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  1. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Better tackling, with younger legs
  2. Bengals' [other] Needs

    I would say BPA, but if pressed I went with IOL. but I switched to WR twice before deciding. TE would be next after IOL and WR.
  3. My Wishlist for #33

    The draft is wide open after the first pick, due to some unbelievable FA moves. It is weird to say that about the Bengals. BPA all the way for round 2
  4. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    you missed that ? Surprised me also
  5. Trade Market for Dalton Heating Up

    With the way things are going, with no preseason or camp expected. Keeping Dalton through the next trade deadline seems like the best plan, by then Burrow will have had time to learn the system. Maybe they can negotiate a lower contract.
  6. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    he has average coverage skills for a safety, but for a LB his skills would be a big upgrade to our team.
  7. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Even Cuomo was praising the Admin for it's actions.
  8. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    more testing means more positives. There is no way around getting this virus, just flattening the curve. Which also elongates it. The same amount of people will get it, it will just take longer for it to play out, so medical supplies can hopefully be produced to help as many as possible. positives don't mean hospitalizations, at least it shouldn't. The majority of us have either had it or will have it and need no medical assistance. Please help the people that actually need medical help and don't be tested unless you feel like total crap. These people with mild cold symptoms that have to be tested are wasting supplies, unless they have a compromised immune system. It seems as if most of the American public have become pussies and have no common sense.
  9. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Weird how the response that has been to date is being praised by most, as just what was needed.
  10. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    I think that might be Bell
  11. 2020 Draft

    hoping things calm down quickly, been planning this trip for two years.
  12. General Free Agency Thread

    probably regretting this post today?
  13. 2020 Draft

    Im taking the fam in May, warm up the beaches for us!
  14. Stealers looking for PK

    Stealers lost their PK in the HOF game last night. Is Shane Graham available?
  15. 2020 Draft

    I have a bad feeling about Tua, nothing based in facts, just a feeling. I'm hoping we stay away from him.
  16. 2020 mock draft

    1 Burrow 33 Patrick Queen LB 65 Lucas Niang OL 104 Ezra Cleveland OL 147 James Proche WR 180 Evan Weaver LB 215 Josiah Deguara TE Weaver may not be there that late, if not either A J Green CB or Lamar Jackson CB at 180 Defense needs to be shored up with FA LB before the draft.
  17. 2020 Draft

    I would be happy to have Burrows with the #1 pick, but what if? Miami offers #5, #26 and a second rounder this year and a second rounder in 2021? Herbert, a LB, a WR and an OL in the top 40 this year would be fine with me.
  18. Bengals UDFA signings

    As reported by Bengalswire: Stanley Morgan WR Nebraska - Good character/hard worker depth guy that could become a solid WR3 or 4 Jake Dolegala QB Conn St. - I liked him as a late rd pick for backup QB till Finley selection, great to have more competition at backup/PS QB Keaton Suhterland OG Texas A&M - OL coach knows everything about him, has the versatility to play RG, LG and RT if needed possible swing OL or PS player Sterling Sheffield LB Maine - small school standout. at pro day his 3 cone would have been top 5, broad jump top 10, mean edge player that tackles well Charles Holland WR Tiffin - not much to find on this guy, 4.5 40 speed and good size Tyree Kinnel DB (S) TTUN - Short and sometimes takes himself out of plays with the wrong angle of attack, he was graded as a late round prospect I like most of these so far, they all have a chance at sticking, what else can you ask for in a UDFA.
  19. Fantasy Football 2019

    hey front page of the league shows draft on the 4th at 8 When is the draft?
  20. Fantasy Football 2019

    Sure I'm up for another season of suck
  21. Offensive Line

    Big Floppy is back in town. Yippy!
  22. Round 1 Pick 11 OT Jonah Williams A Can play anywhere but C versatility, addresses the biggest issue on Offense has all the tools Round 2 Pick 20 Drew Sample TE B+ An every-down, every tool TE that was ranked the best pass blocker in the draft and compared to Jason Whitten Round 3 Pick 9 Germaine Pratt LB B Picked in the draft range that many had for him, comparable speed and longer reach than the Devin's Round 4 Pick 2 Ryan Finley QB B The right place for the backup to Andy Round 4 Pick 23 Renell Wren DT B- Hopefully, the coaches can teach him something other than his very good bull rush move Round 4 Pick 34 Michael Jordan OG B Has flashes of everything needed, needs to work on his consistency :edit: Just found out that this kid is a lifelong Bengals fan, how cool is that story :edit: Round 6 Pick 9 Trayveon Williams RB B- He does the job asked of him, depth Round 6 Pick 38 Deshaun Davis LB B- The heart of Auburn's D for the past two seasons Round 6 Pick 39 Rodney Anderson RB A This kid had Tyler Eifert syndrome in college, but he is a top five RB this season easy with a full year. Swinging for a HR late, love it Round 7Pick 9 Jordan Brown CB A Small school, big time player. Can he make the jump? Another swing for the fences LOVE IT! A very aggressive draft for the new staff. They may have solved a couple of holes for this year and they made moves late to add future starters to the depth. Got to love that they went after some guys late with the extra picks I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAFT AFTER RESEARCHING THE PICKS. I had to because I had not heard of some of them. A total draft grade of B+
  23. Bengals 2019 Schedule

    Have fun, we can't make a game this year