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  1. Roster Moves

    Mods: Can we please get Blueridge banned now? The above is a personal attack ONLY, with no actual on-topic discussion Moreover, this person has been doing the same for years here It's time Wah! Wah! wah! If you aren't man enough to face the truth, I gladly withdraw. Undefeated. which makes you a ...
  2. Roster Moves

    I take this as a sign that Burfict may be done for the year. I think it's just a replacement for DiManche. But that said, I agree that it looks like Burfict is done for 2014. And like you said it may be a blessing is disguise given how much he rattled his cage this season. Y'know, for all the bitching that's been done about Dalton, Hue, Marvin and Paulie G., consider that this year they've been without Marvin Jones Tyler Eifert Sean Porter Alex Smith Moobs half the season Thompson and FNR for about 9 or 10 games combined Burfict for all but 3 or 4 games Geno and Hall nowhere near 100% Green for a couple games and playing hurt the rest Gio for a couple games MJ gone AC gone Baby Hawk gone Bilikudi, stolen by Ravens, forcing them to play Still Yet they are a missed chip shot figgie from 9-3 coming into December. Not bad. Not bad at all. Also consider that some teams, such as the Steelers, have almost nobody of any note on IR. Why would anybody miss AC and MJ after seeing their mediocre and uninspired play for the Bucs?
  3. Roster Moves

    Yep, And what does it say about the viability of Kirkpatrick, that he can't beat out a guy with two blown/repaired achilles? Assuming we give Dennard a pass this season while he gets up to speed. My Football Management 101 desk guide would say that Kirkpatrick is a B-U-S-T. If Hall, with his fixed Achilles, is still more viable than DreKirk, why even keep DreKirk and draft Dennard? Seems a mess to me. That they felt that keeping Hall, with two young r1 Corners on the roster, was more important than keeping AC and evolving the line so he could be the LT going forward, with Whit moving inside to LG (as they were when they played their best last year) is a baffling thing. Moobs has been decently durable, as has Whit but with no real quality OT in the wings, the whole decision process for the salary cap, and contracts seems like they F'd up. Losers are whining about our back-up LT from last year again. They are also flexing their personnel chops by second-guessing the people who actually know the game.
  4. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    Marvin Lewis giving another team bulletin board material is odd. This guy, on a couple of occasions this season, seems to have just let his mouth run with an editor. Is this how successful coaches approach a playoff run? As far as beefs go, I am really tired of this no-information policy concerning injuries. Eifert dislocated his elbow. What else? Burfict had a mysterious surgical procedure on his knee. What else" In lieu of actual info, we get the HC mocking the other team's QB. I think I'm finally getting tired of Lewis' act.
  5. Roster Moves

    Well said, couldn't agree more. How else is he to pay for world class medical treatment for a rare and complex kind of cancer? Obamacare? If this were England or Canada, Still's daughter would probably be on some waiting list as her condition worsened. Lost in your comment is the fact that Still's little girl is getting the best possible medical treatment and its being paid for.
  6. Roster Moves

    You and Dehner must have met in the butt doctor's waiting room.
  7. Roster Moves

    Apparently the report was wrong, or Cobi got a better offer. Instead Dehner reports they picked up some kid from Baylor, WR Tevin Reese. Dehner adds this nugget: Ouch. Sounds as if Dehner is butt-hurt that Hamilton wasn't the guy. Hamilton had his opportunity and blew it. At least Reese had more than one season of production in college-the guy had 25 career TDs. As for being the "worst" offensive player for the Chargers, it is peculiar that Dehner chose this as the one thing to mention about the new guy, You'd think that by now he would have gotten used to being wrong about his Bengals personnel assessments. I was hoping Hampton would make good, but there has to be something that kept him from getting drafted or signed as an UDFA until the summer or from getting even a sniff at some practice squad.
  8. Jets @ Bengals Game Thread

    Nonsense about Bodine.
  9. If thy would have taken Louche Pureifoy or Marcus Roberson here you would be tripping all over yourself.
  10. 3rd Round: Will Clarke, DE, West Virginia

    they have 6 more picks. but you just had to start whining after 3.
  11. 3rd Round: Will Clarke, DE, West Virginia

    wrong. He was projected as a 3-4 round pick by most. and you are already calling him a bust. genius!
  12. 2nd Round: Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU

    Only thing to remember is that's an awesome o-line he is running behind. The Bengals? Right now not so much. We'll see if he can do that running behind our line. the bengals have a better o-line than LSU.
  13. Free Agency

    You are probably an expert on bonehead moves!! Right?!! There you go!!!
  14. Free Agency

    Your post is stupid on so many levels that I am actually impressed. You are a force to be reckoned with.