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  1. 1st Round Pick: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

    Well, that looks a bunch better than the 2 past years, I hope it plays out that way. A Good O-line will go a long way to helping our Defence stay fresh/healthy
  2. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    yep i thought the same thing, glad that is not a Bengal
  3. 1st Round Pick: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

    Good pick. I'm wondering if he is the RT and Bobby Hart will move to RG. This would make the line much better. I said it last year that Hart should be the RG not RT.
  4. Hey Y'all, New here...

    a belated Welcome to the Zone
  5. "Official Draft Day(s) Thread"

    I've been hoping to see a trade like this for days for Darren Lee. He would be an improvement that does not need to be developed.
  6. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    Draft tracker on the Bengals website has 11.5 hours, which would have the draft starting at mid-nite. Not a good start to the day. Now they have pulled the countdown clock from the site, must have actually looked at iot
  7. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    They are expecting way to much of an old Ben. I think 8 or 9 are the ceiling for them this season.
  8. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Devin Bush LB Cody Ford OT Jonah Williams OT If they want a QB in round 1 or 2, they need to trade Dalton and start fresh from there. I don't want any of this QB controversy shit. Keep it focused and healthy, either way.
  9. 2019 Reds

    Yep, I still believe if they can start hitting and keep pitching this well they could... Well they could be interesting for a while this year, but they have potential finally.
  10. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Be real nice if Oliver would fall to us at 11
  11. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    An argument can be made for each team to win the division. The Bengals stay healthy and they are very competitive. The Browns live up to half of the hype and they will be good, ,lot of pressure and they still have not learned how to win yet. The Stealers look depleted and Ben is old. The Ravens are using a gimmick QB, that can be forced into bad decisions if you stop the run game. Most wide open division to start the year in a long while.
  12. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    I'd really like this, but need to add a trade back up into the 3rd also, with some of those 6th round picks. Quality not quantity, the Bengals need to get 6 good players that can help the team this season. They are set up to accomplish that if they work some trades.
  13. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Don't care, we have three young guns that show good promise, a FA that looks good and Dunlap who is proven. No room for more DE players and not as much of an increase in impact than a much better OT or LB. This reeks of a pick like Ross was, a player that looks real good but doesn't pan out as well (right away) as you would think because of lack of opportunity to get in the game full time. Cover LB is as big of an impact position as DE, anyway.
  14. 2019 Mock

    I would still love this for the first four rounds, but White is even more likely to be gone now.
  15. 2019 Mock

    Rd. 1 ILB Devon White LSU Rd 2 OT David Edwards Wisc. Rd. 3 OT Max Sharping NIU Rd. 4 TE Kaden Smith Standford It is early but I would love this to happen
  16. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Got to add Wynn to the DE list after FA signing, there just is no reason to spend a high pick on DE. S, DE, P are 3 positions i'm happy to go to into the 2019 season as is. I'm coming around to DT early but it has to be OT and LB in 2 of the first 3 picks. Than double up on OT and LB with some of those 6 rounders and hope you hit a long shot.
  17. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    Well I was commenting on the average fan in everyday life, but you are correct about stadium idiots. In everyday life the biggest jerk fans I have ever come across are Browns or Stealer fans and they don't just become assholes on game day. It seems to be a life goal for some of them to be as obnoxious as possible. They need to remember it is only a game, and matters nothing at all in life. I attended the game in Detroit in 2005 that was an orange out in protest to Matt Millen being GM of the Lions and after the win Bengals fans were being jerks and I was embarrassed to be a fan of the same team of many of them.
  18. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    I'd rather the Browns win than the Stealers, but the fan base for either team is almost 100% asshole adjacent.
  19. Bengals 2019 Schedule

    @ SEA - Lvs SF - W@ BUF - W@ PIT - Lvs ARI - W@ BAL - Lvs JAX - Wvs LAR - Lvs BAL - W@ OAK - Wvs PIT - Wvs NYJ - W@ CLE - Lvs NE - L@ MIA - Wvs CLE - W 10-6 if healthy
  20. RIP Forrest Gregg

    Old School tough guy. Thanks for the AFC Championship. RIP
  21. Walton

    Headline from USA Today Bengals RB Mark Walton shot by police Taser, arrested for third time this year, per report
  22. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    I am solidly in the camp of going up to get 1 of the top two LB. If not drop back in the first and build more picks, to move back up into the third round, to get 4 solid players. This really seems to be a top heavy draft for LB's.
  23. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    playing with your draft simulator, I find that if they don't take a top LB, there is no reason to in the second round because of the limited talent pool at the position this year. Get almost the same value of LB in the 4-5 round. OTOH if they go LB first there are very good OT left in the second
  24. my point of view on Who Dey

    Yep, I do remember Hudepohl beer having a can with it on the label. Don't remember when though. Will never forget the beer guy yelling "get your ice cold HUDY here, ice cold beer here!"
  25. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Don't forget Lawson will be back healthy this season also, there is no room for another high round DE on this team, this year