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  1. whats ocho stinko's problem

    If we could trade him for 2 draft picks then by all means trade him, but we still take the salary cap hit, thats the problem. The only way I see us trading him is us taking a salary in return, to help balance things out. IMHO, I would let the bastard sit on the bench and show him we can win w/o him and suspend him w/o pay!!!
  2. Utech signed!

    There is no way the Colts can match this offer after having dumped big money on Dallas Clark, they will not tie up another 3 million on a backup TE. This allows us to focus heavily on the Defensive side of the ball, and allows us to draft for depth at RB,OL,WR on the offensive side of the ball on day 2 of the draft. This allows our first 4-5 picks to be defensive!
  3. 2008 Defense

    Well the way this draft is looking so far in most of the mocks, it looks like we are in a good position to be able to trade down. With Ellis,Dorsey,and Gholston expected to be gone by #9 someone will want to trade up to land Ryan Clady, and we should drop back in the 1st and acquire an extra 3rd for it. Guys I like in the 1st round are: 1)Kenny Phillips-(FS-Miami)-he is the best S in the draft and fills a need and allows our secondary to be one of the youngest in the league, and eventually a very, very good one! 2)Keith Rivers-(OLB-USC)-very althetic LB that would probably be WSB in the pros, good sideline to sideline guy and provides solid play in the front 7. 3)Calais Campbell-(DE-Miami)-good pass rusher off the edge, would allow us to rotate alot on the DL to keep our guys fresher, provides solid depth at a highly regarded position. 4)Dan Connor-(LB-PSU)-solid LB who makes plays, would be a Zach Thomas type guy in the middle for us and would allow us to play the hybrid 3-4 defense on passing downs, solid guy that would solidify the LB corps! Just some guys that could be had in round 1 (10-20picks) that would help out our Defense, and we bolster other areas of need with the newly acquired 3rd rounder by trading down. Thoughts?
  4. Who to Cut

    Well if I needed to free up some cap space to help bring in Free Agents than these are the guys that I would be looking to cut based on our current roster: 1)Dexter Jackson-we are going to designate Madieu the franchise guy and rightly so, he is young fills a need, and it still allows us to bring in other Free Agents, while Dexter is injury prone, getting older, and has a cap hit of 1.3....we have Nduke that needs to be the starting SS. 2)John Thornton-he dosnt get enough penetration into the opposing backfield and is too small to be on the DL, we can rplace him through the draft and FA, or let Fanene start. His cap hit is @ 3million 3)Rudi-I would try to restructure his contract to a 2 year deal to lower the cap hit and make him a short yardage back, if he's unwilling to be that role than I cut him and look to the draft.
  5. mock draft #1

    Agreed we simply cannot afford to take anothe CB in round 1, especially with him being a nickle corner. IMHO we should go after BPA on the board at all times, and look to trade down to acquire extra picks. Ideal situation would have us drop back to around 15 and gain an extra 3rd round pick. If we hold steady then these are my guys: 1) Vernon Gholston(DE) 2)Calais Campbell(DE) 3)Kenny Williams(FS) 4)Ryan Clady(OT) 5)Sedrick Ellis(DT)
  6. Sporting News Bengals Year in Review

    Well there is no doubt that changes need to be made on both sides of the ball and we are off to a good start by dismissing Bresnahan. We simply cannot be a defense that relies solely on turnovers, the NFL is too good week in/week out, we must be solid enough to stop opposing offenses by smash mouth hard nosed defense ie 3 and out!!! So here is my offseason plans if I were GM: 1) Allow Marvin to hire his coaches, I truly believe we will see Donnie Henderson as our new DEF. Cor! he did a good job while in NYJ and he will bring more fire and hard nosed play to the defense. 2)Free up Salary cap $$$ to be players in FA. IMHO these guys have shown they are expendible: a)Dexter Jackson-old,injured, and we have replacements in Nduke/White...1.3mil savings b)John Thornton-undersized,aging,and not worthy of the cap hit, we need to get bigger/younger. c)Rudi Johnson-yes he has become injury prone, cant bust the big yardage, and simply we cannot afford to pay him 3.2 million for a 3yard average. 3)Players I would try to resign to reasonable market value contracts(MARKET VALUE) A1)Resign TJ to a long term contract equal to the leagues top 10 salaries!!!!! a)Justin Smith-solid 100 tackle guy, but needs help around him, but not worth more than 5 million per! b)Madieu Williams-young, needs to regain form of rookie season, but is still worth keeping c)Dhani Jones-good leader plays WLB spot well, solid tackler, can play 3-4,4-3 d)Stacy Andrews-excellent OL man, is pushing to start now! e)Landon Johnson-solid LB plays multiple positions, and is consistant f)Alex Stepanovich-steady center who I think is better than Ghiachic! g)Glen Holt-good return man, steady 4-5reciever. h)Deltha O'neal-no longer a starter, but nickle and dime man i)Kyle larson-he has given stability to punt/kicking game/ST 4)Target Quality FREE AGENTS! a)Albert Haynesworth-solid DT but can we land him...odds 10-15% b)Michael Turner-speed RB....odds less than 10% someone will overpay! c)Terrell Suggs-would be my #1 target as LB/DE but will he be franchised? 5)Draft BPA every round!!! a)focus on needs DL/LB/OL/S/TE/WR
  7. Is Marvin forcing Tennessee's hand?

    I am all for drafting the BPA, and if its Ginn then heck yeah, we can get DB's in the later rounds. Ginn gives us the 3rd Reciever we need allowing us to put Tab Perry in TE on 3rd downs. Ginn also upgrades the punt return game, and possibly allows us to cut Antonio Chapman as a cap casulty,
  8. Falcons want O'neal?

    Well if we are to trade Deltha O'Neal to the Falcons than I am all for it. I would rather see us go in another direction at CB. Sure he had a great year 2 years ago, but where was he last year? IMHO we will not get a 1st or 2nd round pick for him, thats not gonna happen, but I would be exstatic if we could steal their 3rd rounder(75) for him. That would allow us so much flexability on the first day of the draft, I would love this scenerio. Rd 1: Darrell Revis(CB)-Pittsburgh. I think this guy will be a solid starter right away, and a future pro-bowler for years to come, and it gives us 2 very young and talented CB's. Rd 2: Tanard Jackson(CB/S)-Syracuse. This guy is a pure hitter in the secondary and could replace Ratliff as the nickle back right away, and be the eventual replacement of Dexter Jackson. rd 3: Rufus Alexander(OLB)-Oklahoma. This guy will provide solid depth on the outside and will push for playing time as the season wears on. He provides solid depth on a team weakness.
  9. Compensatory Pick????

    Yeah that extra 7th rounder will allow us to draft a QB in the 6th round to groom behind Palmer. Then we can address some areas for depth in the 7th round, hopefully S/TE.
  10. Bengals Sign Stepanovich

    It is what it is...a good cheap backup at a position of need on the O-line. It allows us to have a veteran backup and allows us to draft other positions. Good low risk high reward signing!
  11. The Bengals 6 Draft Picks

    I like all the picks except 1, Garrett Wolfe, I think he is an injury waiting to happen. With the re-signing of Watson, I think this will be the year either Chris Perry performs, or we cut bait and draft a RB next year. We have Quincey Wilson remember so we are ok. I would rather that we use that 6th rounder on either a TE or another LB for special teams. I do like Reggie Nelson in the 1st though, he will allow us to show multiple packages on defense. And the kid from Duke can play!
  12. Compensatory Draft Picks

    Well with us virtually signing no one in FA, we are almost certain to acquire 4 comp picks in next years draft. I think it will play out like this: Steinbach-3rd round Wilkins,Stewart,-7th round KK,Wright,Smith-5th round So with a 3rd,5th, and 2 7th's, we are poised to add alot of depth to next years roster. That's why this years draft is going to be so important that we get the right player's on DEFENSE! We must focus on rebuilding the secondary and LB corps in this draft. If we dont then we failed.
  13. Well why not here is my 7 round mock draft: rd 1: We trade down in the first round and gain a 3rd rounder, and select- Marcus Macauley(CB) Fresno State 6'0 190 ----he pushes to start against Deltha O neill rd 2: Quincey Black(OLB) 6'3 232 ---he can play opposite LJ and replaces Brian Simmons rd 3: Tanard Jackson(CB) Syracuse 6'1 195 ----he may force us to release O'Neill and he becomes the nickle back, and allows us to move Keiwan Ratliff to a safety position. rd 4: Mike Otto(OT) 6'5 305 Purdue ----he replaces Eric Steinbach and provides young depth on the OLine. He was a solid starter at Purdue rd 5: Brandon Archer(OLB) 6'2 225 Kansas State ----gives us excellant LB depth and replaces Marcus Wilkins on special teams at the onset, may force us to release Andre Frazier rd 6: Ken Scott(DT) 6'2 325 Texas Tech ---replaces Shaun Smith on the d-line and allows us to rotate a solid front, and becomes someone's replacement in 2008(Adams,JT,Fanene) rd 7: Dan Coats(TE) 6'3 265 BYU ---second TE on the BYU team behind Johnny Harline still caught 22 passes for a 10 yard average, may be a product of the BYU offense, but he becomes a solid backup TE behind R.Kelly. Many may not like this draft, but I at least can point out that: 1-we get better and younger in the secondary. 2-we have solidified the LB's and helped stabilize special teams 3-we got 2 youngsters on the OLine to groom 4-we added depth to the defensive front ----I wanted to focus on the defensive flaws as much as possible in this draft, and still be able to add depth at some key offensive positions of need. NOTE- I didn't draft a QB cause we have the room to sign one later, or use an UDFA to fill the 3rd string spot. Either way Carson is the man!!!!
  14. Stewart to Oakland?

    My thoughts exactly! We cannot continue to overvalue our players, thats what gets us in trouble. As far as the FA's we have lost the one that truly hurts us is Steinbach, but we have Whitworth/Andrews to fill in as a replacement, so we are ok. Also, this should net us a solid 3rd round compensatory pick in 2008 draft. As far as our resignings I like the Kelly and Watson signings, Kelly is a solid blocker and Watson is a good 3rd down back. I wouldn't be opposed to us sitting out the rest of free agency till after the draft, then we can find a good veteren role player for depth. As far as the draft here is my 1st 4 round targets: Rd 1:Chris Houston(CB) Darrell Revis(CB) Laron Landry(S) or Amobi Okoye(DT) rd 2: Rufus Alexander(OLB) or Tank Tyler(DT) rd 3: hopefully we can gain a trade down pick here rd 4: Matt Spaeth(TE) or OT/OG depth
  15. Justin Smith garnering interest!

    Read on Bengals.com that there is interest in Justin Smith, just not for 2 first round draft picks. So in reality why cant we be creative and trade him to a team for a 1st and 3rd round pick in this years draft? This allows us to play Rucker at DE and pick up some solid youngsters in the draft. It gives us flexability in the first 3 rounds to address the defense and snag a TE also. All the while also saving @ 8 million on the cap hit to address some areas of free agency. I just think that we need to look at all avenues regarding Justin Smith, and what we could address by trading him, this trade could totally rebuild our defense if done right.