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  1. I think something to do with Patriot Act made it legal to do all these things. Though it's silly and annoying... if they stop caring, it might happen then. The odds are so tiny, but... if I have to be annoyed for a few minutes for this, I think it's a good idea.
  2. But you guys would yell at the people in charge if a bomb did go off and nobody was being pat down...
  3. Rackers

    Yeah, really.. Rack was horrible when he was here. Even though I think we won this game, the anouncer sounding mortified and saying, "He missed the extra point..!!" will always ring inside my head. ~.~
  4. What happened to the crowd noise?

    I don't think that's fair, some of the wind was taken out of the fans' sails. They were used to seeing the Bengals score like 20 points in the first half, so to see something low scoring can be demoralizing. And, several silly penalties and some big plays getting called back... that can make it hard to be excited.
  5. Sacks vs Interceptions?

    Well, interceptions are always better than sacks, of course.. an immediate turn-over isn't something you can argue with. So, if it was a hard schedual and I had to choose between my team getting interceptions or sacks, I'd pick interceptions. No, it doesn't matter so long as we're winning, but we can't expect for this to happen so regularly. Of course, we still have lots of both of those things, so nobody can complain... but staying on topic, interceptions turn the tide of any game faster than a sack.
  6. Chad on the Mayne Event

    It sounds cute, I want to see it also!
  7. Looking at the rest of our scheduale...

    I kind of disagree about the choking thing, I think right now it does look that way... we have SO many penalties that kill big plays... It's been like that all season now... Maybe we won't tank the whole season like the Vikings did, but we can't keep this up and not tank important games. Fortunately, our schedual looks really easy... So maybe it won't be such a big deal... But, at some point, we really WILL take a win away from ourselves... I guess I just want a winning season more than anything, and I think we'll get that. I just hope we can learn some discipline quickly... and that we don't run out of steam... It's a young team, after all.
  8. 4-0!!

    I don't know... you say our defense didn't play well, but the stats say we did.. but... we did allow lots of big plays, we got gashed every third play it seemed. That being said, though, Houston's offense isn't so bad, they have lots of talent and Carr seems like he can really deal with being sacked. They've got a good RB, a good QB and a good WR... they're like a mini version of us... er.. without the OL... But anyway, getting hit so hard by the Texans isn't such a bad thing. I think our D just had a bad day and the Texans had a good game. Remember when I was saying they were due to play well? And we were due for a loss? We almost shot ourselves in the foot! Well, I said that to say this; I don't think our defense is really as bad as it looked. The Texans have a better offense than they're credited for and they were due for a good game, and our D wasn't used not to getting 5 picks every game. Of course, 6 sacks is okay too, but you get what I meant. ^.^
  9. Texans Bengals Game Thread

    TD killed by a penalty? That won't work.. ~_~
  10. Texans Bengals Game Thread

    GRR!! They've got paid programming on instead of the game! Uhg! The one time I get stuck near Cleveland, and they don't have the game on. I'm stuck watching Tampa. Grrrr.... There's a SCRABBLE tournament on, but I can't watch my Bengals. *sniffle* Life isn't fair..
  11. What's Black & Orange & Liberal All Over?

    It's always nice to read something like that and to think that such an important and influencial newspaper is saying such nice things about us, though... I suppose that was more of a recent history lesson than anything... I find it annoying that people still don't want to give CJ props for being one of the top receivers in the NFL.
  12. Starting 4-0...How Significant is it?

    If we're going to beat the good teams, we have to beat the bad ones... so starting 4-0 is very important.
  13. Yeah, it's kind of funny... Homerism is fine, but it seems this person is the ONLY one not sold on the Bengals. If we can cut down penalties, who can beat us if we play well?
  14. Texans Motivational Poster

    Hehehe, that's cute. ... In a.. weird.. kinda way... Anyway, very funny. ^.^
  15. Madieu hurt?

    A trap game is like this... Even the worst Bengals' teams played well once in a while. And even the best teams play bad. If there's one time that will happen, it's this game. Cincinnati clearly has the better team and the Texans are in disarray.. but.. they WILL pull it together eventually. And with all of our penalties and sloppy play, when another team plays well, we will be in trouble... That's this game. It's a trap. That's more for the fans than the franchise, though... we expect we'll win, and we should.. but... Bad teams win sometimes. And they beat good teams. This is important that way... the superbowl teams don't let it happen.