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  1. The positives in the 2010 season

    We all know how disappointing 2010 was.. but I see a lot of bright spots in our season. A lot of the younger guys were able to develop. Here are some of the good things that I noticed that we have going for us heading into next season: -Dunlap had 9.5 sacks, all in the second half of the season. -Pat Sims and the other young guys who came in to replace our D-line really improved -Andre Smith finally got some good playing time, even though he got reinjured again -Reggie Nelson started to pick it up in the last week, with a forced fumble and an INT. couple hard hits as well -Bernard Scott looked good, even though he was underplayed -We get the 4th pick overall (why... when we lost to the bills. I thought we'd get third) -No idea what changes Marvin tried to make, but hopefully they will really help the team -Jermaine Gresham was leading all rookies in receptions in believe? -Shipley looked great -Jerome Simpson. Add that to a healthy Jonathan Joseph and Pacman. No TO distraction and hopefully no Bratkowski and I think we can have a solid team next year. Kind of the way we had a 4-11-1 team before sweeping our division last year. Oh yeah and we have a MUCH easier schedule next year. Thoughts?
  2. Worse loss under Marvin?

    how about the eeerily similar game against the raiders where we were up 7 points with a minute and a half to go before giving up 10 points and losing in regulation. how about the deflected pass against the broncos last season to lose the game how about the missed pat against the broncos in 06 to make the playoffs or the missed 37 yarder against the steelers in the 06 season finale to make the playoffs or the last time we did play the bucs and lost on a bad call to lose to a winless team, that win wouldve put us in the playoffs as well in 06 idk the bengals blow way too many games its ridiculous.
  3. Kenny Irons

    What the hell ever happened to him? I know the Bengals don't need him. But still. He looked like a good prospect
  4. Fire Bratkowski!

    I can't see this guy leading us to a SB. Anyone agree? EDIT: Meant to type Bratowski in the topic line. Last season I used to call for both of them gone but Bresnahan was the only one who was actually fired.
  5. The Shayne Graham Thread

    this is the same guy who missed that 37 yarder to get into the playoffs against the steelers. I think id rather have ochocinco kicking a clutch kick than this guy...........

    this guy is horrible. i don't care if we have a high third down conversion rate if we put ourselves in third and longs on the regular. stop running the ball on 2nd and long. stop running the ball on the most predictable plays. We led the league in third down attempts in 2008 with 238, we're third this season with 203 (not including today). Anyone else have a problem with him running on 2nd and longs all the time?
  7. Ahmad Brooks

    just recovered another fumble. this guys amazing.
  8. Ahmad Brooks

    just forced another fumble.... Oh how much I wish he didn't punch that woman in the face.
  9. Chad Ocho Cinco on First Take

    Anyone see it? I only caught the last ten minutes but Ocho Cinco seemed pretty mad at Bayless. All I saw was Bayless call Ocho Cinco a sideshow for kicking that PAT and Ocho Cinco saying that they needed him so he kicked.. I loved when he called Bayless out for speaking on what he doesn't know though..
  10. Bengals defense ranked 12th YPG and YPP

    zimmers legit.
  11. Chad says he hasn't learned

    That's hard to do when he's seemingly always in the news. Besides, I'm immune to the pain of rooting for Cincinnati. Living from the 60's and into the new millennium with them can cause callouses which help with the pain. chad used to always say these ridiculous things with a straight face and then break out a smile to show hes kidding and the commentators would laugh. but with each interview he seems to be more serious. in todays interview he just paused and commentators waited for him to say hes kidding and nothing happened. Asked if he has learned anything from his benching for a verbal altercation with a Cincinnati Bengals coach, receiver Chad Ocho Cinco thought for a few seconds before barely smiling and giving a one-word answer. "No," he said, then tried to move on.
  12. Chad Johnson

    isnt he injured.. why doesnt he just get his surgery now and sit out this season like hes suggesting palmer do?
  13. BBratkowski loves CHenry

    tj will probably leave and considering the way the rooks prob would not have made an immediate impact idreallyc about last years draft. maybe simpson will be ready by next season.. i dunno how good caldwell will ever be though.
  14. ProFootballCentral.com: Marvin may be out by "end of week"

    im guessing marvin would leave or maybe he got into a fight with brown over the last signing
  15. Fantasy League

    1 spot left League ID#: 55677 League Name: Browns suck Password: abcdefg FAsstttt!