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  1. General Free Agency Thread

    Have seen interviews with him as well. He is an impressive young man.
  2. Free Agency

    Here are Andre Smith's contract numbers. Yes, he is a RT and AC is a "LT", but I do not see AC's offer being at or above this. Year Base S. Bonus Misc. Cap Hit Dead 2013 1,900,000 1,000,000 3,100,000 6,000,000 5,000,000 2014 3,000,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 5,200,000 2,000,000 2015 4,600,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 6,800,000 1,000,000 That being said, I think AC is going to be quite affordable for the Bengals, after the market shakes out. Affordable and signable are two different things though, as AC's desire to start will be the biggest factor potentially.
  3. Team Problems and Causes

    Pete Prisco ‏@PriscoCBS 10m Dalton stunk. But he was not alone. The O-line, to me, isn't well-coached.
  4. Bengals Cut DT Randall

    Your point on DT pipeline is well taken. The PS is devoid of D-Interior. It will be hard to crack that "Top 4", especially with passing down DT/DE swing philosophy. One thing of note as I was scanning the IR. LB next year with everyone healthy and another year of experience is going to be very interesting. Joiner, Porter, Lamur all on IR. Couple that with JK and the cast of vets and Mays and that will be a group to watch.
  5. Steelers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    This is set up to be drunk during pregame! Always look forward to seeing the city at night with great aerials. For as long as I can remember you throw out everything with Bengals-Steelers. Typically, it doesn't matter how the teams are playing going into the game, but this game just seems different. It is an opportunity tonight, and something tells me this team is finally ready to climb that final step.
  6. Bengals @ Cowboys Pregame Chatter

    That certainly would be a given in my mind as well. I see them limited in Game 3 as well. AJ and Whit that is.
  7. Bengals Moves

    I am trying to take a common sense approach to young players being cut/passed through waivers/going to practice squad. I am trying to ID the players, in reality, that if cut would not make it through waivers, and may need to protected on the 53-man roster. Here are the players I see that could get claimed (may need 53-man roster protection): DiManche (very high probability of getting claimed if cut) Burkhead Hamilton (low probability of getting claimed, but possible) Players that would likely make it to PS (if eligible, correct me on that if needed): Herron Fragel McCalebb Prater Lewis-Harris T. Stephens B. Taylor J. Campbell Others So, the three listed above as possible waiver claims may dictate those position battles, and I see all three making the team. LB and WR will be trickiest but IR and PUP will play a role there before it is said and done.
  8. Bengals @ Cowboys Pregame Chatter

    Be interesting to see the playing time for Whit and AJ in both Games 3 and 4. This preseason seems to be very precautionary. The continuity of the players allows the coaches to be cautious, as they know how things are rolling. I also harken back to Marvin's comment about how he could "cut the roster down to 60 now", even before a preseason game was played. I think the battles, in the coaches minds, are down to a few players. And injuries, IR, PS eligibility, and the like are their focus on setting the roster as always. Also, back-end roster/special teams is an important aspect here. This gets down to players like Miles, Vinnie Rey, the young LBs, etc. That leads to an interesting question: Do you sacrifice proven ST play (Vinnie Rey) for overall roster potential (young linebackers)or Miles for an extra spot somewhere else (WR/LB). This cut-down will be very interesting, and getting the psychological aspects/coaches thoughts of it on Hard Knocks will be intriguing.
  9. pacman arrested

    Looks like the date is October 7. How things play out with the league thereafter is anyone's guess. If he is found innocent, can he still be suspended?
  10. Hard Knocks...again

    Great episode last night. It really showed a hard working, tight knit group. My observations: 1) Gio Bernard's cutting ability is out of this world 2) Andy Dalton has grown into a competent leader and is good enough to lead this team deep into the playoffs 3) Tyler Eifert will be contending for OROY and has incredible physical skills 4) Dre Kirkpatrick not responding to Hue Jackson was priceless 5) Jayson DiManche struck a cord with me 6) James Harrison knows how to uphold an image 7) Taylor Mays may not be the brightest bulb 8) Geno will be a Bengal for a long time 9) Impressed by training staff 10)The respect A.J. Green gets from everyone is incredible and deserved. The reaction when he went down shows that his importance is not lost on one single person. Geno has the same respect. Great to see. 11) Larry Black. Heart wrenching. Get back soon big fella. Funniest moments: 1) the rookie LBs talking about taking Harrison's jersey 2) the Bama-ND exchange between Andre Smith and Eifert 3) Gio asking a winded Gruden if he was alright. Gruden's response was classic..."I'm gonna call you when you get old. When you are 5'5", 310."
  11. Pre-Camp Presser

    I harken back to ML's constant focus on "getting off the field on 3rd down". Yes, it is one of the basics of football, defensive 3rd down conversion rate, and I believe this directly affects personnel as you stated. You can look at this through the prism of two 3rd down situations: 3rd and 2 versus 3rd and 7. 3rd and 2, which is extremely common within a game, is a grey area for the coaches and their use of Rey M. Do you rely on his ability to stop the run, or do you acknowledge that 3rd and 2 could be ripe for a TE on Rey M situation? How the coaches approach this on an opponent-by-opponent basis is really the key. I think an opponents ability to mix up their play calling specific to 3rd and short situations, given our DL strength, further isolates Rey M and makes him vulnerable. All in all, there appears to be only one situation where you should be "comfortable" with Rey M, and that is on "any down" and short where the opponent chooses to run between the tackles. I concur with Hoosier that given the increased use of the 4-2 front that Rey M's role will be drastically reduced.
  12. AJ Green #16 in Top Player Rankings

    It will be interesting to see how free agents begin to view the tags. In the past, at the urging of their agents, they hated them. Now as superfluous free agent contracts may be going away, will free agents accept the tags more readily? Case in point, MJ on his cap is well above the going rate for free agent DEs. If there is a situation where players could get multiple tags in consecutive years that may be a great "short-term" contract option, especially while "Top 5" salaries at positions are still based on past elevated salary levels. Question: what will the tag numbers look like in coming years as overall salaries decline? Do we expect tag numbers to correspondingly decline as well?
  13. AJ Green #16 in Top Player Rankings

    I think the new rookie salary structure has totally reset how teams build. Yes, it makes it hard on 4+ year veterans looking for big contracts, but plays in favor of the 1-4 year players who are the cornerstones of their teams. Teams can lock up their Top 6 players to larger contracts, the next 10-15 to somewhat large contracts, then use the draft to cycle through the middle roster every 3-4 years at minimum salaries. The rest of the roster consists of vets on smaller contracts to fill gaps. This makes for tough sledding for the players who are in that second tier who are looking for top tier money (MJ, Dunlap, Dalton). In the end I think they sign with the Bengals at the appropriate slot because other teams will slot them the same in most cases (see Big Andre). All in all, I would be very surprised if the Bengals do not throw large contracts at Geno and AJ. The trick in the new system, for teams to win consistently, will be for rookies to produce early on small contracts, and be judicious on whom among the rookies every year are the cornerstones. The track record with UDFAs will also play an important roll. Will this drop the overall talent level in the league? That is yet to be seen, but a new reliance on rookies and low-price veterans seems to be manifesting itself.
  14. Hard Knocks...again

    Above all, the Hard Knocks production meetings must begin and end with an update on Gus Parrish! Poor guy
  15. Bengals and Chad Johnson

    http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9395324/chad-johnson-leaving-jail-apologizing-judge He shall be free! Great to be back on the board guys. Extended career and family building exercises behind me, I am reintegrating myself into society!
  16. http://www2.tbo.com/content/2010/oct/23/231218/bucs-sign-rookie-guard-release-reserve-fb-pressley/news-breaking/ TAMPA - The Bucs made a roster move today to ensure they don't fall short of offensive linemen Sunday when they host the St. Louis Rams at Raymond James Stadium. With starting left guard Keydrick Vincent (back) and starting right guard Davin Joseph (knee) listed as questionable for the game, the Bucs signed rookie guard Derek Hardman and promoted him from the practice squad. To make room for Hardman, the Bucs released reserve fullback Chris Pressley, meaning rookie Erik Lorig has taken over, perhaps permanently, as the backup at that position.
  17. Alan Faneca Anyone?

    No thanks. Thinking you can get Faneca for bargain prices? He was released from the Jets for not accepting a pay cut. He is looking for his last big deal before he retires. Doesn't fit their plans for the o-line (youth and versatility).
  18. Favorite and least favorite pick?

    Favorite was Jordan Shipley. Will really open things up, along with Gresham, up the middle. Also can deceptively get upfield. The WR position will be the most interesting going into training camp. Don't really have a least favorite. I will say Dunlap in the 2nd represents the largest amount of risk by far.
  19. Mathis looked good kinda made me wonder why Livings is starting ahead of him... Roland coming in as a "tackle-eligible" and an extra O-liner was a key wrinkle to the offense. Helped spring Benson.
  20. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    No one is talking about Jeremy Maclin really. If there is a "surprise pick" I believe it may be Maclin.
  21. Reds sign Jonny Gomes to minor league deal

    Gomes was good down here in Tampa for a couple years. He DID charge in from the out field and leveled a Yankee at second base for a dirty slide last year in spring training.
  22. Marvin and the Senior Bowl

    Well considering the Bengals had 100 picks that year, your theory holds true.
  23. Zampese to the Jets?

    Bring in Don Coryell for OC.