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  1. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    I'm in and ready.
  2. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Ill try to make a better effort this year.
  3. How messed up is FA now

    Well I'm no social justice warrior. Abuse is abuse, it doesn't matter what sex the person is that is dishing it out. Equality has to go both ways! Bad behavior can not be covered up by tits and a vagina.
  4. How messed up is FA now

    I don't care who it is, if someone pushes me, spits in my face and slaps me I'm going to hit them so I have little problem with his action other than some people could have made a better choice, I'm just not one of them
  5. I don't see being below the Stealers, but he is right about the boom / bust aspect of this draft
  6. How messed up is FA now

    I'm feeling better about mixon after I saw the whole video. she a total stranger, pushed him, spit in his face and slapped him before he did anything. he was assaulted by her an defended himself still not a smart way to deal with this issue, but he didn't just punch her for no reason
  7. How messed up is FA now

    OK, so I checked out all the picks and UDFA's. Here are my favorite picks and UDFA guys. I like Mixon as a RB, Character issues aside he is the best pick of the draft. Carl Lawson is a steal where they got him, looks faster and stronger on tape than Willis Kicker was a need and he has a big leg for KO's UDFA's I think the following have a slight chance to make the team/PS Landon Lechler OT Hardy Nickerson JR LB Josh Tupou DT Blake McClain DB
  8. Your 2017 Bengals Draft Class

    Yes I forgot the kicker, so 3 starters. 2 with minimal contributions without injuries ahead of them 2-3 more that actually could make the team the others will fight for PS spots that is just the way I see these picks falling i will love it when/if I'm wrong lawson is actually one I think will make the team, but big Jake would have been a better pick
  9. Your 2017 Bengals Draft Class

    I'm glad u r doing the dirty work TJ
  10. Your 2017 Bengals Draft Class

    Wow I see 2 possible starters in Ross and mixon, with limited touches. Every other pick looks like depth, insurance for next year, PS or camp body
  11. 4th Round #2: Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee

    Erickson was one of the best KR in the AFC last season, of course the Bengals r going to cut him. Core was turning into a playmaker at the end of the season, so let's move on to the next rookie and hope he can become a playmaker by the end of the season. we will be lucky if Ross sees significant playing, without an injury, before the 9-10 game
  12. 7th Round: Mason Schreck, TE, Buffalo

    More like a body to throw in during camp
  13. How messed up is FA now

    One of my favorite pickups this draft UDFA Landon Lechler OT Large, wide-bodied blocker best in a small area. Sets with a wide base, stays square and keeps defenders in front of him. Fires off the snap into blocks, quickly reaches the second level and effectively gets his hands into defenders then steers them from the action. Anchors in pass protection and shows the ability to control opponents at the point of attack.
  14. Your 2017 Bengals Draft Class

    Old is a state of mind, I have not found that state yet
  15. Your 2017 Bengals Draft Class

    They better have at least 3-4 OL prospects on the udfa list
  16. Your 2017 Bengals Draft Class

    Well im one of those haters Washington WR John Ross B- fast solid WO just not a priority position for me Oklahoma RB Joe mixon B- character concerns Kansas State DE Jordan Willis B- Probably end up behind Lawson Auburn DE Carl Lawson B+ Depth for the outside Tennessee WR Josh Malone C inactive 6th WR Michigan DT Ryan Glasgow D Yuck Memphis K Jake Elliott A- big leg Utah C J.J. Dielman A Competition finally Oklahoma ILB Jordan Evans B- PS depth Houston CB Brandon Wilson B PS depth Buffalo TE Mason Schreck D won't even make PS So somewhere between a C and a C+ for the draft grades of the players taken But it drops to a C - for not trying to find some more help on the OL
  17. 4th Round #1: Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn

    Lawless looks pretty good hope they can get back to rotating the DL like they did a few years ago
  18. 4th Round #2: Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee

    Still seems like a wasted pick again hope I'm wrong
  19. 4th Round #2: Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee

    Didn't Erickson lead the NFL last year
  20. 7th Round: Mason Schreck, TE, Buffalo

    Now we get our OT
  21. 6th Round #2: Brandon Wilson, S, Houston

    WR or DE
  22. How messed up is FA now

    I see a drop in points, no way the Whit and Zeitler replacements play up to the same level leaving no time for dalton and no lanes for any of the RBs hope I'm wrong
  23. 5th Round #2: JJ Dielman, C, Utah

    We seem to be collecting short arms wasnt westerman (sp?) the same deal last year
  24. 5th Round #2: JJ Dielman, C, Utah

    A center seems a little late
  25. Ravens live pick

    Announcer sounded like he said M & tea bag stadium LOL