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  1. Mike Brown's State of the Union

    Not sure if anyone stated this but he reminds me of Mayor West from the show "Family Guy". Just not all there.
  2. Old Washed Up Dude Alert

  3. Odell is the cause of the "big rumor"

    So much for him being in-shape. I see a double chin.
  4. Colts release Corey Simon's contract

    Damn you beat me to it.
  5. Name the Steelers Mascot!

    Super bowl wins. 1*,2*,3*,4*,5* Some of those wins could have been without the use of roids but we'll probably never know. Roidie McRoiderton
  6. Wins this year

    I'm not completely sold on us beating the Jets. I think that game comes down to our LB play. Thay are a short yardage, clock controlling team. If our LB's play well then yes it is a win other than that it's up in the air. Same with the Titans they got a running QB witch can altanetly control the clock but if our LB's control the the QB then we win that one. Pats I see losing. Between them and Indy, they are our nemesis. We sweep Browns. First game close; second game easily. Pittsburgh and Ravens I believe we'll split just like last year. If our run D shows up we'll beat Seattle other wise it's going to be close. Bills we'll beat easily. I can't wait until some other fans hop on our board again talking trash. That is one of the funnest parts of the season.
  7. Camp Tour - Bengals

    This article frightens me a bit. Apparently the team, including marvin, is already looking to finish this season strong, before it even starts. What ever happened to taking it one game at a time? How about just worrying about making it into the season with enough healthy players to fill up the roster, the way training camp is going.....sheesh...... You also have to see that the preacher has already preached about taking it one game at a time. The one thing the preacher hasn't preached is finishing strong and that's what I'm assuming he's doing now. With the way the D and certain O players finished last year, it is a area to be addresed. The core players have been taught under coach Lewis from day one to take it a game at a time but haven't really been addressed to not fall off towards the end of the season. Even though that's a given I believe it still needed to be pounded into their heads.
  8. 5 Days.....

    Well I wish I could summon the same emotion as you show here, but I keep getting stuck on the whole pre-season thing. Check back with me when the Bengals kick off against the Ravens! Hell I'll take whatever I can get. Anytime I see the orange and black on the field I squirt a little. to football season!
  9. Bengals Sign TE Lawrie

    I guess we can't really expect much since we picked him up off waivers. They should sign me I'm 5'9'' a buck 80. Hell I'll take a couple hits for a couple grand.
  10. Tab Out Again

    Old-timer you say? You wouldn't happened to be washed up too? Because if you are, and if you're lazy, well.......there's a contract waiting for your signature. SIGN IT!!!!!
  11. Bengals Sign TE Lawrie

    Carson's married
  12. Thurman in trouble again

    I like your thinking.
  13. Tab Out Again

    I'm finally an old timer. I don't have to wear a duns cap in the corner do I?
  14. Tab Out Again

    Hee. I'm trying to figure this out too. The only time I've heard Tab ever being listed as a possible safety was in his rookie year and maybe shortly after but that got shut down real fast.
  15. The Hits Just Keep on Coming

    I agree that, due to injuries, our o-line was horible last year. I also saw a huge difference when it came down to the last 6 or so games as far as protection goes. That tells me that Guichec is starting to get his position and to start to figure out defenses. I might be a little young Shula, but I have never heard of a center getting praised by the media the first year they start for their teams. I'm not trying to clown on you but at the same time I'm supprised Shula Steakhouse is still open considering how much negativity you bring to the table. How are you supposed to sell a steak when you don't even think it tastes satisfying? I read an article on .com, just like most of us have, regarding the o-line and how dissapointed they were with each others play last season. It seems to me (unprovingly) that they are taking measures to change that. Whitworth, a 340 pounder, only has 11% body fat and the same with Andrews. So to say they are just giving up is just ludicris. I know nobody said those words exactly but it's so to speak.