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  1. NFL Pre-season Games Online?

    This link actually works for me online, sorry halftime already http://www.pvrst.com/s6.html
  2. Lions DT Nick Fairley to Visit

    Not sure how a guy with 4 sacks last year, or who has only had more than 4 sacks twice in his entire career, "improves" them much, when they desperately need another stud DT, in other words am not sure you let him prevent you from improving your team with a rush signing? Also, seeing the $6.8 mil cap hit for ReyM, and $1M for Winston, and $5.5m for Boling, makes me cringe. All 3 of those guys were expendable in my opinion, and don't "improve" your team at all from last year. My guess is, after the cap gets Hobsonified, Fairley takes time to see what he can get elsewhere. Fairley isn't going to throw up 12-15 sacks, but he will play huge in he run game and is an upgrade over Still an Thompson for certain. He's not Suh but he is more ismilar to Atkins, IMHO. At this point, makes no sense to complain about Rey, they wanted him so that's that. I think bringing Hawk in will push Rey adn that's a good thing. Probably the smrtest move ws giving Lamur a 2mr round tender, as i consider him a real sleeper. Once Burfict is back and there is even a modicum of a pass rush, Lamur will shine really bright.Get Dennard and Kirkpatrick rolling and maybe we'll see more coverage sacks, hopefully. Boling is a core component on the line. He is an excellent run blocker and the fact that he'd been pursued should indicate how well regarded he was. I, for one, amd stoked he returns. He will improve in pass pro, so things look up there. Winston is another smart depth signing, hard to not like him. Gone are the days when it was Roland who was the key depth player. Again, hard to think this is a bad move. Only thing making me truly cringe at this point is the lack of clarity on the Hall contract. They've paid him almost $30M and most of that has gone o him during his injury rehab (obviously not his fault but it's clear hes not the player he once was) I think they need to clarify their plans for him and his contract. Thye have Kirkpatrick and Dennard both seemingly ready to step up and continuing o fund Hall at such a high level burns money they'd b able to channel into improving the pass rush or even into a vet WR, or even more QB depth. Anything but paying elite money for an aging, rebuilt CB who has clearly lost a step or two. Put it thins way, would the Bengals, or any team, ofer Hall a similar deal if he were on the street today? Heck no. Hard to criticize Hall for playing out the string but the last i checked the Bengals can void any contract at any time, especially for the betterment of the team. This is the ugly business side of things that must happen, lest the Bengals woul prefer disadvantage themselves, while th rest of the league operates quite on the contrary. agree all with all of that King, I definitely saw Kirkpatrick (who had been hurt previously and never got a chance to really develop) and Dennard showing that they need to play. I have loved Hall, but he is not what he was and commands too much money at this point. I would be happy to sign Fairly and re-sign MJ and call it a day until the draft.
  3. Greshams departure imminent

    stated perfectly, this dude has drove me nuts for his lack of grey matter play.
  4. Premier League Sign-ups ready to go!

    I'm in, thanks for setting it up Skyline!
  5. 2nd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    All I can say is we better trade up at some point. There is no way there are 10 roster spots available on our team. We need to package 3 or 4 picks and move up into the 2nd or another 3rd and go after some quality, because quantity is not needed (and I am glad to say that). I really don't care to see us cut 4 draft picks and we will if we do not trade up - that's pretty damn obvious! With that said, I do like our first 2 picks - who dey!
  6. Scheduled FA Visits to the Bengals 2012

    From the article on Bengals.com, the following quote: "He played the entire 2005 and 2007 seasons and parts of '09 and last year at left tackle" - not sure if they mean he played the entire year at LT or parts, but how many of the 30 pressures he gave up where at LT? He will obviously play G for us unless injuries cause some line shuffling.
  7. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread.

    Well, obviously, we have very long way to go, but, lets enjoy something for a moment, click on this: />http://espn.go.com/nfl/standings?type=playoffs&sort=conferenceRank&order=false who dey!!
  8. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    The D looked fairly sick, except for the safety postion, two big plays because safeties did not play "safe"ty - maybe it will get better - Nelson played well in all other areas, but the bottom line is no one gets behind u - that must change now or we will suffer alot this year on big plays when the rest of the D is pretty damn good and that will be sad and extremely frustrating... I firmly believe this is the best D-line in Bengals history - they all make plays and there is tons of depth ---- I've watched the Bengals a pretty damn long time and I've not seen this before...maybe in the Eddide Edwards days, but I was pretty damn young back then - Go Stripes!
  9. Fantasy Football

    I think Weaponized did the autopick! really, i just looked at everyones top 5 or so and moved on, I did think everyone did pretty well though, no crazy stuff I'm just saying he did really well without being present. Agreed!
  10. Fantasy Football

    I think Weaponized did the autopick! really, i just looked at everyones top 5 or so and moved on, I did think everyone did pretty well though, no crazy stuff
  11. Fantasy Football

    Just looking quickly, Weaponized looks pretty solid... Everyone looks pretty good though, good luck all!
  12. Bengals - Panthers Pregame/Game Thread.

    You're talking about Dalton right? For a second there I thought I was having a flashback to Carson Palmer's 2010. I think Dalton will be fine, in fact I am encouraged. He is a rookie QB and both he and his teammates are ALL in a new system. If you watch where misses, he is usually too high or too far out in front of the route. It seems to be pretty damn consistant and I think we all know that timing is more than crucial. Time helps timing when everything is new for all. At first glance, he looks the part too me - quick decision making, confident commanding and absolutley zero "deer in the headlight" moments, which most of us have seen before with Akili. I just see a confident "it" factor that cannot be taught and maybe not explained. Hopefully, we do not have a season that gives him no chance and tears down his confidence as both a leader and in his abilities. The only negatives I see thus far are the fact that he has not read much through his progressions (from option 1 through 4) and the fact that he is not a monster arm-strength wise. With that, I would guess he is told to hit option one right now virtually everytime if it is available and therefore will develop when allowed. As far as arm-strength, I'll take accuracy over that factor any day of the week. I do not know of too many "accurate" QB's that failed (maybe zero), but I can name plenty of the others. I guess the question is whether he will be as accurate as advertised (most of the pundits said he was #1 there in this year's draft), if so, then the future looks pretty damn nice. Consider the below and whether or not you see a man who looks like he already knows it can happen - I see the "leader/it" factor.....maybe I'm wrong, but I sure as hell hope not. Factors to keep in mind: * rookie QB (obviously) * new system for all offensively * young at all skill positions other than Ced * lockout that took away MAJOR time from all young skilled-positioned offensive players (really hits us - Dalton, Green, Simpson and Gresham) Timing issues seem to relate to all of the above to me........Go Bengals!
  13. Fantasy Football

    There are 5 of 12 spots taken at the moment - 12 days until the current draft date. Billy and Scottish saying they will play if needed, so we at least need 5 more - if anyone wants to join, please do - still several spots left!
  14. Fantasy Football

    Do we have only 4 in these second league so far (including Billy)? Thanks
  15. Preseason Game 1 vs. Detroit Lions-8/12/11

    Both sites have either been shut down or sued. It's pretty damn hard to find streaming stuff these days. Ok thanks Derek and Fat Old Sun - I'll take a look when I get home from work