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  1. 6th Round Pick (A):Trayveon Williams, RB Texas A&M

    I'm beginning to think they maybe looking at playing 3 safties like some teams have started. I cant remember the team but somebody was playing 6 DB's and no LB's in a playoff game last year
  2. 6th Round Pick (A):Trayveon Williams, RB Texas A&M

    better than Walton, i like this guy
  3. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    You got me Wraith, I was going back to the last post and checking the thread name. Could have sworn we were talking about an OLguy LOL
  4. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    More talent to throw at the OL and find something that sticks. Good move.
  5. 3rd Round Pick: Germaine Pratt, LB, NC State

    The more I read the more I like about this pick. High motor, and has quick in bursts with above average long speed. Starter if they are correct.
  6. 4th Round Pick (B): Renell Wren, DT, Arizona St.

    seems like playing beside Atkins may help this kid learn how to play DT, not just push straight ahead. OK pick, prospect.
  7. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    Man, I hope he is this kind of player. A possession type TE can be a devastating weapon to grind down the clock.
  8. 2019 Reds

    Slowly heading in the right direction. Another explosion of the bats last night in St Louis, I hope it sticks around a while this time.
  9. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    These players may not be the names I was expecting, but OT, TE and LB are three positions that I was hoping they would spend some time on in the early rounds. Jonah Williams goes a long way to helping both sides of the team, the blocking TE will help Mixon control games on the ground and any top 3 round LB will probably push for playing time if not a starting position. Not giddy about the picks, but happy that the team finally seems to see the holes in this team for what they actually are.
  10. 1st Round Pick: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

    I think that was the opinion that Lap formed on his own about Ogbuehi
  11. 2019 Reds

    Puig has history and will come back around closer to his normal Winker needs to stop trying to be a hero and start making solid contact, Peraza really is shocking after last season If the team can just start hitting to the historical norms, with this pitching they can make up ground quick.
  12. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    I like Easton Stick with 1 of the 6 round picks. Small school big arm good accuracy, he can battle for the backup spot
  13. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    I agree no Rd 2 grades this year, wait and get a project after trading for Darren Lee
  14. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    Nope, this is where you get Dre replacement Greedy Williams CB LSU This also takes a player that had been associated with the Stealers in the first Rd. Now we take the player they were hoping would fall to them.
  15. 1st Round Pick: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

    Well, that looks a bunch better than the 2 past years, I hope it plays out that way. A Good O-line will go a long way to helping our Defence stay fresh/healthy
  16. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    yep i thought the same thing, glad that is not a Bengal
  17. 1st Round Pick: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

    Good pick. I'm wondering if he is the RT and Bobby Hart will move to RG. This would make the line much better. I said it last year that Hart should be the RG not RT.
  18. Hey Y'all, New here...

    a belated Welcome to the Zone
  19. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    I've been hoping to see a trade like this for days for Darren Lee. He would be an improvement that does not need to be developed.
  20. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    Draft tracker on the Bengals website has 11.5 hours, which would have the draft starting at mid-nite. Not a good start to the day. Now they have pulled the countdown clock from the site, must have actually looked at iot
  21. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    They are expecting way to much of an old Ben. I think 8 or 9 are the ceiling for them this season.
  22. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Devin Bush LB Cody Ford OT Jonah Williams OT If they want a QB in round 1 or 2, they need to trade Dalton and start fresh from there. I don't want any of this QB controversy shit. Keep it focused and healthy, either way.
  23. 2019 Reds

    Yep, I still believe if they can start hitting and keep pitching this well they could... Well they could be interesting for a while this year, but they have potential finally.
  24. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Be real nice if Oliver would fall to us at 11
  25. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    An argument can be made for each team to win the division. The Bengals stay healthy and they are very competitive. The Browns live up to half of the hype and they will be good, ,lot of pressure and they still have not learned how to win yet. The Stealers look depleted and Ben is old. The Ravens are using a gimmick QB, that can be forced into bad decisions if you stop the run game. Most wide open division to start the year in a long while.