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  1. Madden ratings

    Dam looking at these ratings we will be AMAZING. I think that carsen palmer is a little under rated. We have two offense linemen rated in the 90s. We will have an amazing running game and less sacks.
  2. A trade in the making

    I agree but i think there will be no trade.
  3. I want the bengals to make the playoffs but truthfully i think that they won't because they haven't emproved the defence. Don't get me wrong because they had some pretty goooood draft picks but knowing marvin lewis they won't start there rookie year. We are basiclly have as good as a team as we did last year. The ravens and the browns are stocking up there team with good players and the steelers have lost some players. Even though i want the bengals to make the playoffs i think that they won't.
  4. Hey guys i was just wondering what you guys rate this years draft and why. 1. David Pollack 2. Odell Thurman 3. Chris Henry 4. Eric Ghiaciuc 5. Adam Kieft 6. Tab Perry 7. Jonathan Fanene I gave it a A because we drafted some all around good players.
  5. I need help please

    Can you tell me how to post pictures PLEASE. I don't know how and it is pissing me off. I found a good pictures but i can't put them on.
  6. Rudi Johnson vid

    He should have been a first in my opinion.
  7. Rudi Johnson vid

    know we are told again that rudi johnson is a beast and he can not be stopped. :player: :player: :player:
  8. Jason White and David Pollack

    Who ever we get as long as they can catch i am okay. LOL And if someon doesnt mind telling me how do you post pictures
  9. 9-7

    If we go 9-7 and we miss the playoffs than i will be mad but i think marvin will do better than that this season because we have our run defence back. And our offence will be in the top 10 this season because we know have a QB with experience. :player: :player: :player: :player: WHO DEY
  10. Where to sit in the stadium?

    Get tickets as close as possible LOL
  11. 2004 season highlights

    Can someone tell me how to post pictures
  12. Warrick Update

    http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:GAO4...ter_warrick.jpg Peter Warrick will kick a s s next year That is for dam http
  13. Caleb Miller

    Browns Suck LoL
  14. Top 10 Favorite Current Bengals Players

    I love the whole entire team but my top ten are 1 :player: .palmer 2 :player: willie anderson 3. :player: j smith 4 :player: delta o'niel 5 :player: tory james 6 :player: webster even though he didn't play much 7 :player: chad johnson 8 :player: rudi johnson 9 :player: Madieu Williams 10 :player: T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  15. Fantasy football

    im in