  15. Most impressive win ever?

    I just realized that you have your games mixed up in your article. Reggie Williams retired after he 89' season, and the game he gave his halftime speech was during the 61-7 game we had already mentioned, not the playoff game. Also, Jerry Glanville was coaching the Falcons in 1990. In the 41-14 playoff game the Oilers were coached by Jack Pardee (I believe that was his name).