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  1. Palmer says Colts are soft

    Just a few points here... 1) This is not the smack forum. Edge posted a great thread and most are contributing to it. 2) Edge was right about this being just another game. Like with the Texans. That is what our players and coaches have been saying for 2 weeks. They are not all about the media hype...they don't care. They are going to practice to play them like they practice against any other team (Just hopefully they don't practice for this one like they practiced for the Jags and Steelers - lol) 3) Against the Ravens on the 6th people called out the Bengals as a Finess team and it really pissed off Willie and the OL & DL. I cannot speak for Carson, but I'm sure that he didn't mean it that way. If you listen to a lot of his sound bites, you will catch him talking about Manning. His respect for Manning and what him and Harrison do. Chad has that same respect. Heck, how many player combo's will admittinglty go to another teams game to watch the chemestry of 2 players in person? I think that shows class and repsect from Carson and Chad to Manning and Harrison. Colts have been a top Offense for quite a few years now. Their D has come into their own. They are a very ballanced team and come into town with swagger. It's going to be a fun contest to watch and be a part of (of course I'm going! PBS is going to be loud...I prolly won't be able to talk all next week! - lol) and here is looking forward to an injury free game for both teams! WHO-DEY
  2. DP's wife is still wanting to consimate the marrage...But he is STILL holding out! Justin Smith is catching up on his community service and AA meetings. Schobel is spending this time to find "stick-um" that he can hide from the refs! The D line is doing the chicken chasing that Mick had Rocky doing in Rocky 2 Chris Henry is practicing to put his hands ANYWHERE but near his helmet after a TD. He may come up with the first "Jock strap adjustment dance" ever! I bet you Odel stays away from the trampoleen this week. Man he has came up with 2 superman impressions - lol. Thats all I got so far
  3. Uniforms

    Fav's: Bengals (black on black) Bucs (love the new helmet and color scheme) Lions (Black shirts) Falcons (sorry, went to Mt Healthy and Lakota school...I love the red and black!) Seahawks (green/blue color shirt on same color pants) Patriots (can't go wrong with red white and blue. Another redone logo that looks good) The 5 that hurt my eyes: Browns (any of the uni's really...but the orange shirt is the worst) 49'rs (their colors are just rank...and the uni's proove that) Ravens (purple?) Vikings (ditto) Bears (stolen Reds logo and bland uni - I know, traditional and everything...but I wanted to come up with 5 - lol)
  4. schobel didn't fumble

    1. He did fumble 2. it was a blown call 3. Shobel was holding the ball in the wrong hand! Coaches teach you to hold the ball AWAY from defenders and/or in the hand nearest to the sidelines! It's one of the first things you learn at a skill position so if the ball is stripped it has a higher chance to go out of bounds. Elementary mistake by a veteran TE. I'll also add that I think the call was correct as far as granting the Ravens the ball at the fumble. Under the circumstances had they not done that all heck would have broken loose. They did keep in mind that since the whistle was blown a good amount of the Bengals stopped on the play and didn't persue. Had they gave the TD to the Ravens I would have been really hacked off.
  5. Check out the new bengals.com depth chart

    ROFL!!! Anyhow, it is pretty cool! And yes...other then Hobs acting like a complete dork on interviews, the web site is looking great!
  6. Sigh...and the Beat Goes On

    That is correct. 3 in AFCN X 2 4 in NFCN 4 in AFCS
  7. Bengals All-Disappointment Team

    Even tho his life was filled with events out of his control. DB - Dennis Weathersby. I hope he does well in life, and has a full recovery. He had mass skills, and the NFL as a whole is missing out on him playing.
  8. We will play big part in Colts game!!

    First thing...it will take more than just crowd noise to throw off Manning. It would be better to say that the noise will throw off his line...causing false starts, etc. Secondly we are not being treated as the "no respect" Bengals anymore. We haven't been all season. People are coming to play against us, no one is looking past us now. The game was moved from 1:00 to 4:15 due to play-off implications and national interest. Think they did that because they think the Bengals are nobodies? No, they did it because of the impact the game will have on the AFC...plus the fact that Indy stands a chance to come into the game undefeated..in Cinci. Should be fun...I'll be at the game! WHO-DEY
  9. I just don't see it with Reggie White and Aikman in it this year. Kenny was a great QB, don't get me wrong. He deserves to be in the HoF! But in reality he isn't going to beat these 2 to get in.
  10. Brat a offensive genius?

    I think Brat did well in the first 4 games. I think he has become a little conservative. I'm not complaining about him being conserative...just don't be too much. Palmer and light up a D with 5-12 pass playes anywhere on the field. But D's notice that. We have not really opened up the field as much as I would like to see. Now since we seem to have a handle on our penalty issues and calmed down a bit, I think it is time. thoughts?
  11. Big Ben To Have Surgery

    I am not one to be happy about an injury. No matter what uniform or jersey one puts on if you have played sports you know how bad some injuries hurt! Dislocated knee, collar bone, etc. So I'm not happy to hear Ben went under the knife and I pray for him to have a FULL recovery. Now, I also see this as an opportunity for the Bengals to pick up some breathing room. If the Ravens game was not a "must win" before...it certainly is now! The Packers are NOT as bad as their 1-6 record shows. They have lost by close margins all year. Their one win was a route! I think with Ben out the Pack can take the Steelers. The browns are another question. However, you must remember this is the NFL. They are ALL pro teams. Just ask the Bucs about the loosing to the 49's. Any given Sunday. WHO-DEY
  12. Ball stealer pleads innocent.

    Judge: Next charge is getting owned by a security guard..how do you plea? Defendent: Of all the charges sir, that is the ONE that I am guilty of. The hit was SO good that I fear that if I counter sue, he may come after me again!
  13. I think the Bengals may be a finesse team

    I have been thinking about his as well. Perhaps Marv is doing just that. perhaps he wants to get the right LB's for the 3-4 option before he aquired a NT. Our DE's are capable of working in a 3 front scheme IMO with an option LB coming in from the backfield.