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    I am the operations manager of a film theater in Milwaukee WI. My interests include movies of course. I enjoy music, mostly rock music, but I do enjoy blues and jazz also. I can tolerate country music, but I can't stand rap. I like to exercise, walk and lift weights. I enjoy being outdoors, grilling out, and camping.<br><br>Used to live in N.KY and had Bengals season tickets from '89-'94. Even though I'm in the middle of Packer Country, I'm still, and always will be, a huge Bengals fan!
  1. Just Saying "Hi"

    Just wanted to say "hi". I usually post at the Bengals.com message board, but thought I'd move over here. I hope the discussions are as good and deep here as they were there.
  2. Cincy Bashing On ESPN

    I encourage everyone to write to the station. That is a very unfair bias assessement on Cincy. Why can someone say that about a City, can you imagine if someone said that about an individual, especially a minority individual? He should be fired for those remarks or at least suspended.
  3. This sums it up in USA today

    I agree with ya, I got that same feeling I haven't posted in awhile...but I had to respond to this because I have the same feeling. I had it last Sunday after they lost. They're gonna get this win. I think for me alot has to do with I think that by admitting and realizing their not the same team as last year (Palmer addressing his knee, Jackson and Adams admitting their hurt, etc) they can take off some of the pressure they feel that they have to be perfect. It is what it is. The Bengals are 4-4 and they know they have to win. Bengals 28 Chargers 20 Exactly, and not only a feeling that they will win, but one that says they will win big! One that says after the game most of us fans will be saying "They're Baaaaaaaaaaack"
  4. CBS Broadcasts

    Hey, I just checked my local CBS stations web site for programming next Sunday. They are going to show "The Mask" at noon here (central time) next Sunday during the Bengals/Steelers game! Of course, then at 3pm they are going to show the Ravens/Browns game. WHAT IDIOTS!!! But I've written to them before and they have told me that the decision comes from the network. If any of you live outside the Cincy viewing area, you should check your local station to see what they are showing. If they are not showing "one of the most important AFC match-ups this so far this season", the contact the network.
  5. Bengals vs Bills

    anyone else have another audio link?
  6. I know I can listen to the game on "The Homer", but is there a way to watch the game on-line? I'm in Milwaukee and it won't be on locally. Thanks
  7. Dear Ray Fittipaldo

    I wrote to him directly also. I encourage everyone to write to this idiot. Also write to the Sports editor and the editor in chief.
  8. Three Things You Want to See in the Jungle

    Ok here is my three: 1) Shutout of the Steelers either at home or away. Perferably BOTH! 2) Watching The Bengals win the AFC Championship at home. I have season tickets and I'll be there, if they win and are heading to the Superbowl, I'll probably be weeping with joy. (sorry but I'm a long time fan) 3) Not so much SEE but HEAR. I want to have 56,000 + fans chanting "WHO DEY" at the December 31st game so loud that Cowers ears bleed!
  9. Division Winners/Playoff Seeding 2006

    I noticed everyone picking either the Bengals or the Steelers to win our division, with the other one being the wild card team. I don't agree. I don't even think the Steelers will make the playoffs this year. Lost to many good players, and they lost their hunger.
  10. Thank You Big "O"

    I'm like any other Bengals fan and I'm disappointed by the way things ended and I'm crushed by Palmers injury. But what a great year it was. This was the best football season I have experienced for a very long time. The really cool thing about it is I have every game on DVD! I know Big "O" was recorded the games for several of us and sent them to us. These are a treasure to me. I think I'll wait until May and start to watch one a week, then by the time they are done the next season will be here!!! lol Although, I may not watch the last 3-games. I could always count on that nice white envelope sitting in my mailbox a week after the game was played. I know Big "O" has several things on his plate, and he even moved during the season, but the games were always sent right on time. This had to be a hugh undertaking for him, and I just want to publically say "Thank You!" NEXT YEAR 14-2...SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DEY
  11. Doubters/Bandwagon/I'm a Better Fan Than You Thread

    WOW!!!!!!! And OMG!!!!!!! First off, for those of you that began reading this later. The "I'm a Better Fan Than You" subject is NOT what I wrote. I would NEVER say I was better than anyone. It's not "chest-beating" or anything like that. I was just saying that I remembered those comment. We ALL were feeling bad, we didn't like the way the game went and certain people made things worse by pouring salt into the wounds. I expect Steeler Fans, etc, to knock the Bengals at all time, but not OUR fans. I used to have season tics and this one guy that sat behind me always complained about the team, how horrible they were, laughing at them. I could never figure out why a person would pay that much when the didn't back the team. I'm not saying blind faith, I'm saying just basic support. When some of those games were played and the negative comments came in, I remember several people saying something to the effect of "Let's wait till the regular season and see what happens". This was just a reminder or that time. The 3-13 comment or 8-8 was a poll that was conducted shortly after that game. I am NOT saying I'm a better fan than anyone!! Hell, I sold 2-tickets to a game this year to a true Bengals fan for face-value, when I could have made some money off the game. The person btw critized this posting. I think everyone that follows the Bengals should enjoy this time, weather we've been fair-weather, loyal through and through, or a new fan this year. This is special. I started this as a reminder, just a reminder to say when things get bad don't give up so quick.
  12. Doubters/Bandwagon/I'm a Better Fan Than You Thread

    ok, I did some digging and found it. Enjoy a good laugh guys! And I'm NOT gloating...ok, maybe a little. But i've been a fan for 20-years, had season tickets during the Shula, Klinger, Smith years. Only reason I don't know is because I moved 600 miles away. I have been true blue and listened to all the fair weather fans, and all the other teams fans mocking my favorite team. Ok, I'm gloating.... you bet your F--King Ass!!!! WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://forums.bengalszone.com/index.php?showtopic=6800
  13. What a wonderful day it is in Bengaldom! But I couldn't help remember back to the pre-season and especially the Eagles game. it would be fun to read that again. Predictions were 3-13, "lucky to be 8-8", etc. Certain people (yes, you Spain) were so quick to jump off the bandwagon. For all those that truely stuck with the team and believed for all these years congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Anyone else feel like this is an unofficial playoff game? The script couldn't have been written any better. Up-and-coming team ready to knock-off division bully. It's almost like I can hear the theme to Rocky playing! This is so HUGE, and to do it IN PITTSBURG. Couldn't have been written any better. ok, Mr Wizard, I have a question for you. WHEN the Bengals win this Sunday, isn't our "magic number" 2? Any combination of Steeler losses or Bengal wins that add up to 2, and we will lock up the division? If so, it could happen as soon as December 11th. WHO DEY!!! btw, I just checked with my local CBS Station and they are NOT going to broadcast the Steeler/Bengals game this Sunday. They replied to my e-mail saying that CBS had assigned them the Titans/Colts game. Even though Bengals/Steelers is the only game in that time slot that is shown in HD. IDIOTS!
  15. Whitlock Slams Pitt- "No Playoffs for You"

    Wow, very few times I agree with him, but this time he is dead on. I can definately see Pitt losing 3 in a row, that will be totally up to us (Bengals). It has occured to me that Chicago could actually beat them too. Can you imagine in 3 weeks "we" could be 10-3 and Pitt could be 7-6?