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  1. Bengaldom Blood Pressure

    not in the slightest like has been mentioned above its preseason have a little faith people que..... Bax and Spian ....... Uk Bengal oops now where is that spellcheck button again !!!
  2. It's the Embarrassment Factor

    so its really that embarrassing to lose that badly to the runners up in last years SB and who are touted to be there again. I would say yes if this was the regular season but it isn't its preseason where assignments and packages are tested and we use maybe a third to half of the playbook. people seem to forget we were 8-8 last year abet due to injuries we may have faired better and we just played a team that has been constantly great for many seasons. and one final point do you honestly think the patriot fans thought omg we are gonna have a loosing season because we just got our arses kicked by the bengals 31-3 and things went wrong so bad were doomed. This i doubt very much it was more like oh well its only preseason. s**t happens regular season is totaly different something which a few of us are not managing to realise yet. Im sure the chaplin would say have some faith. UKBengal
  3. Is this a superbowl year

    hell yeah on that one pre season just cannot come quick enough :player:
  4. Is this a superbowl year

    I think TNBT should should not bother reading if all he can do is snipe at the poster. but back to the question. I am thinking no further than a wildcard or outright playoff position that way i will not be gutted and upset we didnt win the super bowl that is deff next year
  5. Bengals start mini-camp

    yeah and from what im seeing im getting excited allready the receivers look speedy with good hands did notice pete was only stretching tho
  6. Marvin owes Warrick some time!

    You have to give pdub another chance if he manages to get sorted I can see him getting the no3 pos you dont just throw talent like his away. I would go for pete over the squirrel anyday
  7. Wow some haters on the bengal website

    nah just some pissed off browns fans coz we got him before they did :player:
  8. Biggest Bengals Surprises...

    Geathers will star at end which in turn will give justin smith some more freedom and this could lead to our first double sacking threat for a long time. This will also help the blitz which means obv pollack and odel/johnson will show us something only bad thing is can they stop the run as well only time will tell. Offence wize I think TJ will have another good year. Biggest suprise will be Chris perry I think he will make up for lost time.