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  1. 2018 is now starting at the midpoint of the 2017 season

    I like what the Bengals have done so far this off season Need to get a C in the draft early and everything else can be BPA
  2. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    Well with the injury to Price he may be there in the second round
  3. Pre-playoffs 2018 mock draft

    I would replace R3-76 with Frank Ragnow C Arkansas and be happy with this draft, if AJ leaves. If AJ stays, have to go OL in the first round and it changes everything.
  4. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    It all depends on if AJ is back next season. If not we need a QB to get ready. If he is, everyone knows we need OL help, trade down and get the line figured out. We certainly don't need more WR's and I'm pretty happy with Kroft and Uzamoh, even if Eifert cant play ever again. RB's seem like a late pick for depth. So I would like to see OL early and often, with some BPA sprinkled in.
  5. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Thanks Army, things are finally heading in the right direction. I had a first cousin that I grew up with (2years younger than me), get really sick. He went septic and it was looking really bad, but the last two days have been good. After 13 days, he is finally responsive and got moved out of ICU yesterday.
  6. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    I had family issues and didn't even think about this. Oh Well. Congrats Wraith!
  7. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Im done with the NFL, until they take the politics out of it. I watch football for entertainment not to get a lesson from either side of the isle. Go Bucks!
  8. UPDATE: Burfict Suspended 3 Games

    5 games for a legal hit, WOW!
  9. So, has anyone seen anything good lately?

    I did both and found that movie very unimpressive. They missed in a lot of spots that had potential.
  10. Broncos Pursuing McCarron Trade

    I'd take a second rounder and the best backup OT they have.
  11. 2nd Round: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma

    I like what Brooks had to say about it. 3 RB's is not a problem, it is a blessing. Get them all at least 100 carries this season and ride the hot hand in any given game. Hill is going to be fine, but he is probably #3 on the team this season. Hard to believe after his rookie year.
  12. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    I'm in and ready.
  13. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Ill try to make a better effort this year.
  14. How messed up is FA now

    Well I'm no social justice warrior. Abuse is abuse, it doesn't matter what sex the person is that is dishing it out. Equality has to go both ways! Bad behavior can not be covered up by tits and a vagina.
  15. How messed up is FA now

    I don't care who it is, if someone pushes me, spits in my face and slaps me I'm going to hit them so I have little problem with his action other than some people could have made a better choice, I'm just not one of them