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  1. Most productive Georgia player?

    All I know is the teams in the SEC are glad they left Georgia. I remember a few games David Pollack single-handedly won, including last year's bowl game. Brian Van Gorder, Georgia's Def Coord the past couple year's got the best out of those guys, now Marvin and the Bengal's coaches are. Good players accept good coaching. And that's the type of player Marvin is drafting. Speed, speed and more speed. Makes sense in the speed league of the SEC and it makes sense in the NFL..... :player: :player: :player:
  2. madieu williams

    Can't help but remember my buddies watching the draft when we drafted Madieu. All I heard was, "Typical Bengal Pick" or "Who the Heck Is Madieu Williams?" That was all before some people trusted Marvin 100%. This year's draft we take two linemen out of Central Michigan, a little known WR out of UCLA and a lineman nobody has heard of from Utah, and those same buddies are saying "hey, if Marvin likes them so do I". That is the true power of Marvin Lewis. He is changing minds and history. And has completely garnered trust. Looking back three years ago that was only a dream.... :player: :player: :player: