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  1. Bengals fans in Cleveland

    For the last year I have been going to the BW3s in the Flats. There are usually 7or 8 Bengals fans there.
  2. Tracking the Cleveland Spending Spree

    The Cleveland stations just said that they signed/will sign former Ravens punter Dave Zastadil (sp?). He grew up in CLeveland like Joe Jerevicus
  3. Very Early Names For 1st Round Pick?

    I googled 2006 mock drafts and I checked out a few of them to see who they thought we would get. I went to eight different websites and there was only one player that appeared twice for us. The names that came up were Rod Wright, Gabe Watson, Darnell Bing, Mercedes Lewis, Claude Wroten, Jesse Mellhona (twice), and Chad Greenway.
  4. What is the point of hvaing a salary cap if teams can exceed it? What is the penalty for going over the cap?
  5. Carson rehab/Kimotherapy/Career (Not)Over Freakout

    found this on another board http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/foot...mer.surgery.ap/ 'Potentially career-ending' Doctor says Palmer's knee injury worse than expected Posted: Thursday January 12, 2006 7:22PM; Updated: Thursday January 12, 2006 7:22PM Carson Palmer was injured on this hit on his second play of his first playoff game. Andy Lyons/Getty Images RELATED • CHADIHA Bengals will get stronger CINCINNATI (AP) -- Carson Palmer's knee injury was "devastating and potentially career-ending," involving numerous ligament tears, a shredded ligament, damaged cartilage and a dislocated kneecap, his surgeon said Thursday. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback tore ligaments in his left knee when he was hit by Pittsburgh's Kimo von Oelhoffen on his first pass during the Steelers' 31-17 playoff victory Sunday. The team announced that he had torn the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments. The damage was much more extensive and severe, but Dr. Lonnie Paulos said surgery went well and Palmer could be back for the start of the season. Palmer had surgery Tuesday in Houston. Doctors used grafts from other parts of his body and donated tissue to fix the damage during an operation that lasted more than two hours. Palmer headed back to California on Thursday to do his rehabilitation. "It's not just like it was a torn ACL," Paulos said Thursday, in a phone interview from Houston. "It's a magnitude more difficult to recover from and repair. It can and has ended careers, without a doubt. "However, I feel very comfortable with Carson as an athlete and the heart that he's got. In the end, that's the bottom line. I can see the look in his eye already. He's ready to get going." Paulos, an orthopedic surgeon who has worked with the U.S. Ski Team since 1983, replaced the anterior cruciate ligament, which runs through the middle of the knee and provides stability. He said the medial collateral ligament, which runs along the side of the knee, was damaged "real bad." "On a scale of 1 to 3, it was a 4," he said. "It was off the chart. It was pretty badly damaged -- shredded is the better term." The kneecap dislocated when Palmer was hit, damaging tissue around it. There also was some cartilage damage, he said. Paulos was able to repair the knee without removing pieces of cartilage or soft tissue, a good sign. "The things that were torn could be repaired," he said. "They were not torn beyond repair. So he's got all his parts in there, which is good. We're optimistic, actually." If rehabilitation goes well, Palmer could be running in a couple of months and might be able to play in the first regular season game, Paulos said. The 2006 schedule hasn't been set. Palmer has worn a protective brace on the left knee since he sprained it near the end of the 2004 season. The knee bowed inward on von Oelhoffen's hit even though Palmer was wearing the brace, "The brace didn't function well in this environment and should have done better than it did, frankly," Paulos said. The plan is for Palmer to wear more substantial braces on both knees when he returns. "No brace is perfect," Paulos said. "No brace can prevent every injury, but they do help." Paulos saw the replay of the injury and wasn't surprised at the extent of the damage it caused. Palmer has absolved von Oelhoffen, saying he didn't think the lineman was trying to hurt him. The lineman said he was trying to sack Palmer, not injure him. He wasn't penalized for the hit. Palmer made the Pro Bowl in only his second season as a starter, throwing an NFL-leading 32 touchdown passes. The club extended his contract through the 2014 season. Jon Kitna, who has been Palmer's backup and mentor the last two years, can become a free agent. Palmer's injury will force the Bengals to make sure they have another reliable quarterback on board. Copyright 2005 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
  6. Carson rehab/Kimotherapy/Career (Not)Over Freakout

    I was at BW3's and watch watching NFL network and was reading the scrolling updates and they had report that Carson's doctor said " Carson's injury was devastating and potentially career ending". I dont want to start another rumor on this board but coming from NFL network it seems pretty reliable. Has anybody heard anything else like that?
  7. Who do you pull for now?

    Da Bears..Dont know why though. I think because we beat the snot out of them
  8. Scheduled Press Conference at 7pm w/ Chad

    much ado about nothing...thank god
  9. CHAD's incident

    If this is true yesterday was a bengals fan worst nightmare. From the best day in 15 years to one of the worst days in the history of the organization.
  10. The Game Thread - Pitt v. Cinci

    Marvin siad the word on Carson was not good...I am worried that he blew his knee
  11. The Game Thread - Pitt v. Cinci

    Ktna=Drew Bledsoe from a couple years ago
  12. The Game Thread - Pitt v. Cinci

    sweet jesus no...please let Carson be OK
  13. Marcus Vick stomp

    He got the boot from Va. Tech today. I am suprised they let him go. I wonder if an NFL team takes a chance on him? http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/foo...amer-vick_x.htm
  14. All-Joes Team

    What don't you get about Reggie Kelly? He does EXACTLY what is expected of him, and this guy has it right. The dude is like an extra tackle. He's the exact oppposite of a Tony Gonzales who can catch but doesn't block. I dont think he is crucial to our team. I'm not saying he isnt good at what he does but I think the Bengals would be still 11-5 without him. Take away TJ, Levi, or even KK and the Bengals are not 11-5.
  15. All-Joes Team

    http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/nf...-team_x.htm#afc I agree with all the Bengals selections except for Reggie Kelly. I would take him out and put in Jeremi Johnson.