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  1. Lesson in Never Giving Up

    i think any bengals fan that has lived through the last 14 years knows how to be a loyal fan
  2. Saints trying to rip us off?

    who cares, let's just show them how to win a playoff game!
  3. Poor Carson

    palmer was the only QB to complete every pass in the two minute drill, he finished third but had the third and fourth best times out of the two rounds. big ben beat him but threw two or three incomplete passes his first round. all around palmer looked in shape and very accurate for the offseason.
  4. 3 DEI Entries in Busch Race

    he shoild take junior's ride unless he starts concentrating on racing and not his endorsment deals
  5. Matt Jones

    can't wait to see pollack run him down from behind like he did in college
  6. Craig Krenzel

    two retreads and a college qb that had prolems keeping the starting job, my nfc team is starting to resemble my afc team in years past
  7. John Clayton on the Bengals

    thanks bengal4life, glad somebody understands
  8. Craig Krenzel

    wow the bears sure have QB problems

    i guess you never spelled any words wrong
  10. A trade in the making

    washington= no trade value unproven potential warrick= no trade value injury? henry= small trade value unknown potential just let them all fight it out, get use to cutting above average players with the way lewis has been drafting
  11. John Clayton on the Bengals

    that is a nice write up for our bengals, but i did not like to see a comparision between palmer and mcnair even if it was cursory.
  12. Best backup QB poll

    just goes to prove how much they know about football, first they never build a team around the best RB ever and now they think a washed up brownie is good laughable
  13. odell

    great article on bengals.com about odell thurman. after reading it i dont see how he fell so far in the draft, i hope he is all the coaching staff thinks he can be. coach lewis always seems to find a gem that has fallen from the first round for some reason other than football. speaking of has anyone heard anything about ben wilkerson, he could be great if he is healthy again.
  14. Rate The bengals draft this year.

  15. Who's Jersey

    sorry teacher i didn't know we were being graded on spelling.
  16. Anybody on the team 'untouchable"?

    the problem is pitching and until they are ready to pay to have a legitamate #1 pitcher it always will be you can not win with a 5 man rotation of #3 and #4 pitchers, you have to have at least one stopper.
  17. Ask a Bengal a question

    brad st. louis long snapper is such an important part of a feild goal, but the only time he would get any attention is if he had a bad snap. which he does not seem to do very often. how many snaps does he do a week to prepare? is he ready to step into his backup te role if needed? what player does he hate to see line up oppisite him? and express a gratitude for being so good at his unheralded job
  18. Who's Jersey

    got boomer collingsworth brooks want j. smith l. jones w. anderson r. johnson m. williams
  19. AFC North Standings

    steelers bengals ravens browns bengals and ravens both have a chance to capitalize on steeler loses and claim division this is one tough division other than the brownies
  20. NFL.com 2006 prospects

  21. Look at this

  22. odell

    thanks for the info i had not heard how his rehab was progressing, if he would have been healthy he may have went in the second round and we sign him as a free agent go bengals
  23. KC fans

    he looked pretty good in the mac which has produced some above average talent as of late, he was worth the pick
  24. Browns Fans Problems

    i think it is funny that the brownies all think that crennel is so good, his last job was assistant to coach bellicheck who you ran out of town as an idiot, you know before you lost your team to baltimore, you remember, before they won the superbowl as the ravens. i do hope he turns the browns around i long for the good old days when it was the bengals-browns division to lose, not which ohio team is going to finish last this year.
  25. A New Sport Gains Popularity in Cleveland

    that is hilarious.