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  1. Official Don't Look Over The Browns Thread

    Yeah.. I see were your coming from and were better than we were in 2003 and this year we know how important this game, or any other game in that case, will be. There will be turnovers ooo yes turnovers and i think we'll win that and try to keep in control of ball possession. If we do that we will win. Score-Bengals: 28 Browns: 14
  2. Humble Steelers Fan

  3. John Thornton gone?

    I wonder where he is going? Is he a FA next year? I think he might go into FA but he'll want some money (prolly more than needed) if he wants to get signed by a team that is halfway decent but thats if he leaves since I really dont know the outcome yet of his situation
  4. Join The Worldwide Bengalszone Members Locator

    I did already... Pretty cool
  5. Bring on the 9-0 Colts/merged threads

    Good Game but the final score should be... (just a hinch) Bengals - 24 Colts - 21
  6. Filling our needs for next year?

    I'm sure you are saying that tongue in cheek, but you can have his punk ass. TO Trade his butt to Houston! But if we got TO and traded him to Houston... Who would we get in return, you can't possibly be thinking a Houston Texan
  7. Bengals' By The #'s

    When did the color of our clothes affect how we play against the Ravens in Baltimore, but still useful information.
  8. USA Today Midseason Report

  9. Give the f-in ball

    I might have if they would have made the fg and td but nope no sensual pleasure... damit
  10. Bob Bratkowski

    I agree with you just because i dont like how they changed up some stuff that i didn't think was necessary... especailly with the dump passes to rudi j instead of chris. But people make mistakes maybe he should start workin on those
  11. Realistic chances to win the AFCN

    The bengals have gone 1-4 in the beginning of the last 2 seasons like derek said and i have faith in the bengals that they will take advantage of the schedule and how they are already 5-2.. besides the fact that we lost im still siked for how much better we are doing and i garentee to get better then a 8-8 season record the way we are playing
  12. Pittsburgh - The Inside Scoop

    I wouldnt say that Tommy Maddox sucks because he hasnt started in a game for a while now. Even though the one that he started before the jags game he lost, he still hasn't had enough playing time to recently show what hes all about. I agree he's had more downs then ups, thrown 2 picks at the end of the game when they could have just kicked the field goal, and also went 5 wide in overtime on 3rd down... ok nevermind he sucks. Since now Rottenburger will be playing the sqeelers wont have an excuse when they lose... o and also, i hope we make Rottenburger play like Maddox did.