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  1. Offseason Thoughts

    Preach brother!
  2. 2022 Schedule

    Agreed, I might try to get to one this year. About the only way to afford a family trip to a game
  3. 2022 Schedule

    I dont see it, the Browns have multiple replacements on the D and still only have 1 very good WR and some maybes.
  4. Official Bengals Ring of Honor coming to PBS

    I will never consider Dillon for any group that includes the word honor. I have nothing against Boomer, just always loved watching Fulcher bring the pain in the middle of the field. My also rans were Curtis, Chad and Boomer
  5. Official Bengals Ring of Honor coming to PBS

    Anderson and Riley were my choices last year. Big Willie and David Fulcher are mine this year.
  6. Offseason Thoughts

    Love Bates, but this is some pure BS. All because of 2-3 million extra MONEY!
  7. Round 4 (136): Cordell Volson, OT, ND State

    I like this kid. He is at least a very solid backup swing G/T
  8. Offseason Thoughts

    I don't see the problem with the draft. The biggest hole going into the draft was backup depth at DB and WR. They filled DB depth and starters for the future, now if they can find a #4 WO in FA before the season starts, I'm very happy. Spain did not play very well last season, no reason to bring him back. There will be a marked improvement in at least one of the OL youngsters, especially with solid play beside them, that was not there last season. This was a draft that will build the D for the future, exactly what a SB team needs to focus on. The future. Hopefully as a fan base we can get used to this kind of draft.
  9. 2022 UDFA Thread

    Kendric Pryor WR and Delonte Hood DB both have below 4.4 40 times and look to be the best UDFA's so far. Pryor played at Wisconsin and had Joe Blow throwing to him, so production is not there. Hood played for Peru, small small school, but has the size and speed.
  10. Offseason Thoughts

    Going into the offseason the Bengals had 2 major areas of need OL DB Both have now been filled Call me Happy.
  11. Offseason Thoughts

    I really like both the first two picks; our secondary was the biggest hole on our team. Hopefully one of these guys puts an end to that. Third round and 4th round both seem like reaches, but our coaches see something in both players I had been picking up Anderson and Gunter in the later rounds in mocks due to the Athleticism both have, great depth special team additions. So, I don't have as many issues with this draft as some here do. I'll say C+/B- range for me.
  12. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    This was a no brainer; he was by far BPA at 31.
  13. 2022 UDFA Thread

    They really have not picked up any UDFA's that look like they have much to contribute.
  14. 2022 UDFA Thread

    I like Lassiter and Cochran best out of the udfa's so far like Tisdale too
  15. 2022 UDFA Thread

    didn't he run a 4.63? slow for a returner